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Going or not going; tis the question?

Is that similar as to be or not to be?
And get your minds out of the potty room!
The going I am referring to is presidential, not really in his case, but can it be possible to actually oust him, Pres. DJ?
I cannot remember even in recent history that we the people had that ability to change administrations except for Richard Nixon and Agnew seeing that they had no other choice, we basically had them dead to rights in the Watergate Scandal, so they quit, forgoing imprisonment.

But we are dealing with an entity that believes he can do no wrong while everyone else is doing him wrong!  A mentally unstable character.We must investigate every wrong doing during the election and then get him! Get him good!
The Russian connection is an absolute thorn in his side, his "Non-payment" of taxes undisclosed are surely hiding something too, his business dealings we know are shady! We must pursue them all with counsels before he finishes his first six months or sooner! So many avenues to l…

Welcome to Southwest Florida, a semi-tropical place that sings mellow yellow, true blue and green meadows, colorful island like pallets!

Only forty feet of edging on our tiny, just enough for us cottage and ten bags of Eucalyptus mulch and the front garden is done! The weed and feed is put down before just before our next predicted rain storm. No fertilizer in rainy season is allowed though, which starts June first through November 30th, every year, that is also our hurricane season!  

Our name sign claiming this is our cottage has been hung once again, it is the one Number One Son made in high school wood shop, nearly thirty years ago, and in the corner is our teak bench, leftover from that teak dive platform I had mentioned, it sits on two painted white cinder blocks and is topped with that shabby chic wooden flowered planter that my cousins gave to us. Hubby spar varnished all three! The oyster shell wreath above them had been redone a few weeks ago from the original. The grape branched wreath was purchased from Jo-Anne's as well as the blue teal ribbon, but the oyster shells are from our canal; they were bleac…

Oscar night! And who are you wearing?

Gosh, don't we all miss what's her name, can we talk?
Of course we all know who that is, Joan Rivers!
She might have been the first to ask that question there, and no one was wary of its meaning, they all knew when Joan asked "who are you wearing", you better be ready with that loaners designer's name, since that is why they would lend them for the commercial appeal! And not once did anyone misinterpret that provocative question as being "dirty".
Whether it be jewels or gowns, Harry Winston: comes to mind as Dior: and now all the ones who have followed in their footsteps over the years!
The clothes have always been nearly as exciting as the nominees and winners are to definitely catch a glimpse before the awards are given!
The music is always there too,  whether out in front and center or behind the scenes, e…

All better now!

Geez, globally the world is in the toilet, and people are dying daily from international wars, and economies are nasty in so many places and here right at home we have the worst president in our history and I took two days to wallow in self pity, Geez I feel like a putz!
Gosh, you know what helped me the most was something Hubby said.
He said let's rewind.
Okay, not as poignant as some might say, but enough and true.
He also said that we are going out today to do those errands we had not done in those two days I was recouping/regrouping?
So we had a fine day out after breakfast and went to Home Depot and got some weed and feed for the lawn, and Eucalyptus mulch for the gardens, see he did want some, and some stone edging that looks like logs but not really, and is made from cement. Both were in the brownish color scale, since we made the house so bright with the yellow this will tame it a bit. We, for a New York minute almost went with red, since everyone is doing it, get your mi…


Last night I learned a very important lesson and what was that, some might ask?
Well, I really can't hear you, but for argument's sake let's say that I can and so I will tell you what I think... but gently!

Entitling a blog, "Nothing!" seems to have gotten my anybody's out there who reads this drivel nightly figuring that is just what they would get if they decided to venture past the title, hmm?
And so as a result I gained very few people who actually read it... just a miniscule 17, for the average lately has been much, much greater than that, mid to upper double digits and in some cases triples...digits! Oh folks so now I have sort of learned a lesson, although, tonight's title might be a bit more provocative in what one might assume from its meaning, ya think?

Let's go there, now the possibility as gruesome as that might be is that the author of this blog has met her maker, or the candlestick maker or perhaps a baker, ha?  Nah, for I am she.
A sic…


Good Grief!
Can any of you imagine doing absolutely nothing for one whole day?
Bet you can.
Pooped from life we decided on taking a break today, and just chill!
Although, you know something the phone/landline has not stopped ringing!
Non-profits asking for money, health companies insisting we need their Medicare approved products, back brace or knee brace, three times for them alone today and counting...!
Only two were from actual people we know, one from the groomer Linda telling us she had Gus's heartworm meds, but Hubby just asked if she could get them if we needed them, duh... he has three months still left including this month's dose! Oh well, and thanks.
And the other one was from NUMBER ONE SON!
Always a welcoming call.

So here's the deal I suppose there is a possibility that there is more than BORING!
Nah,  perhaps, double boring with a cherry on top?

Whenever truly bored we somehow get back to discussing the weather and so with that...

Tomorrow they/meteorologist…

Hubby stated that today was, "BORING!"

Hubby's follow-up question to that statement was, "So what are you going to write your blog about?"
Sure it was boring or ordinary! But didn't Jerry Seinfeld make a mint off just that? His years of shows about nothing, so we are in very good company, and "nothing" is what I am very, very good at, so there! ( I just stuck my adult tongue out at you!)
My reasoning is plain and very, very simple, since we are not jet-setters, political minions, or movie stars or even reality show personalities, some with more personality than others; as we all do know!
We are just an average Joe and Jane with lives that on occasion percolate and on other occasions simmer and some times, quite often just melt into the woodwork of what we call daily life with others... the multitudes, just like me and you!

Any-who, Hubby was right.
Today it was a day to wait for others.
The repairman for the noisy fan on our brand new fridge said it was its normal sound, but if we bought a more…

First day back at independent exercising!

We, Hubby and I made a circuit of the exercise equipment, first the all over machine, then what I call the slant board, both names are mine made up. I really should try harder to remember their actual names... Any-who, then the wall pulleys and then the free standing pulleys and done!
Felt sore and tired after, but accomplished. On the all over one I did level five with hills for twenty minutes, the slant board that I push with my legs at a 56% angle I do two sets of twenty.
The wall pulleys are two motions on each side with counts to fifteen two sets each, so a total of eight with a light weight of  ten pounds. The last free standing pulleys with a bar for me to hold on to, four different motions are done from rowing to curls to straight down to elbows in pulls, all with fifteen pound weights to a fifteen count with two sets for each motion.
So hopefully if I can keep this up for three days a week forever, who knows what might happen, hmm?
The interesting thing is the last time I wa…

Being prolific ...and this being NOT MY PRESIDENT'S DAY!

...should being prolific mean that our Orange Frothy Haired Guy count for something like him having perseverance?
Participation award?
Bland reasoning?
Content IS important with distinctive reasoning and his is convoluted, trying only should count when you succeed at proving that you did it for something significant and reasonable and truly doing one's best should mean something, but let's face it we all should be praised for winning as a BIG accomplishment, and then there is his followers, misguided as they seem to be of this so-called Pres. DJ! We can only ask why, they STILL defend him??????????????
Yes, he IS a prolific TWEETER!
Yes, he has shown his perseverance being trying on all of the rest of us, that is TRYING OUR PATIENCE!
Yes, he did compete and participate in a contest to win the grand prize/position of the presidency, but only by rigging the outcome.
Remember it was he who stated the election was rigged! No one else's suggestion; that is until he DID win, wh…

There it is again...

...that racist, all white page staring back at me!
I can hear it saying ( don't worry, not really, but if...), "Write something and make it good!"
None of that narcissistic me, me and more me stuff!
Or any of that sickening melodramatic medical too much information crap either.
Ya know there is just so much your audience can take TOBI ZEL!"

Yep, that is my alter ego or pseudonym, sounds better, Tobi Zel!
Actually, years ago my "real name" was let out of the bag, and it does show up somewhere here.
Stephen King? Robin Cook? Nah, I wish or even James W. Hall would be great, Randy Wayne White? Nope.
All great authors of non-fiction and fiction.
Not me though.

Oh it's okay.
I do get read anyway, if not in astronomical numbers, but with a bit of consistency, who could complain really.
I am nothing if not verbose.
This has meant so much to me for these last eight years seven months and six days short of eight months with now as of tonight, 3160 blogs to my …

Funny how...

...I had predicted that if the Orange Frothy Haired Guy lost the election his family would probably have to commit him...I was soooooooooooooooooooo close, but very, very wrong and no cigar!
Now, unfortunately, it is US as a NATION that will have to do it!
Daily the PRES. DJ destroys the moral fiber of this home that I love by his TWEETING!
Can't he keep it in his pocket? That is in reference to his maladjusted brain farts! OOPs did I write that out loud, forgive me, apparently his insolence is contagious!
No, it is true we should not belittle the mentally ill, but in truth those people who voted for him never should have hired him for the most important position in this land of the home of the free and the brave, sadly too quickly changing to not anymore!
Who else is it that should speak up and stop him from ruining it all.
We are the laughing stock of the world.
That Ontario, Canada Mayor Rob Ford who was wacko, he had nothing on our own home grown one, he now looks not so horr…

Continuing from yesterday's teasers...

First I hinted that the "new" refrigerator has created some problems.
And it has.
Although as you saw last night it fits perfectly where it is, but... we had received a phone call at seven thirty A.M. on Wednesday morning just before its scheduled delivery that was between nine and eleven and we were told that they could not get another one and that our brand new one had a ding in its side, but if we want it they would give us a ten percent discount...oh well... Hubby told them that we will look at it and then decide.
When it arrived and Hubby went out to the delivery truck to look at it, it had a dimple on the side that would be up against the wall. Hubby still felt that they could give us a better deal and he stuck to his guns when he asked for a fifteen percent discount, when they then stood tight on the ten percent. The women who was negotiating was talking to the department head and then got back to us with a sales receipt emailed to us that credited back to our credit…

Mini pics tonight!

Below you will find our new stainless steel appliances, not the top of the line since we are simple folks. They are nice anyway. My new range is a convection one with an enormous glass window to see how you're cooking! The smooth top has neat burners that sizes can be adjusted according to the size of your pan or pot and are totally invisible when off, and there is a fifth burner for just warming. The microwave is slightly more powerful than our last one and otherwise is pretty similar. All appliances are Whirlpool and made in America! The refrigerator is as big as we can fit in that small space but it is a galley kitchen and those doors at the end are my pantry with slide out shelves, plus my laundry room has more pantry space, since we moved the water heater out into the garage when we had to get a new one and it went up to a forty gallon just last year. Question where is your coffee maker in your kitchen? Ours used to be next to the sink but I moved it across from the sink to…

Shocker! And thank you, thank you!

I do believe yesterday's was my all time high, so thank you all very, very much for such a sweet nice thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day that I can mistakenly or not think it is how I feel that you are showing your love to me! (Or not.)
Delusional as that might seem, but who cares, I like it and it makes me think that you really, really, like me too! Calling on my inner Sally Field child, ha!

Any-who, today's previews shown are before I publish tonight's blog and those numbers should increase exponentially and I think that unless there is a major shake up we just might not beat last night's, but that is okay...I guess...I suppose... really it's alright, yes it is just okey dokey! Hubby catch me I think I might faint! KIDDING!
I will definitely be fine... but once you have been this high (My hand is over my head) it is kinda, sorta difficult to accept mediocrity, ya know what I mean?
But I will live, to fight another day, and to continue to survive, because th…

Happy Valentine's Day to All!

Meanwhile that is why this is so very, very late.
As many know today was also our anniversary, our forty-sixth!
And we went out like many of you may have too.
We had dinner and a comedy show at Visani's right here in Port Charlotte Florida, would you believe?
Yes, we have had others, but this one is really, really good and so is the food!
No photos are allowed to be taken there and so sadly I have none.
But here's the next best thing, their site:
Menu there too!

Oh so late and blissfully tired, so happy good night to all, and laughter is truly the best medicine!

Pictorial night!

Blue moon or blue sun? Hubby says moon...My simulated rusted brass wall art, redone yesterday! What do you think?  My skinny Buddha for peace and harmony on the bar to our living room with our galley kitchen seen in background also with our new stainless microwave installed, new stainless range and frig coming this Wednesday, yay! 
Long time coming some of the many pictures of my drive in shower!
 My home sign that cost less than six bucks to make with gold paint and rope that we already had and five inch particle board letters hot glued on; from Walmart!
More shower, my marble bench, and one of the three grab rails!
Some of my many fish in all mediums from metal to Neoprene to decoupage to poufy metallic fabric that was applied by Velcro. The blue one above is the $1.80 one from the thrift shop that I painted it too was a rusty mess! My most expensive are in the double digits like $15 -$20, ha! Oh and our double showerheads in the rain style. In the corner is my body wash, shampoo and c…

Fun Sun!

Not the kind outside, oh wait yes it is, but in a decorative wall plaque.
It had been a brass colored metal, not real brass since it rusted, and so Hubby sprayed it white after he scraped the rust off and handed it over to me inside; it was then basically a blank canvas.
The new mellow yellow walls that he had given to us needed a pop of color, and as anyone who knows me knows I love blue and so...I took my true blue acrylic paint and started painting every other burst, thinking that I would alternate with gold or apple green or what-have-you, but when I did just the burst parts it still looked odd and not what I was going for, a statement piece. After all it is going back on the front of the house, where the brass of its previous self had been.
So I made a  bold move and painted the whole thing that true blue, bursts, plated face and everything!
Still not quite right and so in the old days I would have done my splatter technique outside, but I was indoors and although I use plastic …


The Humane Society in Englewood Florida will be receiving our old refrigerator and range; they have a thrift shop there to sell them in. I wonder if they would take our extra couch, I should have asked.
I'm trying hard to get rid of some of the clutter. Two couches in the sunroom looks a little bit much, but the one I want to get rid of was bought for the guest room, since it is a nicer styled white futon type but with thick round metal legs and the cover that I had on the good white living room couch that was donated to the Cultural Center. We had decided to put a full sized bed back in there a few years ago.
We had thought with not having so many visitors these days, actually after Hurricane Charley when the original bed had glass shattered all over it from being under the only window that broke due to our neighbors roof going through it and having no warning, then, so we thought that the couch would suffice, but then my Mother- in- law, did not look so comfortable on the futon…

No smoke signals or extreme pain today!

Well, I bet that surprised you? No? Me neither really, something had to give.
Everybody should have at least one day where  they can call it mundane, but not too many of that nature... for no one really wants that!
I know that I don't.
The adrenalin has got to pump, we must have imagination, make life an adventure, seek to learn and learn to seek... Oh I don't know, enjoy each day with an open mind and a child-like curiosity.
Behave, be devilish, be unique, be artistic, be creative, be musical, be political, be a voracious reader, be a town crier, be able to commit, be able to pick a side, be a voice of hope and respect, be a non-fool about what is true and right, and be non-accepting of all you read or see, be an investigator and find out what is what!
Love all people, even yourself!
Care as if everyone is related to you!
Now once you have accomplished all of that take a break!
But not too long, keep on going, on, and on, and infinity!
Or death, whichever comes firs…


I awoke with the base of my right thumb bruised and swollen, and my left hand on top having the feeling of those small bones aching and oh so sore! Now my left arm is so bad I am writing all this with one hand, actually one finger!

Consequently, I had a very interesting physical therapy session today.
Mostly, the third year grad student, Amy, had to be creative in figuring out just what I could do.
I did do the all over exercise machine on a lower setting of three today, and I did not hold on too tightly with barely grasping of my hands on the holders, no thumbs required.
Then I went over to the raised mat, and did some leg thingies, but then my back went into spasms!

Did you ever have a day where you should have never left the house?
Me too!
Sadly too many to count!

Any-who, with all that said I guess you will understand if I make this a shorty tonight... take care and live life to the fullest, yep another PT session tomorrow, and it is possible tomorrow could be better, a whole lot…


Yes, we were consumed by smoke all due to our microwave having a meltdown!
Fortunately, there was no fire to contend with, but all that nasty smoke!

And so it went like this... at the mere age of twelve it passed away... and the fridge was so saddened by the turn of events and being the elder of the quartet of appliances commiserated and with heartfelt sympathy did not pass on, but became ill with its temperature plummeting and a mere seventeen year old, as the siblings faltered the stove had had enough too, and decided to follow his brothers in necessity of combatting daily help to the human beings for filling their tummies and souls with nourishment, which saddened him deeply... their pale white faces cringed with their ordeal... and so their human parents spent much of the day looking for a deal to bring the next generation to the forefront, hollow sentiments I hear you say, not really, but alas no other choices could be made the need was there in the  kitchen to be able to fulfil…

Staring back at me

Sometimes inanimate objects tend to do that, don't they?
A clock, a dial on a machine, analogue or digital, equipment shouts in its blind banality.
Although, they do have a tendency to move, hands, numbers, words, if you read what they say...they occasionally scream at you in their silent way, or not always so quietly in fits of weeping or angry cries all due to a need to be stared back at by you!

Today I had PT, physical therapy, this time with Sarah, the one person who has been going there as long as myself, over twenty years.
I once again got first dibs on the all over body exercise machine, that has mountains and a choice of numeric abilities, and I was set on four with mountains and to accomplish the terrain within a twenty minute window, which I did, and over sixteen hundred steps and sadly only about fifty calories dispersed/burnt were from me.
Got to use those arm pulleys again, third day for that.
Sarah came up with different combos from rowing to pull downs…

Interesting ending... the game!
I had taken the side of the underdog, the Pats and Hubby did not realize his choice was actually the favorite to win, the Falcons; for he too thought his choice was the underdog, and he was absolutely correct in the end, hmm?
But I had watched the doggy's choice of the Falcons the previous Friday morning on the Today Show, and thought foolishly that the New England Patriots this time were the underdog, since that dog was always right and even he chose the Flacons!
Sadly I had no money on the game, if I had I would have won a bundle!
That same logic fooled me with our presidential election I thought my choice was a shoe in, but again I was wrong, devastated that time and still am! Geez, and that was just three months ago!
Feels like yesterday.

That time I was voting for who I wanted and thought who was the favorite to win, a sure thing, although to some who voted she was the lesser of two evils, but a win for sure... but damn I was very, very wrong we were al…


Late getting this out due to picking up last minute wings and things for our own mini Super Bowl Party!

We will be watching for the commercials, and half time show, and a little bit of the game too, ha!


Have a great night!


How many out there truly understand them?
Partial statements, not the mathematical way to figure out parts and parcels of things.
We as human beings can never ever completely get our opinions across without seeing our faces up close and personal with expressions emanating from our blankness of the flatness of the page called emotion when compared to what is written. Unless it is your profession, of course, but there is nothing better than face to face confrontation, true?
Sure we can state happy, sad, angry, disgruntled, elated, mad as a hatter, triumphantly exhilarated, and even intolerably inconsolable...etc. so many more, but without the sight of your eyes on another's these commentaries can  fall flat and be cold and laden with only our imaginations to "assume" we understand the actual meaning of what might have been stated; especially on Facebook, emails, Twitter or Instagram for so many reasons of fractionated premises of reliability.
I am more than sure there hav…

What an interesting realization...

... ya know Hubby and I were counting down on all the places that we have lived over the years and we realized that where we live now in this "home" is the longest that we have lived anywhere!
We have been living in this home eighteen years this past New Year's Eve!
Born in Margaret Hague Hospital in Jersey City NJ for me while living in North Bergen NJ 1 1/2 years with mom and dad.
Then, me, moved to Paramus NJ for fourteen and half years with mom and dad.
Then Emerson NJ for four years till I was married, resided with mom and dad.
Next just short of two years in Oradell NJ with Hubby and baby number one son, until he was six and half months old.
Next Lakewood NJ for six years with Hubby and sons.
Next Lanoka Harbor while finishing building our Bamber Lake home in Lacey Township NJ for nearly seven  and half years lived there with Hubby and sons.
Then Ormond Beach FL two residences, nearly eight and a half years with Hubby and sons.
Then Punta Gorda FL for four years, …