Going or not going; tis the question?

Is that similar as to be or not to be?
And get your minds out of the potty room!
The going I am referring to is presidential, not really in his case, but can it be possible to actually oust him, Pres. DJ?
I cannot remember even in recent history that we the people had that ability to change administrations except for Richard Nixon and Agnew seeing that they had no other choice, we basically had them dead to rights in the Watergate Scandal, so they quit, forgoing imprisonment.

But we are dealing with an entity that believes he can do no wrong while everyone else is doing him wrong!  A mentally unstable character.We must investigate every wrong doing during the election and then get him! Get him good!
The Russian connection is an absolute thorn in his side, his "Non-payment" of taxes undisclosed are surely hiding something too, his business dealings we know are shady! We must pursue them all with counsels before he finishes his first six months or sooner! So many avenues to legally oust him by, but the rigging of the election would be the most promising one to define and prove, since he was the one who kept saying it had been rigged! And he proved that to be true, by thinking he won, please tell me he didn't... he is our worst nightmare!

Even when Bill Clinton was "impeached", he remained in office till the end, I really thought Bill was a good president, but a lousy husband that's all, and it proved to be his only flaw politically.

Moving on...

Any-who, there was more meaning to the question I proposed as my title.
Again not a reference to a bathroom situation; more significantly
to my independent exercising.
My hand is swollen again and my upper back feels as if I herniated another disc, I iced both last night. Hubby thinks I should stop since I seem to hurt myself too easily.
Although, my fear is if I stop I could get worse or not return for a very long time.
Again I have not been sleeping well, tough decision.

On the brighter side and lighter note I did watch all five seasons of Damages, although the show was not light at all, ha, with Glenn Close and a plethora of stars on Netflix. She played a hard core no nonsense attorney fighting for her clients, pulling no punches for her class action law suit recipients.
Dismissing a personal life for the win of the case!

Now trying to find my next binge worthy show.

The star of one of the shows I also binged on  a while back was Mireille Enos who starred in The Killing and where she played a detective Sarah Linden a women who puts her life on hold for the case, and that show was on for four seasons and was excellent, it had originally aired on AMC, well that star that I mentioned above has a new network TV ABC show starting on March 9 th that would have been my parents 76th anniversary if they were still here, but they are not; anyway the show is named The Catch and so far the premise sounds a bit like a  Mr.. and Mrs. Smith movie, this though is with Peter Krause as Mireille's co-star, so I am looking forward to seeing that too.

Meanwhile, I am wondering where those additional shows of some of the series that were continuing are?

I keep checking.

We had a rather quiet day again today.
Made a few phone calls.
Unity Medical who did replaced my one wheel on BIG BLUE that had a chunk out of it is also trying to get me a rear controller for my ride so when my hand is out of commission Hubby can take over.
He has a used one for us that is a doable price.
So far the chair was totally covered by Medicare, but I suppose any other gadgets cost extra.
I really do not know.
All I know is BIG BLUE is the top of the line.
My Permobil M300:

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

BIG BLUE BELOW, Okay black and blue, ha?

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