Monday, November 19, 2018

Seeing is not my strong ability tonight

Does anyone know where the mic is on this thing?
Any-who, today was quiet once again!

Yay and congratulations to Nikki Fried Miami native attorney for winning the Agricultural Commission position that has not been won by a Democrat in 17 years or ever by a woman!

Headache is now adding to the staccato peek-a-boo eyes open close type of vision I must endure to try to see, sorry!

Some days are more rolling than this; eyes that is.

Sorry folks I am now hearing tinnitus type noises in both ears... WOW what the heck is going on?

Gotta go, can't do this with my eyes closed, doesn't work!



Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pirate's Cove, Punta Gorda, Florida

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Hubby's birthday!

I made an ice cream cake, from a pound cake that I also made, store bought works too, once cooled sliced length wise then fill with your favorite ice cream flavors softened for ten to fifteen seconds in the microwave oven. Ours are simple chocolate and vanilla then refreeze for a while, after an hour or two or more take out and then cover with chocolate shell, again return to the freezer till ready to serve! Decorate with favorite writing icing or simple plastic already written out, "Happy Birthday" like I did, add candles and light up!

We had an early Thanksgiving meal with our Number One Son!
He was Hubby's surprise gift.
The ruse was that our son arrived while Hubby took Bella for her first puppy cut hair cut so he had no idea about Number One's arrival! And it worked!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Friday, November 16, 2018


Some days we should be grateful for them being quieter than others, as my title says quite succinctly!
Although, sometimes the day's are combos, like specials at you favorite restaurant or fast food place and like today.
In my case a good and bad experience with medical people that you depend on.
I hate doing this, but it is totally the truth and telling people might help them too?

Anyway, Dr. Luis Casanova, Internist's office in Port Charlotte Fl,  I had called for an entire week and no one there  called me back with help about my high glucose or to find out how I was doing, ya know, most would have since I am/was his patient...So I felt the absolute need to try and find out why with all the messages left about my high glucose needing attention like a prescription for insulin would have been just right... or even a return call telling how they could help me or why they wouldn't help me at all! If his one and only nurse Maggie hadn't finally answered her phone I would have never ever found out why! According to her, Maggie, had said that the neurologist's office that was infusing me should have given me the insulin! I told her they never do that, it is always the internist who does! This was my seventh time infused and all of the others i.e. neurologists said they do not give insulin, even though they know as high as 56% of the people given IV Solumedrol with or without a history of diabetes will have a diabetic reaction and consequently need insulin they do NOT GIVE INSULIN THE PATIENT'S GP DOES!
That said, it appears her argument went deeper saying, since they were the doctor who treated me they basically turned over all my treatment to them. Dr. Casanova's orders were to evaluate my glucose level twenty-four hours after the administration of my first infusion that was on a Friday and none of the doctors would be in for the twenty-four hours later her assumed time frame...Saturday???????????????, and if it was too high I should go to the ER for treatment! WHAT?????????????? That's a plan?
I thought doctors were to try to avoid that situation by doing good doctoring!
Oddly enough, I had put a call into the neuro's office just to keep them apprised of the situation.

And Angie my infusion/ RN from Dr. Montoya's office, my neuro, did call back to check on me, and I told her what happened again!
She was wonderful in answering any medical questions I had asked with complete honest answers, and I answered hers too. I verified that since my glucose had gone down to 96 yesterday I no longer was testing it, and I asked if I did indeed have Nystagmus and tremor, and that my bad chicken was NOT the cause of my lower GFR kidney number of 32.05 from 70, meaning that my chronic kidney disease is back!
See night, and day!
Stress, stress, infinity! Must remove.
Although, much better than the previous days.

Hubby chose to make bean burritos for dinner with using my homemade guacamole, Greek yogurt, cheddar from the deli, sounds healthy until he read the can of refried beans after we had already eaten! Sodium 19% , fat 9%, and one very oldie, but not goodie for you ingredient LARD... OOPS!
But those two and half not that big burritos that I ingested were mighty tasty! Oh Vey! LOL!

Thanks for dinner Hubby! Really!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

A brief addition to last night's explanation of the night before's...

First of all I would be amiss if I did not address the elephant in the other room of symbols found at the bottom of my last night's blog that was published. That did not show up in the raw unpublished version at anytime, and so that did not allow for me to edit it out, making me take into consideration that it was a possible infiltration of corruption of this site!
 I sure hope not!

Any-who, I will proceed with hoping that whatever happened last night will not reoccur.

That flickering of my eyes and the tap dancing of my fingers actually believe it or not  have medical terminology names and are real medical conditions that sadly are not curable.

Take the flickering eyes thingy, as exciting as making all new vision old again like silent movies with sound!
It turns out it is a thing called Nystagmus!

The other fun touch item with my bouncing fingers to their own beat is called intention tremor!

Both accoutrements of what I already have Multiple Sclerosis, MS!
Oh joy!
I was put on the IV infusions due to this flare causing these nasty things although they are forever additions without an actual known cure, just a few possibilities of the sites above suggest those items.
Oddly enough the Gabapentin that I am already on 1800 mg. is supposed to help not hurt the Nystagmus as well as the tremor.
The Baclofen also used as an antispasmodic has no action either way.

I am now seeing, using that term lightly the nephrologist in December; Dr.N from Coastal Nephrology, my old appointment was gone. (of course)
His receptionist was concerned enough to try to fit me in sooner at another location when I told her that my GFR
that had been 70 which is very good and normal for my age number, had dropped down to 32.05 GFR which is again in chronic kidney disease territory, even more so than my previous 50 s! Below sixty is where it begins to go south.
As of today my internist's office nurse nor doctor Casanova himself  have returned any of my many calls! For five days. Everyone else has!

The house as we pulled up to last night was well lit as we had left it in the inside and outside, but no barking at all was heard. Hubby had to go to the front door to get Aussie to notice him, and with excitement he recognized him, but really did not bark much at all!
The lights inside that were on with the TV were worth being on apparently!
The kids were alright, furry ones that is.
Oh surprise our furry kids, Bella does have a step to get on and off of our bed, both were fine and not one single thing was touched in a negative way!
Great kids!

Even the pain clinic nurse, Amanda, just called back to confirm my findings. Thanks!

All in all life does not go without challenges and for my two newest ones I am amazed that I also found out they are usually here earlier on, i.e. in the beginning of Multiple Sclerosis when symptoms begin.
So for the fact they started later on or did just come and go in the beginning sporadically if I recall, since I had been told I had Ataxia that qualifies for these two nasty insidious fiends, for that I am somewhat thankful they took so long to arrive on my scene, but this time they may be staying for good! OH DAMN!

So what!
I will adjust.
What else can any of us do?

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sorry not that short! Ha! But you all know me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

So here's what actually happened yesterday...

I woke up having had about two hours sleep at around six A.M., my appointment for my third day of infusions of 500 mg. Solumedrol was scheduled for an open ended 10:30 or 11:00 A.M. start time.
We chose the earlier one, and arrived nearly on time, but Angie the infusion nurse was not ready for us, she had other patients. Odd it was her idea, oh well...
Anyway it was eleven twenty when I do believe is when we actually begun, after reinstalling an IV line apparently the one that was closed and supposedly still in me after it was taped and securely attached by tape I unwittingly had pulled out and did not realize it! Thus a new installed!
I had had just a seven minute medium boiled egg and multi grain slice of toast with a thin smear of butter, and coffee, with a slash of milk and one packet of stevia, American style.
Food has no effect on these procedures so eating and regular medication are encouraged to stay normal, status quo.
The whole thing only takes an hour or less, some times.
I recall being done at twelve twenty, yup an hour!
Hubby was hungry for lunch and the only thing on his mind was the Golden Arches, I had mixed emotions finding anything healthy there I could eat so I pulled up the menu on my phone as Hubby pulled into their parking lot, a Southwest grilled chicken salad looked doable.
So Hubby went in and ordered two cheese burgers and a small fry, and my grilled chicken salad with Balsamic vinaigrette. And yes that is okay!
Even for a temporary diabetic, my numbers had hover just under 300, and then I would use some online method to bring them down, lemon juice in seltzer water, home made hummus, my guacamole consisting of our Haas avocados from our backyard tree started from a grocery one's pit years ago, plum tomatoes, and red onion all chopped and dressed with lime juice and course salt!
And each and every time it worked lowering my glucose under 200!
Yesterday afternoon at three P.M. I had been scheduled for my Thoracic RFA, Radiofrequency Ablation and we got there on time exactly on time, but as usual there was a wait, for this procedure I requested sedation, so another IV line was installed, on the same hand that was bruised from last Fridays infusion line my left, since my right had been well used two days in a row.
The Dr. Valente was informed about my three days of infusions, so he made adjustments to his procedure accordingly, without using more steroids just the needles to calm my painful nerves, by stopping the connection I believe.
Anyway, since I was asleep and had to go to recovery a large room with lounge type chairs, but me on my ride and just as comfortable since mine could do tricks too reclining and such that is!
Once you were showing you were bright eyed and bushy tailed, wait no that is for dogs, sorry they offered you crackers with either cheese or peanut butter and three juices, apple, orange, or grapefruit, I chose wisely, peanut butter and apple juice!
By the time I was all done it was now five P.M. and again Hubby was hungry, Geez!
We were close to Bocca Lupo and he yearned for a Calzone, and in the same shopping center was a Thai restaurant that we noticed many times was very busy! So we called in Hubby's dinner from his cell on the Bluetooth, and then he went into the Thai restaurant and brought me back a menu, and I ordered their crispy duck with Saffron rice, no mention of vegetables, but for two dollars more in sides so I asked Hubby to get that too. The wait for both was twenty-five minutes.
 By now it was nearly six by the time both meals were in the car.
Did I mention that Aussie and Bella our rescue furry kids were with us each place we had been and then too!
We all ate dinner when we arrived home and I wrote last night's blurb then,,, little did I know that our day was not not quite over!
A couple hours after dinner I felt odd, oh I forgot I was up most of the night before with watery diarrhea later thought to be caused by a bad rotisserie bought the day before and eaten that day as sandwich and later that night as hot dinner, Hubby had have the same reaction and he shared a couple pieces with Aussie whom also had that same stomach issue, but mine was worse due to two full meals worth! Any-who, Angie the infusion neuro was only going 250 mg. due to my diabetic reactions of the Solumedrol, but when I told her why I was up most all night she decided to give me the 500 mg....
So around ten I took my glucose and I broke 300, it registered 374!
And I called the hospital, actually Hubby did, and so for the first time since we have had the furry kids we left them with food and water after taking them out to relieve themselves, and put them into separate rooms, Bella on our bed with the door closed and Aussie with the rest of the house!
And worried that the house not knowing what might happen...and drove to the hospital, and Aussie barked goodbye, oh my!
Then I was concerned he was going to do it the whole time we were gone.
The hospital is less than two miles from our home.
When we checked in at the front desk in the ER at Fawcett Hospital the nurse Billy a big guy takes your blood pressure, as asking you why you are there, then checks if you are in the system, which I am, several times, ha!
He also check my glucose with their high tech space age looking glucose meter, and mine either went down to 311 by itself or ours wasn't calibrated right.
So they decided to put me on an hour long insulin saline IV another stick, do I have the count I am losing it, yep, really losing it!
Anyway, they drew blood too almost when I came in, and before I was hooked up to the IV they needed a urine specimen, that I was able to provide too... sorry so graphic guys, but that is me...
They came back with my written print out that now showed my glucose at 282, but some things terribly scary and worrisome, my thought to be all better kidneys that had a GFR of 70 just on blood work dated October was now down to 32.05 that is not good, <60 and="" appointment="" cancelled="" chronic="" clear="" disease="" even="" for="" i="" in="" is="" kidney="" month="" my="" nbsp="" nephrology="" next="" p="" really="" the="" though="" was="">Gosh this is not done yet... stay tuned it is way late to post!
Finish the rest tomorrow... stay tuned!

Seeing is not my strong ability tonight

Okay! Does anyone know where the mic is on this thing? Any-who, today was quiet once again! Yay and congratulations to Nikki Fried Miam...