Thursday, January 18, 2018

Las Margaritas de Camila's restaurant in Port Charlotte Florida

 Support the DREAMERS of DACA!

That said, our latest highlighted lunch stop. Right on the access road of the Tamiami Trail; 
2665 Tamiami TrlPort Charlotte, FL 33952-5171
+1 941-627-6488. The food was enjoyable.

                   Chips and salsa seems to be the usual at most Mexican themed restaurants, but hmm hmm good! Hubby had their  chicken Chimichanga, and I had their vegetarian Sincronizada above the chips pic. So much, the photo shows the half we took home! As well as the rest of the chips and salsa! Hubby did finish his.

Moving on...

This morning's horrid cold temperature outside our window is below. The bottom numbers are our indoor temp and humidity. Tomorrow will be much warmer and by the weekend mid seventies and by Monday 80 again! YAY!
Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Cold here tonight in southwest Florida!
Right now it's already fifty-six degrees at not even six P.M.!
Overnight the temps are going down into the freezing zones!
Yup, below thirty-two degrees, even in some places twenties, teens with wind chills!
Our panhandle, way north of us, hours and many miles away over 367 miles to Tallahassee from here alone and other cities west of there are nearly five hundred miles from here and they did have SNOW! WHAT?????????????????????//
At least during tomorrow it should be up in the fifties, but still brrrrrrrrrrr here!


Our norm would be fifties overnight with daytime temps in the middle seventies for this time of the year!
Although, by Saturday the seventies will be back! YAY! For boating!

Hubby just moved potted plants into the garage, another good idea is to cover or water plants that you feel might need protection.

Moving on...

The cold is a small part of our national worries due to this time it looks as if in just two days our government will be shut down due to a lack of a cohesive meeting of the minds on important issues!

Threats have happened before over the years, but somehow decisions were made to stop the shutdown in time, but this time it doesn't appear to be going to be resolved.
Crossing my fingers these powers that be come to their senses...PLEASE!

See a nugget of national and local concerns.

Most days just trying not to harp on our dire concerns as a nation.

It's like that metaphoric elephant in the room, or that dotty relative no one wants to make too much of, since there seems to be nothing you can do.


Oh well.

So I try to stick to things that I still might have some control over like my health...NOT TOO MUCH THERE EITHER!

Oh well.

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Memory going.

So if I told you this before please forgive...

My neurological ophthalmologist, neurologist, and my ophthalmologist all agree I need my head examined, nicely put in other words a brain MRI, gotcha!
So it's scarily unanimous!
And if it weren't for all these doctors appointments I would have gone already, irony, hmm?
Odd how their charts are all blurry...unanimously!
Yup, frightening.
And foolishly I am still trying to find out by Googling what the heck is going on! But alas sadly my research and this writing too is blurry, damn!
My appointment for the MRI has been set for this week though.
The main neuro's office had to notify my nephrologist about the dye they use that I have not had any issues with previously. So I can have that high tesla with or without gadolinium.
But since I did have stage three ckd, chronic kidney disease, and now have only stage two, better, I guess it still matters, just one point past stage three actually at 61 GFR.
Sixty or below is stage three.
Mine was 53.
Head is pounding too.

On the up side we ate lunch today at Paneras. Hubby had their version of a cheese steak panini with chips, and I had their cup of tomato soup and half of a turkey club on sourdough bread with an apple, and two iced waters for us both, with lemons for me.

On the downside there aren't any automated lifts for my Permobil M300, and I am stuck with it for nearly three plus more years as per Medicare agreement, and our manual ramp too.
Poor Hubby's back!

That's it for tonight, happy good night to all and share those blessings as we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, January 15, 2018

King! Revisited again.

Monday, January 16, 2017


How things can change on a dime, two steps forward and sadly too many in front of this this Friday!
Do you think that Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King is turning over in his grave... I wonder if such a fine man that might have been able to head us in a better direction than the charlatan that will be taking over from another man of kindness and decency who will be sorely missed what he would have had to say about all this... Oh what fate bestows upon us now... where have all the great ones gone... and why must we Americans be punished! 
My original was written 1-17-11 of the below blog:
Please enjoy and think about how we got here, not where any of us had hoped to be, why?
In a world where our surnames are determined by our heritage or in the case of us old fashioned women by our spouse’s family names; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a man whose family had no idea that he would grow into his with such a worldwide dynamic of what the name stood for and that he would become a ‘King’ among men in the sense of his leadership, and bring to our family of men and women a legacy that any of us folks could be proud of from whence we came.
And so today we honor that man of our history who brought about a unification of all races to know that we as a unit of beings will be better at working and accepting one another and freedom should ring true for all.
A blessed person loved by all except for the one lunatic who cut him down way too soon in his prime of life.
Thankfully our children and grandchildren have been taught to continue Martin Luther King Jr.’s bequest of liberty for everyone no matter what the color of their skin.
I do believe that we have made quite a bit of progress on this forefront but have a ways to go, you see, we still hate too much here in this country and until that stops completely his words will not be fulfilled!
And so I beg of all Americans and all people of the world to listen closely to what this man’s words were, you can copy and paste this site: for he knew what we all should do and felt we had the capacity to accomplish it all…and now more than ever we need to try harder!
Thank you Mr. King we all have much to thank you for!
His actual birthday was Sunday the fifteenth when he would have been eighty-eight years old.

I sure wish that things were different now, for a short time, eight years things were looking up for our country with love for all people, but now my hope for that is diminishing so very sadly...
Give your thoughts on this day of remembrance started in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan another Republican who now to me seems that he was much better than I thought, he brought about unity to so many here and in the rest of the world. If we had to have another Republican  why not one more like a Lincoln or Reagan why oh why a DJ Lord?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Never thought wallet shopping would be such a BIG project!

Not to mention materials, colors, sizes and on and on and on!
Oh and the price!
I looked at from eighty dollar ones in Macy's, forty dollar ones in Beall's and JC Penney's and  as well as Sears all having "sales", yup their sale prices, to ten dollar ones from Walmart to finally Marshall's also ten bucks for a fifty dollar one, a Buxton!
Yay! I know, mixed emotions about real leather. The other one was too... for shame.

Ginormous though, compared to my downright old falling apart beyond usefulness at least ten years old wallet!
As you can see I had no other choice for myself at this point so Wally had to be put out of his misery, so he has been tossed with love and respect into the garbage!
He served me well for all those years.
In spite of my nasty habit of over stuffing him... oh well.
It was bound to happen and as you can see it did, he just plain exploded!
My heart aches to go back in time I should have been less concerned with saving all those people's cards outdated savings cards and heaven knows those should been thrown out outdated organizational cards like AARP, H2U etc. as well a duplicate of towing and insurances for shame!
Credit cards, health and boat and car insurance cards, voter registration stayed as well as the car and boat towing ones and so many others went.
Change went into the new one too, not much but I did see some ancient quarters, pennies and dimes, a whopping total of eighty-eight cents,same amount as piano keys!
Mean anything to you, not to me.
Hubby had gone into Best Buys for a new wire to charge my laptop, too much, sixty bucks!
We have fourteen days to return it.
Hope we come up with an alternative.

Tired now TTYT?


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Out and about in PG today!

I goofed in my title we actually had one stop in PC, Port Charlotte, at the Walgreen's and next door is Wilson Realty with these guys in between with Wilson's info on them, so we believe they represent the Wilsons, ha?

Punta Gorda, PG, had the Sullivan Street Arts and Crafts Fair outside show today and tomorrow. These cutesy Adirondacks chairs were on the way there after we parked in the free parking building on the third floor, street parking was no where to be had.

This bone faced item is in a shop at Fisherman's Village where we went too, as is the picture of the seven, count them, Maltese, age range from two to seventeen!

This rough waves pic was taken over in Lashley Park. I think that it shows you why we were landlubbers today!

  This is where the municipal Marina is at Lashley Park as well as the Vietnam Memorial.

Out of order as you can read this works in progress artists hive was open to the public today.
We ate lunch again at Leroy's on Marion in PG; this time we shared a Cajun Gumbo, delish!

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Friday, January 12, 2018

How can someone so smart be so stupid?

Yes, everyone here knows who I am talking about, that's right... the self professed well educated, very intelligent person who claims to hold the highest position in our land, yup.

When did this so-called smart person become this notoriously infamous guy; may I suggest at first TWEET?

Or was it when he crazily won the election that is still under investigation as I write this on whether or not he really legally did without treasonous means.

Hopefully the TRUTH is near!

Meanwhile the theater of the absurd continues daily.

If someone acts like a jackass then they are simply one, I say!

Ludicrous comments said and documented then denied does not make them nonexistent.

Am I still living on the planet earth?

Am I still living in the United States of America?

A melting pot.

Where the statue that welcomes ALL PEOPLE; that still stands in our Upper New York Bay with the name of Lady Liberty?

Many lunatics, (medical term) are given passes when they verbally say horrid things due to them being mentally ill, but this Orange Frothy Haired Guy, Mr. T, Pres DJ, is said to NOT be, i.e. mentally ill?
But still puts all of us in a negative view in the eyes of the world plus he jeopardizes all Americans safety with his public verbal lashings in irrational hateful terms?
So he is not crazy many argue, just a horrible excuse for a human being?
Why only a physical was had today for him; why not a mental health test too?

I am frightened by what he will do next, we all should be.
He has too much power; what can we do to stop him?

I did NOT vote for him!

Meanwhile, back in my own little world... I will wish you all peace, love and much happiness daily forever and ever, add in another happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Speaking my mind is mostly a joy, relief, and release, but at times frustrates me too, as you too I am more than sure.