Wednesday, December 12, 2018


Hopefully soon I will learn more that is about what is causing my nystagmus and tremor?

Today I had both my brain MRI and blood work panel; all results should be in by Monday so I have been told by Pablo the MRI tech at Akumen during the process I went into severe spasms and if that wasn't enough, he stopped in the beginning after just a few minutes and asked me if I was alright since jumping on the screen of the brain MRI, Geez I thought I was holding still, and at LabCorp Louise who not only checked me in but did double duty as a Vampira who took my ruby fluid! Right now my eyes are dancing furiously, and I have to continually close my eyes otherwise nausea and dizziness ensues , which makes doing this difficult, and so I will be making this a shorty tonight!
Below is what our temperature in sunny Florida was this morning at 6:38 A.M. and yes that was outside on the left side temperature in Fahrenheit; brrrrrrrrrrr!

Happy good night all!

Count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Yesterday was fun.

Today wasn't.
But isn't that why, "Today is the first day of the rest of your life"? Oh course it is! And anonymous, Abbie Hoffman, and Charles Dederich, are all credited with the quote?
Or perhaps,"each day is a new beginning", is more apropos? Used to be easier to find the credited with for quotes, not so now!

Any-who, today I chose to see my neuro's PA Lynn, instead of waiting longer to see the doctor. Lynn who used to work in nephrology, yep kidneys, and so she is knowledgeable with both of my main diagnoses, MS and CKD, and that is helpful.

My nystagmus and tremor are going nowhere, yep I am stuck with them for life now.
There is no additional medicine to take to treat them, since I already take gabapentin and baclofen used in treating them, but changes nothing.

Meanwhile, I have been given prescriptions for a brain MRI tomorrow without dye due to my kidneys, and bloodwork, the full panel again! Hopefully my kidneys and glucose are showing more in the normal realm than the imperfect arena! Some times nystagmus and tremor don't show up on MRIs, but when they do it is as additional lesions in the cerebellum also due to Multiple Sclerosis, and more usually when early/first diagnosed, not this late in the game twelve years plus into it; not so usual. Nystagmus and tremor are still dx'd even without lesion proof on MRI, but the MRI is called for due to my symptoms, since it has been some time since my last one in January of this year.
Insurance would pay for it even six months after the other one.

I again spent too much time trying unsuccessfully to validate my quotes, but I am more than sure you, my brilliant audience, have the ability to get why I used them and in what context, even if not clear, huh?

Again folks thanks for listening, my motor's energy is running slow, that is me, and so with little hesitation...I shall bid you

Have a very happy good night!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Monday, December 10, 2018


I do know that the pictures are out of order, i.e. showing the completed arrows first instead of the raw scraped and cleaned versions of the old crows flies decoupage directional signs... but folks this is me! And besides the project is showing how I wish it to appear out in the world FINISHED by Hubby hanging them pointing where they are going to!
And if you know me at all I have been known to do things backwards due to being born under the Cancer the Crab Astrological sign, so my fifth grade teacher Miss Mion told me, might I add one of my favorite teachers at Ridge Ranch Elementary School in Paramus NJ! Oh well, at times it has served me well, so here's the backwards scroll! But my readers are brilliant so I am very sure they can figure it all out efficiently! The arrows' printed locales are not perfect and if anyone remembers the TV show MASH they were not perfect there either! But this is no MASH set either!


Oh the colors were not without reason for each locale.

FIJI = orange, due to it being hot, hot, hot place and where we all want to go to some day!
Tahiti= yellow, for being very sunny, another place to go to someday!
Alaska= blue, for being freezing cold and causing you to turn blue?
Hawaii=green, known for their plush landscape!
NYC= red, the BIG APPLE! Been there, even went to school there.
Key West= purple, the color of acceptance! One of the first places. Been there often.
Miami= teal, that color oozes thoughts of the epitome of FLORIDA of course with pink flamingos!Been there, even went to school there!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Another day of challenges, but don't we all have them?

In spite of all that I am proud to proclaim, once again I was able to acquire a return label from Amazon who insisted I did not buy anything since 2016!
Don't try this at home, but for hours this morning every time I called and even spoke with supervisors, oh wait they have more adorable names than that for them,

‎Dec‎ ‎9 at ‎9‎:‎54‎ ‎AM


This is Brandon with's Customer Service leadership team."

For hours this above "gentleman" and Jesus in Mexico, and Mike in the Philippines, Jackie in Arkansas told me that what I have just stated above that I did not have anything to return since I did not buy anything from them since 2016, my ironically now happy peaceful Buddha! 
I would laugh if I wasn't so stressed out, ohm..................

Any-who, I being me was like a pup with a stick I wasn't giving up!
I am not crazy, well it has not been medically established, so I continued to call with as many proof  items that I could find, I even called the bank to get the order number from the charge on my bill of the $27.49, yes it was Bella's soft carrier, the adorable raspberry pink one we had bought on 12-2 from yes, Amazon!
I had decided to return for two reasons although it stated it was for small pets and according to their measurements online it should have fit!
Bella is a ten pound Morkie and is 14" from her neck to where her tail begins and yet the carrier was too small for her! The other reason was that even with toys and treats put inside she appeared to be afraid of going inside, and believe me this furry kid is normally fearless!
Remember folks that she is also a rescue like her brother from another mother and father Aussie, but was three years old in August when we adopted her, while Aussie was only three months old when we rescued him!

So back it goes we even had it on the bed with her for all this time!

What made them finally get it is me telling them that earlier this month I had established a NEW account! I had already purchased four items that two were unfortunately being returned, the second bedding set that if they looked they would see that credit to my account already!
And this item that I now had the date of purchase as well as the order number and the price, I DO EXIST, I DO EXIST, I REALLY REALLY DO EXIST!!!!!!!!!!!!HA! GOTCHA!
And that is the true story children how I finally received my return label for UPS!

And after that I made our bed with all its clean bedding and comforter, and began the process of cleaning and then painting my directional arrows that were down by and attached to the Tiki hut, the original coloring with decoupage did not hold up and I had noticed someone else's on one of our boating journey's were bright primary colors and they looked magnificent!
So once Hubby brought them in I had to clean them all seven-up, wait that is a soda, but they too are seven and so more than the usual color representation amounts. I colored them red yellow and blue, green, orange, purple and teal! Teal for Florida, but of course!

Only on one side so far, might leave one side alone, and next their location/destinations in black thin brushed bold will have to wait until tomorrow when I know they are fully dried!

Hubby was with Aussie had his obedience intermediate classes and so it was just Bella and me, just us girls for a few hours.

My body is showing worse for wear, I am sore and my eyes too have been dancing more than usual, I did take a nap this afternoon, so unlike me, maybe that should/ would help?
Nope, my thighs felt like I ran amuck!
Oh well... don't you too enjoy tangible evidence of your accomplishments I do, like the carrier is all boxed up in its original box with its label on, the paint is drying on my destination arrows, and our comfy new bedding for its second week is on cleaned again!
That feels oh so good!
Small things mean more when they are harder to accomplish I guess?

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

For those who do not recall why no shopping frenzy for others here, perhaps I will explain tomorrow?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

This is very late due to someone using my computer and signing me out of everything!

I wrote an entire blog an hour ago!
Entitled "What is your favorite ,"comfort food?", if I recall.
Mine is Chinese food and our favorite restaurant for that cuisine is China City we have been enjoying their menu since they opened, and boy we were happy they did.
Chinese food to me is like Italian food is to Hubby, we are very particular being originally from New Jersey, and our Coal Fired Pizza place Bocca Lupo is owned by a guy from NJ, besides great pizza and half price full moon nights they have great calzones and oddly enough Chinese people do own the Chinese restaurant!
It took us years of living in Florida to find the ones we like.

So tonight it was my turn for my comfort food, since my body did not behave today at all!
Believe it or not I do not have it as often as you might think.
But tonight I did have lobster lo mien shared with Hubby and egg drop soup, as well as a Pu Pu platter shared, and we have about three to four more helpings of each!
Hubby picks it for these last few years they are not far, and yes they do offer delivery, this way though Hubby is getting his self imposed discount!

Last night I did make a very healthy salmon in the broiler, 8 minutes on each side, actually Hubby put it in and watched it; I had prepped all of the dinner that had extra virgin olive oil, dill and garlic powder as well as lemon juice on the salmon, the large sweet potato was sliced and shared by us after it had been placed in the microwave for 5 minutes, and last was the mixed frozen veggies zapped for a minute, and dinner was done in less than twenty minutes! I prepped and Hubby put them all in as I wrote last night's blog, so we could go out after dinner, which turned out for us having dinner before I finished the blog, and we had a great evening seeing the Hanukkah/Christmas lights!

This morning I did make blueberry pancakes from scratch!
And lunch was Hubby's grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes!
Forgive me my Jewish family and friends, but it was delish!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

What type of comfort food helps you in life?

Alright that was presumptuous of me to assume that you would need any kinds of food to satiate your moods dealing with daily life?
Forgive, besides assume as we all know means making an ass of u and me, assume!

Any-who,  I find that Chinese cuisine has always been my goto food for calming my short circuit wiring of mine!
I must admit it is only at times that the necessity occurs, thankfully!
Many might think to my recent growing size that it would be more frequent, but no that is a misnomer.

So tonight after the not great day health wise that I had Hubby succumbed to my choice of Chinese food from our favorite China City.
Hubby has ordered a Pu Pu platter, while I have ordered for both of us a large egg drop soup and lobster lo mien for me that I will be sharing, it only comes in large when it used to be either small or large, oh well. Sometimes more IS better!

Due to the, "snowbirds", being back in our sunny Florida the wait for pick up that in the summer is only ten minutes is now wait for it....TWENTY MINUTES!
Years ago, Hubby decided to pick up from all these places that deliver.
To him it's like getting an enormous discount on take out, and after all it is called "take out" for a reason, hmmm?
Interesting factoid: for my Yankee friends who might not know that in the UK it is called "take-away", so logical!

Last night I did make broiled salmon 8 minutes on each side, and mixed frozen, but also zapped veggies for just a minute in the microwave, as well as the very large sweet potato we shared also zapped though for 5 minutes in the microwave! Less than twenty minutes for a very healthy meal!
And this morning I made blueberry pancakes from scratch!
Hubby made lunch, now dear Jewish friends and relatives for he made grilled cheese with bacon and tomato delish! I can hear you all saying YUCK! But it was really very, very good!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Hubby is home with dinner!

Last night pictures of the sunset over Charlotte Harbor before the artificial light show, cannot beat nature!


Friday, December 7, 2018

I took my ninth dosage of 40mg. Copaxone today, since I went back on it...

It is a three day a week injectable that I had been on for nearly a decade when last April I was taken off of it due to it appearing to having a negative effect on my injection sites that is seven: both upper arms and thighs, hips and tummy, as if doing the Macarena.

This November, just last month is when my exacerbation began, and so I was immediately put on infusions of Solumedrol for three days and when I asked about retaking Copaxone after, since I still had a month's worth left in the fridge, I was told that I should and so I did.

For the first two weeks I was fine; though this week on Monday I had an odd reaction that I did not attribute to the Copaxone, my hands and feet went very cold and up and down my arms and legs felt as if they were very very cold to the point of causing pain into my bones! So I shivered and warmed myself under the covers, and thought great another problem/symptom! The symptoms eventually subsided within hours, and it never occurred to me that it had anything to do with the Copaxone, since that never happened in all those years I was using it... Wednesday was my second dosage and I ruined it in its automatic injector. I had forgotten to take the plug out so my dosage was not correctly 40mg. perhaps less than half that, so nothing negative happened and no, I did not think anything like that at the time. By today, Friday I did take the proper 40mg. dosage and shortly after the freeze was on! It had started once again with my hands and then my feet and then like cold water rushing up and down all four limbs, but pushing painfully harshly on my bones!

So I called Shared Solutions the "support" for their product, yes, they work for the manufacturer TEVA they even have nurses there to answer questions and to come to you for teaching proper injection methods.
I asked if anyone had mentioned this side effect?
She checked and said no, and suggested I call my neurologist/doctor... next!

It was too late, Dr. Montoya's office was having half days this week and it was two minutes to one P.M. and by the time I called they were long gone!
It is Friday, that means Monday when I am next scheduled for the next dose I will have to call and ask what they thought of what happened?
And hope someone gets back to me, sooner rather than later... I hate having NO CONTROL!
I do have an appointment that I was able to move up to next week with the PA instead of the M.D., so frustrated by my fingers dancing with my eyes!

Good news this is going to be published early due to our busy night!
Our itinerary: eat dinner check!
                       finish blog! Almost there!
                       Board the Miss"T"2! NEXT!
The Hanukkah/Christmas lights are aglow up and down the canals already so the show has begun!

Happy good night all!

Count those blessing and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Happy Holidays All!


Hopefully soon I will learn more that is about what is causing my nystagmus and tremor? Today I had both my brain MRI and blood work p...