Saturday, October 21, 2017

Went to two of our favorite places today...

...the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center and Fisherman's Village AKA Fishville!

This first picture was chosen because this little guy/gal egret was so used to people that he let Hubby get that close for the picture without flying away! Thus is the life of many water fowl along the canals, harbor and river due to us impinging on their territory. Fear is useful ordinarily, but fortunately we would not harm him/her, just were there to observe, as he/she appeared to be too! He/she was at the marina in Fishville.

      At the Home and Garden Show at the Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center!

       Time Realty Services apparently has existed locally in Punta Gorda for over twenty                                             years we were told. Their real estate people were very friendly and not pushy or                                               annoyed that we had never heard of them, we have been in Charlotte                                                     County going on twenty-three years, odd:

 Peace River sail and power squadron is a local: Hubby and I spoke with this group of oldies, (like us) for quite some time discussing boating stories, nice group of people.
 Neat soft tubs that are portable hot tubs, been around for years, but now seem to come in many sizes. great concept for small spaces or weather changes.
 Hymns musician with his CDs in the lobby. Here is playing his clarinet with a mike attached.
  Sculptress displaying her works also in the lobby. Very ancient feel to the ones displayed here.

The Home and Garden Show continues tomorrow, Sunday, from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M.

FEMA is also there to help from anything to acquiring flood insurance to claims from Irma.

There is that adorable little one again, just couldn't resist its charms!

We ate lunch today at Smugglers at Fishville, Hubby had a Reuben, and I had their steamed mussels and clams over linguine, Hubby took half his sandwich and fries home and I took two thirds of mine home too! I had a bit for dinner, but it looks as if I have a few more meals left! Too much food!
But for great prices.

Although, we again did stop at the ice cream shop there after walking/riding around the docks and I had one scoop of rocky road and Hubby had two scoops of black cherry vanilla... so good!

A pleasant day all around. (that is if a day is four hours long, ha!)

Oh I almost forgot we met a woman, Lisa, who works at the Fishville docks just living here for the last two years from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, also a retired cop, anyway she said that the ADA accessible one/deboarding platform, floating dock should be quite secure, but it is locked down by five P.M., although during the day someone is there to help if we want to try to use it some day. 
We might very well try.

On that note happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya here!    

Friday, October 20, 2017

Our sunset cruise last night.

We boarded in daylight, ha! See how nicely my new ramp/rug fits!

As we cruised towards the harbor...we are there!

                                   Our BIG BLUE came along for the fun of it, usually  he/she drives me onto the                                      seating aboard and Hubby puts her/him back in the house, but last night I                                              thought it would be neat for her/him to come along.Sadly, we determined that                                        there is no off ways, ADA, to our favorite places. Might start taking my                                                manual wheel chair or my walker that converts into a transporter.
                                           Let us not forget our purpose for this cruise!
                                                 These priceless views!
                                         Our turn home to our main canal below, some neighborhood, huh?
                                          That is what is called Grassy Pointe.
                                         Our other boat, wish, nah, kidding!
                                          One bridge to our canal, we are the second one on the right after the                                                      bridge!

                                                    Onward to home!

                                Good night to all and to share those blessings and we will too!
                                 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Crafty me and my secret weapon!

 Blah ramp...  no personality!
An Idea! Problem the ramp is much too big! 

All my other ramps are around three feet wide, why seven feet? The BIG decision to cut the board!

 Ta DA! The deed was done by who else, Hubby!
 I did do most of the painting! Hubby was kind enough to set up his saw horses in the living room over plastic sheeting. The vivid pink is from his painting of one of our metal Pinkies of the flamingo variety.
 I did the base coat of navy, and even used my Frog tape for the stripes!

And my new block fonts stencils and I forgot the stencil a PIC of the script font ones.

Paints used, navy and white in Glidden flat exterior, my acrylics in red, gold and copper.

My secret weapon! Hubby!

My new 40" wide ramp... onto the boat!

Yay! Sunset cruise, here we come!
See ya!

Take care and share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bad night.

Slept maybe two hours?

And when I finally did fall asleep this afternoon Hubby was working outside on our pool filter that was leaking and he had to go out to Pinch A Penny for a new casing, after all it is twelve years old, but he fixed it!

Anyway, the phone rang while he was outside and I was trying to catch up on some zzzzz.
I was so groggy when I picked up the landline that I was happy Hubby came in, just in time to rescue me and let me try to get back to sleep.

The call was finally our insurance adjuster, and she made arrangements with Hubby since Hubby systematically has put our vast schedules all in his phone, and for that I thanked him profusely.

Oh why did I not sleep last night?
My latest has to do with my left foot with the tendinitis, I do not sleep with the boot.
I do slip the boot back on to go to the restroom while using the walker during the night, hard maneuvering though too.
My tummy also was not doing well, and so I took my Pepcid Complete that I only take when needed.
I realized this morning that I had not put the Gabapentin in my medicine container, and I checked the entire week and yep I goofed! Not good, only take one in the morning and one at night for pain and sleeping, ha.
I had weaned myself back down to just the two a few weeks ago, so having none for me will cause problems!
Strong stuff.
Oh and my right hand that needs the surgery also causes pain, the brace on it helps for awhile then hurts so basically on and off all day and night long! If I wasn't right handed I would have had it done already, my left was done way back in 2001! A few years ago I checked to see if the procedure had changed, hoping the process was sped up, and no longer taking nearly four months, but it hasn't! Surgery of the basilar joint, is short, only about twenty minutes, but then after they put a piano brace on you for ten days while the stitches heal, then the cast for six weeks and then lastly two months of occupational therapy! Too long.

Hubby's swollen face, from the wasp sting, is better, it was a teensy weensy bit swollen this morning, but got better as the day went on.
He sleeps well no matter what!

Take care, share your blessings as we will too!

And next time be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Best laid plans...

Sure we all make 'em.
Sometimes we endure glitches that change things.
Last night it was a clear, still sunny night in the early evening, but the heat index was very, very high, therefore way too hot even after dinner, and way too stifling for me!
And so we postponed.
Till tonight for that sunset cruise?

The weather is much cooler tonight, in the lower eighties, going down to the seventies!

But alas another horrid issue has befallen us... that is Hubby on our way in from our late morning early afternoon errands he checked our post standing mailbox from the car, as we do often when we turn into our driveway, zap! He was stung by a nasty wasp! The last time one of those nasty buggers got his hand and it had swelled up to twice its size, and this time where it got him was much, much worse...THE RIGHT SIDE OF HIS MOUTH!
His whole face, on that side is swollen!
The remedy is Benedryl in pill form, an antihistamine meant for such reactions, we also have the topical type, which we also applied, and an ice pack. His blood pressure is fine, we have our own machine for that, since we were both on medication for that, but I am no longer on any, for over a year and Hubby may be off of it soon too, since he quit smoking ten plus months ago!
Anyway, in shock, as many of you know your blood pressure plummets.
Thus the check and his was very normal.

Unfortunately, I could not get the garbage out for our pickup tomorrow and so Hubby is doing that now; his job for years.
He just gave me his wellness report and he said it only hurts when he smiles talks or eats.
So he was negotiating the cruise with me if the weather cooperates? He inquired.

Moving on...

Any-who, my two night's ago title might of confused some people, "Sadness bestows me daily".
To have something bestowed upon you it is usually referring to a "gift", right?
Well, if we are never "sad" and that sadness is never realized than when would we recognize "joy"?
Just a thought.

Moving on... some more...

Our errands in order of occurrence: Sam's Club for 2.26.9 a gallon gas filled tank and our coffee, olive oil and PAM.

Next: Home Depot for, trimmer line, navy and white paint, a quart of each in exterior and stencils in script and block fonts, both 2", for my latest project. ( A secret... for now.)

Golden Corral for lunch for their rainbow trout, broiled, lemon peppered 2 fillets each and three sides each; most of mine came home. Hubby ate his, and now I am sooooooooooo glad that he did, since he was barely able to eat dinner.

Lastly Publix for odds and ends.

Then home again and... THE WASP BITE!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Doldrums? Cure...

...not thinking about what was and moving on to what is!
Hubby's adjustment of our lift.
(1) boat with 10' Bimini up fits well sideways. 
(2, 3) Side views of boat on lift with 10' Bimini up.

(4,5) On dockside, cover folded on seat, but not yet put away, before Hubby put up 10' Bimini.

Access is so much easier now! Oh that natural board is Marine plywood and my short ramp to my entree on board still via the wide bow gate.What do you think should we ask Hubby to paint it? If so what color?
Think we may try for a sunset cruise?
Weather permitting, of course!

My flippant comment above about moving on is a bit fleeting, since... I called to get the results of my MRI and X-rays this morning, not too serious, but I still have to wear my boot due to having tendinitis! More info to be told when I return to the doctor's office.

My Dr. Mark Tracy is very good at his job as a M.D.podiatrist .  And apparently well liked.
 I had already had been scheduled to see him again in two weeks from our last visit.
Good night!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sadness bestows me daily

Without going into details I periodically have no idea why people feel that I am not worthy of their friendship, even online.

Sure I have been guilty of unfriending people, but only for the very best of reasons... they pissed me off!

Okay, not such an old lady-like expression, but it fits the reasoning of my action(s), truly!

 Actually, after the last evening out, I do know.

I talk way too much and get annoyed when people interrupt me.

My excuse is I don't get out much. Not a good one, but it's all I have, bud dump bum.

And I have been known these days to be totally inappropriate in discussing doctors' mistakes with some of their kind in the room.

Right now, well actually Friday Hubby and I finally disengaged from our internist Dr. Nord, and have set up with a new doctor not with the Millenium Group who has seemed to have taken over our area and all it's doctors and many of our medical facilities too!

Dr. Nord I had been seeing for about six years, but lately she has been making too many mistakes from the little one of saying Tylenol was an anti-inflammatory, of course it is not, but some much worse are her denying Hubby's referral and then finally did after putting us through so much aggravation and now his cholesterol medication denying his refill of something he has been on for years, and the fact that she neglected to tell me for over a year that I had Chronic Kidney Disease and allowed me to go through with the bariatric sleeve surgery that requires a high protein diet afterwards to work and that is the worse thing for Chronic Kidney Disease to have is a HIGH PROTEIN DIET!
Dr Chabli, the bariatric doctor too had that information as well from my pre-op blood work!
No trust there anymore.
And if this new doctor doesn't work out we will say next!

So yeah I am PISSED!
Consequently, I have not lost as much weight as I should have by now, since all I can do is try to eat less, and A HIGH PROTEIN DIET IS AN ABSOLUTE NO, since it makes kidney disease worse!
The stress made me gain back ten pounds.

 Moving on...

On the brighter side Hubby finished the turning of the boat lift bunks down by the dock!
All he needs to do to finish up is the clean up.