Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mini outing consisting of getting my hair coiffed and a tiny wild shopping spree!

 Boy, what an exaggeration!
Okay, here is what actually transpired, if I must come clean...
I had a 10:30 A.M. appointment to get my hair cut at Fantastic Sam's for seniors haircut pricing they went up two bucks during the week, Oy Vey, from twelve to now fourteen, still a bargain, hmm?
Any-who, my appointment was with Bonney, yep that is how she spells it, who did my hair last time in May on the twentieth.
Oh now we all know my memory isn't that great I had found the receipt in my purse.
Honesty here.
Anyway, my bangs were for the second time in the last month getting into my eyes, so that is why I decided to go today.
I did trim my bangs once, but not so easy these days with my right hand hurting so much, and me being a righty.
There was a time where I used to cut all the boys hair that is Hubby's and our sons, but these days I wouldn't trust me with the electric hair trimmers!
Too shaky.
So, I had my haircut and even with the tip still under twenty bucks, two under, and I looked human once again and NOT depressed! Last thing you want to look when you have a doctor's appointment looming.
So many of us with chronic ills need to pamper ourselves as often as we can to feel better about ourselves, look good feel good, hmm? Even without illness, feeling good is right for all of us.

From there we went over to Tuesday Morning in the same Promenade's Mall, and that's where just looking took a turn for Geez they have some stuff I need and a few items that we just wanted?
That's my story and I am sticking to it!
I have in my recent past been somewhat of a collector of old Florida iconic styling... translation Flamingoes, and we do have a small collection to date of nine, we had ten, but one either blew away or was stolen.
And so when I saw that the new renewed symbol of this fine water seabird had been turned into an attractive and useful piece of pool accessory and I saw it had gone down in price by twenty bucks Hubby and I decided to add it into our collection as its centerpiece, although only two are displayed daily the other seven sleep in the shed and come out only for special occasions!
Here she is the mother of all waterfowls, PRINCESS PINKIE!
Quite impressive and rather magnificent I should say!

 Less in volume but attractive to say the least is our new tissue box, the old one was white wicker and about forty years old, it had fallen into pieces! I like this new one, it prevents the matchy, matchy look I seem to on occasion fall into. Although, the white bathroom does have a seashell theme and this addition maintains that!
Well second to last is Gus's second Monkey toy, actually his third, but the first is ripped to shreds and hidden I believe in the garage knowing Hubby, he, Gus, loves Monkeys! And he has been a bit of a gloomy Gus these days and so we got him a toy to cheer him up and he does love it!

   Below are four of the six new washcloths I also went wild in purchasing! As you can see they are the perfect size to harbor the soft ice/heat packs that Shared Solutions  from TEVA who makes my Copaxone sends to me as often as I ask for them! I use four lately one on each thigh, yep righty got jealous I think and now is twisting torqueing burning too, one behind the neck for headaches and keeping me cool even inside with the air on and the paddle fan above me, and the fourth for my right hand once I stop typing here. The lower picture is the ice packs closed into the washcloths, my previous ones were not uniform in size that some were too big and some were too small or holey needing to be tossed! Now these are just right, six for $4.99.( I washed them all before I used them.) same price as Monkey, and the tissue box was $6.99, and our biggest purchase, super Flamingo Princess Pinkie Gal was $29.99, all others priced her at $49.99, so she was on sale! She is a float with handles on either side of her neck, so as soon as I get the okay I will be trying her out! Otherwise, she is a nice decorative touch to our backyard display, okey dokey? After Tuesday Morning's we went over to Winn Dixie in the same shopping center and picked up some vitamins and pretzels, yup that was it, odd items but yeah that was all from there.

On this note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all those blessings and we will too!
 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Monday, July 24, 2017


All I accomplished today was to make a frittata for breakfast that Hubby loved and devoured after he already mowed our lawn, then I made homemade spilt pea soup with homemade croutons for lunch another of his favorites, a few bowls of that too for him... therefore leftovers were for dinner; this time ribs, two for me and three for he, Hubby that is, with still two more left, mashed potatoes and the last of the fresh asparagus.
I did experiment with making brownies from scratch with chocolate pudding and marshmallows and using cocoa, flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla, an egg and a quarter stick of butter sliced into it with splashes of milk, but my not measuring method and missing something made it taste not quite right... I did not add sugar due to the pudding having it as well as the cocoa, and that could be it, so maybe it did need a bit more and that made the fail that I have nibbled at, but I have considered tossing; now looking probable. Sometimes I get lucky and it does work, i.e. my concoctions, from my forty plus years of cooking and eyeballing ingredients, ya know? And then sometimes...oh well!
We eat well even when at home though.

Many might think it odd to make soup in the heat, first of all we have central air-conditioning, secondly Hubby's Grandmother used to say eat hot in the heat and cold in the cold, well maybe not the cold in cold, but hot in the heat does seem to ring true.
Although, since we aren't really in the heat being indoors in nice cool air-conditioning we don't actually know for sure that it works, ya know?
The weather guy Vanilla Ice, nah, but his name is Robert Van Winkle was again saying the feel like temperature was in the triples digits, yep his name is the same as the rapper's real name as our meteorologist's, but not the same guy!
The rapper does also live in Florida, but on the east coast, in the Miami area and has a DIY TV show over there, flipping homes!

Moving on...

 This just in: Hubby brought it in from our backyard!
One of our pineapples, a mini one but ripe enough to come in, another homegrown product, yep from our backyard, to think that it all started years ago from the top of one bought at our local Sam's Club!
We now have about a dozen plants!
Just like my avocado tree from a pit and my mango tree also from a pit and Hubby's lemon tree from a seed too!

 Moving on again...

Even though I was a bit energetic with my cooking today I have been iced and medicated and paced myself accordingly.

Oddities happened today again to me on Copaxone shot day, been on this medication for seven years and the last two injections were beyond weird.
Today was the tummy location for the shot and as I do without feeling it I stare at it going in the right spot and the auto ject that I have been using all these years, with new ones sent periodically none have done this wicked trick, I stick the shot in and count down to ten or twenty while held in and then remove it and out shoots the medication again, that had not gone into me!
This time missing my eyes, but leaving the site bloody!
Weird, just plain weird.
So I have a nurse from Shared Solutions coming next week to figure out the problem, in the interim they did send me a new auto ject. 
This is what I have been talking about:
It comes apart and the shot goes into it, same as for the last seven years, only recently having this problem, strange.

Oh well, the nurse should be able to figure it out.

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hubby was very busy this morning and me on the other hand...

...not so much.
Good that I got that sentence come out right since lately my words are screwing up in my head like busy for dizzy, surgical for cervical and so many more, some even appeared here, please forgive.
And also that forgetting in between words too. Just caught me short in the first sentence I wrote here, forgetting, I had forgotten to write, "come out".
Those bleeps or perhaps minuscule glitches in my brain waves can be due to many short circuits or lesions in my brain caused by the Multiple sclerosis as well as ischemia.
In actuality it is amazing that I can still put two sentences or is that two words together to write a cognitive thought or imagine a thought processes here for coherency, or maybe I don't and you are all too polite to say anything?

That busy/dizzy thingy happened when talking out loud, frightening!
But when you look it up, as we all do, or maybe many of us do it comes back as either the beginning of Alzheimer's or a stroke!
Both significantly in the family.
Believe me who needs more ills than what I already have.
I rather stick to what should could be the reasoning my existing problems.
Although...nah... I am not gonna go there tonight, I have a six month internist appointment this week, and I will mention it to her. Just these last two sentences I added an 'e' to the end of the word "mention", and left out the word "do" in the second sentence down in , "as we all do".
The leaving out words thing I have not heard if anyone else does that or what would cause that, except in my staccato brain burps?
Who knows?
Seriously, who knows, I would like to know, truly?
Considering that Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease which means having to do with the nerves, the sheath covering them inflaming and, better yet:

"Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The exact antigen — or target that the immune cells are sensitized to attack — remains unknown, which is why MS is considered by many experts to be "immune-mediated" rather than "autoimmune."
  • Within the CNS, the immune system attacks myelin — the fatty substance that surrounds and insulates the nerve fibers — as well as the nerve fibers themselves.
  • The damaged myelin forms scar tissue (sclerosis), which gives the disease its name.
  • When any part of the myelin sheath or nerve fiber is damaged or destroyed, nerve impulses traveling to and from the brain and spinal cord are distorted or interrupted, producing a wide variety of symptoms.
  • The disease is thought to be triggered in a genetically susceptible individual by a combination of one or more environmental factors.
  • People with MS typically experience one of four disease courses, which can be mild, moderate or severe.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

I had enough!

Staying in that is.
Sure being indoors for two whole days doesn't qualify a person to call it true cabin fever, or does it?
I heard from a second cousin by landline earlier today, consequently right after I sent him our landline number, amazing!
It turns out that he is the son of my uncle's daughter, my Dad's younger brother, so I think he is a legitimate second cousin since his mom was my first?
You see, he was closer in age to me than his Mom was he is only five years younger than me.
My father was forty-three when I was born and my Mom was thirty-nine.
So many of my first cousins from his siblings were twenty years older than me.
He is the father of the young woman graphic designer that contacted me on ancestry.com.
Any-who, we had a nice chat and I realized that I wasn't in too much pain since by then I already had two doses of the Gabapentin in me.
My next step was ask Hubby if he wanted to go pick up that new front light that the mud daubers destroyed and a new pole saw for trimming our palms; we also needed a new pool thermometer as well as ph up, and so off to the Home Depot we went!
Nice to get out to anywhere!
They had the Fiskars brand for the pole saw and Hubby grabbed the fourteen footer, long enough for our trees with his additional  nearly six foot height and longer reach, just about fifty bucks.
His old one that broke was over forty years old.
Then we looked at the outdoor lighting and considered going in a different direction, more nautical being on the water and all, but in the end we bought the same one we had bought nearly two decades ago, around twelve bucks.
I had remembered I had looked at brass and fancy ones and even bought one but it looked wrong it was way too big and so the one we had and the one we bought we know looks just right!
Hubby wanted to after check the prices at Lowes and so we did.
They had a very similar one in the pole saw that was ten bucks cheaper but neither one of us recognized the brand and so we decided we would keep the Fiskars from Home Depot.
Same with the light only a dollar more but ours was a brand we recognized Hampton Bay, theirs was not, and this time the dollar was in our favor.
Then on to Winn Dixie for hot food dinner choices, Hubby chose a chicken pot pie and we both chose their ribs and I picked up two sweet potatoes from their produce, we share one.
And asparagus we still had four portions at home and so we picked up a few more items we were out of and went home!
It was after five and so we prepared the sweet potato in the microwave for six minutes and then the asparagus went in for three all done, ready for dinner!

That is why this is later tonight.

Have a happy good night, share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Hope you found a way to beat the heat or rain storms and survive all those horrid fires, love to all, be safe and find fun!


Friday, July 21, 2017

Uh oh does this mean Melissa McCarthy is out on SNL too? Damn, she will be missed as Sean Spicer!

Quitters never get any credit for at times doing the right thing, ya know?
Even though sometimes the reasoning's are skewed, when doing the right thing leaving a train wreck before implosion can be quite brilliant!
Although, Sean Spicer's reasons had nothing to do with what is right or wrong just what is in his mind.
Oh dear, the worse of all this is after the next couple of Live from New York Saturday Night's will be the loss of Melissa McCarthy's right-on portrayal of the spicy Spicer idiosyncrasies, terribly sad and will be sorely missed.
Although, Ms. McCarthy has the ability to move on to her successful movie career, Mr. Spicer on the other hand has no such opportunity, what will or could he do next, perhaps he will make a live and in person visit to SNL and play himself like Tina Fey had with Sarah Palin, or Kate McKinnon had with  Hillary Clinton, there were others I am more than sure, etc.?
Could happen, why not; at least he would have a paying gig, hmm?
Melissa is one of those lovable bawdy loons that makes you have to watch her, entrancing in a very good way!
Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett could give you that type of satisfaction with their over the top reactions, but cleaner, to others playing opposite them with countering actions, results always hysterical! Ahhhhh comediennes the need for laughter provided by them is generated by so much talent and in such high demand, especially these touchy days!

Moving on...

Four Gabapentin for me equals 1200 mg. AKA Neurontin, are better than three... not yet!
Twister, in one upper left thigh burning and torqueing ripping the skin off is how the sensory nasty sensation feels! Oh yeah, I am iced too.
Neuro nurse Cindy said stay inside stay cool hydrate rest and basically do nothing!
Hubby does a lot, but I did laundry, true only one load of whites today, towel changing day, Tuesday too, only two bathrooms to take care of for that!
Any-who, I did a help yourself breakfast, so Hubby had scrambled eggs, and I had pickled herring with fat free Greek yogurt, and tomato corn salad, weird for breakfast but good.
Hubby doesn't care for it.
Lunch was finish homemade hamburger, no roll, from last night with tomato corn salad and homemade fries, Hubby had a similar lunch too.
Dinner was leftover chopped up hamburger turned into bolognaise sauce for over leftover linguini and angel hair pastas. My bolognaise sauce contains: (4) chopped garlic cloves, 1/4 of an onion chopped, handful of frozen sliced also chopped mushrooms, and chopped frozen spinach sautéed in extra virgin olive oil then in heart smart traditional tomato sauce, jazzed up with basil, oregano, powdered garlic, stevia and dash of lemon juice and parmesan sprinkled in too, salt and pepper to taste! 
I do not do as much as many, but I do earn my keep, I think, hmm?
But some days... I do feel as if I am a burden.
Sleeping, not really, again with my fancy head gear AKA CPAP, and cervical collar, iced left thigh and right hand when necessary, yep regularly too.
Lovely to look at ... NOT!

Lying in bed right now, and again, sadly even my back is hurting now, lying here.
Oh get this today I had to do my Copaxone shot in my left thigh, three times a week, in locations like you touch in the Macarena yep seven, and I starred at the shot going in since I cannot feel
 the injection, funny the same torqueing thigh painful skin ripping one, but do not feel injections so I look to see when the medications goes in and then I take the needle out.
 It goes into an injector type gadget and even has a count down... and I finished the dosage and lifted it out and it was not emptied and the medication shot into my eyes!
I had my dry eye drops nearby and used them right away, and then used my glass shot glass, yep the same ones you use for measuring alcoholic beverages for drinks, but filled with water and flushed both eyes!
Oh fun!
I spoke with a nurse at Shared Solutions the company for TEVA that makes my medication, Copaxone, for another reason and verified what I did was right.
Still a little blurry, but that is nothing new either, ha!

 My day, welcome to it...rained all morning so no boating anyway nor swimming so I missed nothing!
See how my mind works...oh well.
It does work.

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

So I contacted the gastro doc's office and... and OJ OUT!

According to Barbara the gastro's receptionist he was out of town and wouldn't be back till Monday and so no one was there to answer my question, "Is there anything other than Pepcid Complete and Nexium to treat my GERD/Reflux?"
Oddly enough about an hour and a half later the phone rang and it was Barbara saying the doc just texted her and he said that is the prescribe method of treatment, although, if I would like to discuss it that I should make an appointment and come in, hmm?
My questions would be are there any other prescriptions now safer than Nexium that has been deemed a temporary use product, not a long term use due to it shortening your life!
What would you do?
I already Googled it and it is true that is what is used for GERD and Reflux! But NOT for years like I have been using it!
Does BIG PHARMA want to get rid of us?
Sounds counter productive to me.
And yes, they do make OTC medications and some are better money makers than prescriptions, think about that one!

Moving on...

OJ Simpson.
I used to love this very handsome football player from his goofy acting in  the Airplane movies to his Hertz car rental commercials; he had me with those chiseled good looks; my first and to date my only African American man crush.

But fast forward thirty years and the Bronco chase taking over the TV airwaves and wow this guy must be guilty!
I watched the actual trial on TV as if I was part of the whole horrible thing taking it personally, no it couldn't be true... how could a guy who had everything do that to even his ex-wife and her friend?
But as I watched day after day to me it was proving that he did it!
So sad this guy who had it all ruining it by being a monstrous lunatic!
What could have possessed him to have that much pent up anger?
Nicole Brown was beautiful and the mother of two of his children, and he was jealous of anyone who interacted with her and it appeared that even Ron Goldman a gay friend of Nicole's, was not safe.

Nothing made any sense, but most all of the clues and evidence pointed to him being the doer... except on that notable day of the GLOVES, "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit!" was the cry from the courtroom!
And they didn't.
It looked like a slam dunk!
He was guilty!
But those damn gloves in evidence proved what?
Maybe his hands were swollen, he does have Rheumatoid Arthritis, why didn't they take that into the consideration... come on?
That alone won the verdict for him in his favor to be released, but... in tandem the Browns and Goldman's got him in the civil court for the responsibility of the murders!
An enormous monetary payment from him was awarded to the families, tens of millions that has yet to be paid in its entirety, according to the latest news only about a few hundred thousand has been paid.
Today after serving nine years for robbery, OJ will gain parole this October and has decided to live in Florida!
Due to retirement and golf.
He is seventy now, and supposedly that alone makes him a lessor threat to society.
Now if he can figure out a way to supplement his retirement pension... I happened to notice that is less than even Hubby's, but his additional work related income will most definitely be garnished to give back what he owes punitively to the Browns and Goldman's... someone hire this guy so these people can get something for all their years of misery.
I lost my crush on him during the trial, don't worry.
Although, as scary as it seems even at seventy he is a very handsome old guy! MONSTER!
So that is what a monster looks like... see kiddies one never knows... I think of Ted Bundy the serial killer, so many were suave and good looking sweet talkers these truly madmen!

Judging people by looks, that'll teach you NOT TO!

Try and have a happy good night, the judicial system needs tweaking as we all know, since none of the previous history of a person is put into recent judgments, what's wrong with this picture?
A trail and historical behavior might indicate a continuing issue with a personality flaw and a persons ability to deal with the world on a daily basis.
If it smells like a fish, chances are it's a fish...
And one other thing... is that 1994 case of the murders is it still open even as a cold case and if so and if he, OJ was supposedly not the doer then why has no one been looking for whomever they think did do it?
I would at least think OJ would want to know, no? He still claims he loved Nicole.
YEP, he is guilty!
A lot to think about, again.

Count your own blessings and share them and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Yep, he is still guilty in the court of public opinion!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two days to forget!

Last night was nasty!
And I am no sleeping beauty with a CPAP; this time filled with three soft ice packs held in individual towels combining that with a decorative soft cervical collar!
Sleeping is too strong a concept when you're in so much pain and being seductive is not in your current repertoire so very sadly!
The pain emanated from my head, caused by my cervical stenosis, horrid, believe me. And my CPAP is for my sleep Apnea that I have to wear nightly, ugh. Well, it does prevent me from dying.
Good thing we have a KING SIZED BED, so in reality we are practically in two different zip codes, ha!
Out of sight, out of mind...oddly enough it was Gus that awoke Hubby not me at four A.M., barking to go out? That'll teach me, perhaps I too should bark? Nah, even less attractive.
Our neighborhood never sleeps these days, even go-carts go past our home in the wee hours!
Any-who, that wasn't it Hubby explained, it was the thunder that awoke our furry four footed child who's anxiety ridden by clashes of lightning and roaring of thunder our now calmer sweet little boy, fireworks are fine, but thunder and lightning, OMG, panic and jumping all over us!
Odd that I did not recall hearing it with my getting up several times too during the night.
Although, I must admit Hubby getting up with Gus around four AM. is the last thing I remember before arising around seven thirty!
So I did sleep apparently, three and half hours, wow!
Today was another fun day, blood work before my next week's internist appointment and another sample from another part of the body, which color was off to my eyes, pinkish.
Oh well, they have it now and the ball is in their court; I am sure they will tell me what it all means?
Only thing is with the A1c test and me being back on the IV Solu Medrol, steroids, just three weeks ago that might continue with causing that nasty label of "pre-diabetic". That one test that came back 86, was a fluke, now fasting first in the morning have been 108- 113, and today damn I had a 141, I am doomed.
Whatever will be will be, they do know about the prescribed infusion and that it does screw that up!
Today, I had that aberration of torqueing burning ripping off of my left leg this time, for a couple of years it had been my right. Horrible either way. I iced it with three ice packs in their customary towels, one underneath and two on top, it didn't really help when I tried getting up, same problem of my leg wanting to rip off of me!
Definitely a sensory issue caused by lesions due to the Multiple sclerosis's fun and games... not really! The fun and games part, but yes the cause is the MS.
All caused by my minuscule time spent in the pool!
I called my new neuro's office.
After I added in another 300 mg. dose of Gabapentin AKA Neurontin.
It seemed to work and then it failed thus my call to the neuro's office.
They determined that my call of taking additional Gabapentin was the appropriate form of action, but said it could take two to three days to work, and that I should call them back Friday morning to let them know how it was going
With the additional 300 mg. that makes a total of 900 mg., so not that much compared to when I had been prescribed 2100mg. a day, so I am good for now.
MS is no fun friends... I know you thought it was glamorous, since so many celebrities have had it or have it now... kidding not fun! These sites have their names...



Classy, huh? At least I am in good company, true?

Sorry folks but quite disturbing these last two days of agony.
Just when I thought it was SAFE to go back into the pool! I was told I was too exhausted by the experience.
And me a certified Aquacise instructor!
Oh well; I will have to wait to try again... someday.

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you to share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!