I've lately been straying...

That is my attention, whatever did ya all think? Really????????? Get your minds out of the gutter!
And you thought I couldn't hear you? Why I have it written right here, "I hear you." And so it is written, by me, not someone who has to tell me to do it or does it for me, actually it is etched temporarily in my brain not on anything tangible that you would want to touch anyway, ha!

Any-who, our embarrassment chief in office was not where this conversation/soliloquy was heading for tonight, forgive; as in my title and first somewhat complete sentence states I seem to be having a problem concentrating.
Could this be the beginning of the end?
Might my mind be in jeopardy and I mean not the fun kind of Jeopardy from the TV the harsh reality that now you've lost it girl kind??????????
I pray not, and these days I find myself praying way too much for my agnostic self, ha! Although, I declare being born Jewish.

You see, I have been slowly losing parts of my abilities physic…

Who wants a new early presidential election?????????

Oh dear there is now proof of collusion with Russia, by three of Mr.Ts guys during the campaign!
Sure they will not extradite their Russian counterparts here, but just the same the proof should have the proper effect in the end result... removal of the so-called president due to an inaccurate election!
He did not win fairly, honestly or AT ALL!
And not just by the votes, but by dishonesty in acquiring the trust of those who thought he might be doing what they had voted for...I am so happy that he hasn't kept any of his promises!
Let's face it they were bizarre.
I know that a new early election will put this country on hold to move forward, but the results of another, honestly, NOT interfered with one is worth the effort, and really have we been accomplishing anything with this administration anyway?
Just our negative image on the world stage, hmm?
Oh and aggravation, and Orange Frothy Haired Guy showing how he really is a TWIT, did I write that out loud oops... I meant Tweete…

Hairy moments!

Computer froze up, and it wouldn't even allow me to close it; I know we have all been there, panic of lack of access!
Ahhhhh, how soon I forgot my back up world window of my smart phone!

Last time, I was in the hospital I even wrote this blog on it, not as easy as the notebook, but you do whatever you think you need to do.
After trying for an hour Hubby came in the bedroom and asked to help, an I said sure, nothing to lose.
He considers himself not tech savvy, but his anxiousness was not as much as mine, alright nil, so I of course took him up on the offer and then almost as soon as he took it into the living room he brought it back with saying he thinks he got it!
And he did!
I had been running windows defender as my antivirus, since it is free.
And I had the updates and virus check running, to me this was logical with the freeze up, but even that was going way too slow, and consequently nothing was changing!

Oh well... all is fine now, and I do have the windows def…


To write when you are just lying in bed working on trying to feel better, and yes I am somewhat better.

I rather chime in on the children, the high school children, specifically from Parkland Florida, speaking up and speaking out; they are more than extraordinary!
They are so fired up with ideas, not just lip service, but well thought out really, really good ideas on how to change the situation and not ever going to settle for the status quo!
The adults have dropped this ball way long ago, and these bright freshly devastated teens of Parkland have called them out on it, and so they have incited their sadly brothers and sisters whom have also endured more than anyone should ever to come along on their marches for a definitive peaceful resolve! As well as all students all over the state, and country!

If I didn't know better it to me it seems to be a throwback to the sixties, 1960's.
We were there, and we did make a difference.
Apathy is finally DEAD!

These children have a cause…

Humana Rx, though their specialty division, it is them again, feeling better and Aussie medical update

I received a letter from Humana stating they were trying to reach me several times by phone to let me know my Specialty medication, my injectable Copaxone was ready for delivery and that they were calling to set up the delivery.
The only problem is that we have caller record on our landline when after so many rings it picks up.
I had received only one message, not several, and as soon as I returned their call and set up the delivery date.
You see the delivery date was today and we have it, the same day the letter came.
So I called the number in the letter to complain, treating me as if derelict of my duty to myself for medication that has kept my lesions in check for these last seven years and five months of being on it.
While complying with their robo computerized voice asking me questions that they already know the answer to as soon as I call through our, all of our telephone numbers, I hit zero, several times and yes mine were several times until I got a human!
Sort of, they all a…

101 and stomach flu made me...

Sleep through blog-time, oops and sorry!
Maybe tonight I will feel better?
On Imodium, Pedialite, club soda, toast with orange marmalade, and chicken soup...!
Could happen?

Our mini hairy four legged puppy dog has been adjusting

Usually when you get a puppy it is not unusual for them to have, on occasion tummy issues.
In every other way Aussie is just perfect, disposition, bright with understanding simple words, like no, yes, sit, come, stay, go get Daddy or Mommy, even knowing the names of most of the myriad of toys he has inherited already. As I mentioned briefly he appears to be not your usual canine companion; he seems to have a very high doggy IQ! At not even four months old, he even knows instinctively which one of us needs his hugs and sloppy kisses at any particular moment in time by telepathy! He must have been heaven sent. I do not know if I mentioned that he was removed from a animal hoarder's home, to have his better future.
They are coincidental things though from little else we do know about him is that when we adopted him this past Friday that was on Hubby's brother's birthday, and the day he had been neutered was on Hubby's Mother's birthday, and if he truly was thirteen w…