Saturday, June 24, 2017

Two kinds of hate...

... as a child it was subtle not blatant... people not liking you (me) for who you(I)  am/are, race, religion, ethnicity or sexual preference. When a child I was lucky since I did not know that such bad people existed to hate me for who I am, in my case my religion, and that being Jewish. Not like the children of the war did, that hate was blatant.

Today, though, it breaks my heart that people hate out loud without remorse!
Why have we human beings decided to treat one another with such violent vicious vocal behaviors?
As a civilization we should have evolved way away from any of that by now!
I know, I know, hate for our differences has been around since men and women have existed.

I really sincerely wonder why?

In other things in nature and life, including academia, differences, make us curious with a desire to learn did hate begin and why? So logically hate makes no sense at all!
It is such a wasteful emotion.
With all the debates in life, in law, in schools and in daily conversations, why not discuss this unhealthy, unproductive feeling/emotion of hate?
Its origins must lie deep within us all, for daily as a child/teen I had even used the word in talking about my feelings to my parents due to being so angry about a situation, circumstance or heaven forbid another person who I thought might feel that way about me... hmm, could it be as simple as that, get them before they get you?
Perhaps, getting to the root of the matter the problem could be solved?
Wouldn't that be wonderful!
Pollyanna, I am not, but rectifying this BIG ISSUE may give us all the PEACE we continually say that we all want?

Workplace peace!
Family peace!
Solutions that is all!

Moving on...

I feel as if I was hoodwinked!
We stayed at home with concern over a mid-day storm, never came although the heat did give us what they promised, too hot to handle weather for me anyway, for most I suspect.
In fact, right now we still have not had any rain, and Hubby was talking about, dare I say, heaven forbid, manually watering from the hose our new plantings!
He is willing to wait though, since the "prediction" for rain is still in the forecast, I think, who knows... we hear so much on the news... when they begin their loopy loop it seems to go into itself with difficult to understand  lack of clarity!
The first several times a story item enters the studio and they are waiting on details to be gleaned they hang you on waiting too, and sometimes, it seems as if they occasionally forget to inform us with the details from that follow-up!
South of us is now getting heavy rain, but not us yet!
Hubby's report says it looks good for it!
Too much for days?
Now we are hoping it gets here?
Human nature.
Funny how too much is too much, and then we forget, and when it is lessened to a trickle... we want more!
Oh well!
Se la vie!
(Such is life)

On that note be careful of what you wish for... but world peace is absolutely OK!

Have a very happy good night!

Share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Dry, dry, and more dry= hot, hot, hot!

First day here in a long time without rain.
Right now, after five thirty in the evening it is ninety-one degrees, but feels like 100, according to the meteorologists!
It is true that out west , California, Arizona and Nevada in our country in many states they are having actual temperatures in the over one hundred degrees realm, even in some places it's over one hundred and twenty!
So I guess being inside in air-conditioning is all any of us can do.
The sky is a very pretty shade of blue though.
If one must go out you must wear sun screen and hydrate and best to go into a cooling swimming pool due to many natural waterways harboring bacteria with these warmer temperatures and not proper cleaned with chlorine or special Bio Guard or even those salt water swimming pools prevent bacteria and other nasty things more so than the seas, lakes and ponds these days!
So be careful and you can still have lotsa fun!

Hubby and I did go out today, and we spent a small bundle at the grocery store, but food is always a necessity, and yes, we ate lunch at home first! We had a list, but deviated from it considerably on things that we mostly forgot to add to it prior to leaving the house.
Publix employees in our Publix were very friendly, as usual... the only thing is... that they were mostly new faces that seemed to be saying hello, how odd?
Nah, that is their way there; making you feel welcomed.
How truly nice to know some things do not change!
To be helpful, polite and knowledgeable must be their requirements in training their employees, great policy for most all businesses.
And especially now when even groceries may fall by the wayside of being brick mortar stand alones to online shopping and delivery services that already exist in so many places!
With the advent of Amazon who just bought Whole Foods this mega machine of a conglomerate will definitely take advantage of the needs of the too busy or infirm to shop out of their homes, and make ordering and delivery more than likely speedy and cost effective for the masses via computers and phones!
No wonder groceries are now the ones under the gun to make sure their personal touches are so much more desirable to us old fashioned patrons who actually go inside to be that touchy feely type of retail brick and mortar supermarket customer to buy what we see smell and touch, and in many cases taste by sampling first!
But alas Publix has always served its customers well, with baggers packing your groceries for you to helping you out to your car and loading your purchases into it, really what more can any of them do?
Sadly I fear for them and us when that other shoe drops and there are no more buildings to enter just surrealistically through CGI in our techno devices?
No more smelling that melon, checking those berries by turn the carton over, speaking of cartons checking to see if any eggs are broken, why? Why will we miss that? Because "they" will make sure ahead of time that all is complaining on overcharges even by those computerized cash registers, since like most things that are only as accurate as the person who enters in its information, now all other computers will be entering your information into another computer and another computer will set up delivery and a drone might very well deliver it to your front door within minutes!
The future is here!
I don't know about you, but by now 2017 I really thought that our lives would have been more like the Jetsons, ya know?
Robot maids, flying cars, push button houses, etc., etc. etc... although some have SMART HOMES that their cell phones run, but goodness gracious not all of us...yet... but so many things can be run from our smart phones, truly amazing!
Not mine personally, but you hear and see things on the TV, ya know...
We have flat thin TV screens, three in fact, two thanks to Number One Son, and even one that is SMART, so I guess we too are modern, futuristic here also!
Even our Android phones are considered SMART PHONES!
No key locks on the car all done from buttons on the key or dashboard and it has a back up camera too, hey with that it is still using a key-bob to get in, confusing.
We have Energy Star appliances nearly all of ours that means they all use less power and therefor are more efficient to run, although utility bills continue to go up and down, also confusing. More than likely due to Global Warming, the up part! We are always Hot, Hot, Hot, here in FLORIDA!

Any-who, we ate well for dinner, salmon broiled, sweet potatoes baked, and chilled cucumber salad, made with Greek yogurt and Stevia and sliced cucumber of course! And we each also had a stuffed clam.
I barely ate the clam or the salad, but no worries tomorrow is another day!

On that note of enjoy what is out there and even go out there before it's too late!
A world where Agoraphobia is an acceptable behavior; I sure HOPE NOT!

Share and count those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Last night we discussed the return of Lady Misty Bennington and her bling...

... and tonight... where shall we go?
Inanimate is my thingy and I, at one time, could verbally make the non-live come to life in word!

But unfortunately my silly bone is not coming through right now and so... I will go over what has transpired since we last met here.

Last evening a representative from Best Home Services called and verified that they will be here today between 10 A.M. and 2:00 P.M., and today, this morning...A fellow named River called at 8:20 A.M. apologizing since he was stuck on I75 in traffic and since we were scheduled for eight A.M. he felt it prudent to call...huh?
First of all we were scheduled for in between ten and two we told him, and he was calling backwards if their policy is to call a half hour before. Hubby told him to be here at ten.
And River said that he would see us at ten.
Twelve thirty came and went so I called and told the receptionist on a taped call line exactly what was said.
While speaking with her he came in on our call waiting line telling us he was a couple of blocks away.
He mentioned the street that actually intersects ours, and yet it took him twenty minutes to get here from there, perhaps a quarter of a mile away, if even that!
Again this administration influence... is this what is making people believe that lying is OK?
Anyway, he finally arrived and checked and cleaned the system.

Last night I also received a few other calls to set up my Solu Medrol IV infusions, first a nurse and then from the medical supply company who told me that in order to have it at home it would cost out of pocket $225, Medicare does not cover in home, but at the doctor's infusion center it would be 100% covered; a no brainer!
This doctor is less than two miles from our home, so why not?
Three consecutive days have been set up for next week.
Meanwhile I had called my chronic care nurse for a standby vial of insulin. You see, the very first time I showed latent signs of type two diabetes was in 2009 while hospitalized and receiving my first of now sixth time infusions of Solu Medrol infusions, and in the hospital they checked my glucose and felt it necessary to give me insulin, and each and every time since then whenever I have had I had a diabetic reaction, but most do. That first time it took six months for my A1c to go back to nearly normal, after that it also took a few months, but by then I was labeled a "Pre-diabetic" which annoyed me. My A1c has fluctuated as high as 7.1 to as low as this January 5.7, but now it will be screwed up again, just when I thought I would finally get rid of the threat! Not happy about that.

It had been nearly two years since I had my last infusion at home on 8-7-15 The only reason I know that is because we still had the insulin bottle nearly full in the fridge that I only needed a couple injections from back then during that three day period.
Darn, wouldn't you know it was no good after April of this year!
Any-who, my internist Dr. Nord personally called me last night and asked for all the information off the bottle and that she would call it in for me... whew!
Actually, my chronic care nurse, Debbie, did call it in so everything is coordinated to come together at the same time.

And the news is we should be having a drier weekend, so maybe we will get in some fishing, yay!
Hubby is going to catch some bait fish in our canal with his net off of our dock.
If we go out early in the morning or late in the evening for me that are safer, temperature wise, and as long as it is after dawn and dusk the mosquitoes should be a lesser issue!

Hopefully, we will have something to show for our next boating trip...dinner?

On that high note please try to have a very happy good night!

Share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

She's back...! With itsy bitsy bling!

Showing off her rear! 
Hubby was called this morning that she was almost ready that the FL registration numbers and name had come in.
Miss "T" 2, AKA Misty too? Usually, these days...ha!
You see that Miss "T" was the name we gave our deck boat when we first moved into this house and the one we had traded in for our Sea Hunt, "Seas the Day" that we had named also.
The name is on the corner due to the motor being dead center stern/aft (rear) port (left) side.
Nice touch gold. I thought I only had choices of white or black, since the background was black I thought white would stand out well, but the gold looks even better in my opinion.
Who doesn't enjoy a bit of bling!
Heaven knows I even enjoy a Goldie Gator, ha!
Homemade golden porthole with Martha Stewart five mirror set for $14.99 at Home Depot back then, still have two left, besides the portal the rope one to the left is from that set, and below that is a seashell covered one, the wooden pegs were glued onto the porthole made to look like bolts, made ages ago. 

 Thrift store picture frame was white wood now gold, and wooden tray also from a thrift store was white but left the grape motif on the inside, about three bucks for both, years ago.
 The above basket weave wicker, but fake really plastic was once brown I had gotten that for about a dollar at another Flea Market for a non-profit. I had painted it poppy orange and later decided to gild it. The goose and seashells below were free the goose is actually a saccharin dish the prongs are long gone, it needed to be re-gilded and so I did it, and the clam shells are from those stuffed clams you buy at the grocery, bleached like all other shells and then displayed or enhanced like these!
That's all folks for tonight!
And make that a very happy good night!
Count those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oddly enough a not too hard of a day today!

Hubby motored over our new boat to the Beach Complex to be picked up for its application of all items that we have been waiting on, the motor cover, the dressing room draping, now a new prop, story later, the FL lettering for registration, and the boat's name Miss "T" 2.
The older gentleman, yep older than us named Allen this time, did not realize that besides picking up the boat there he was to drive Hubby home too!
He gave him a twinge of orneriness, but did take Hubby home, saying they hadn't told him that.
He also told Hubby while putting the boat onto the trailer that he should gun it since it wasn't in place, and that is when its brand new prop was damaged since the guy Allen didn't realize he was hitting the cement ramp and chipped our new prop on our new boat on each side!
But Hubby was home within an hour of the whole process.
A little while ago we got a call from Lane the Service Manager over at Ingman's Marine telling us that everything was installed except the FL numbers and the name that will be most likely tomorrow morning, and by tomorrow afternoon we should have her back, YAY!

Moving on...

Today I went back to another local neurologist, less than two miles away from our home, the one with the billing issue but not the doctor problem. Dr. Montoya is a very good doctor, had an annoying billing department, and she is the one who had put me on my first course of Solu Medrol in the hospital back in April of  2009.
All went well with the meeting with her assistant an ARNP Lynn, who did the initial exam, and next the doctor came in and discussed other medications in the interferon's category with me other than the one I have been on for seven years next month Copaxone. She felt I was getting worse via my symptoms and exam and paperwork and reading of my MRIs even though my MRI's stated that my brain lesions appear stable; she said they do not tell the whole story.
Although, right away she felt that I should go back on a course of Solu Medrol to see if that helped my hands and arms and blurry eyes symptoms and to verify that I am in secondary progressive, then the other meds would not do any good to go on them.
I must try this and see what happens.
I told her what the other Doc had said about the IV steroids causing necrosis and she disagreed.
Most others have too.
So they are setting up an in home infusion, my sixth. My last one was in July of 2015.
I will have to call my internist for insulin since the infusions create spikes in my glucose, as high as 300, but go back to normal when all done.

So there you have it another day in my not too exciting life!

And what do you know, in spite of all the bombings and killings and horrendous happenings for some strange reason we are still here, thank GOD, me and Hubby that is, oh and you too!
How do I explain
Counting those blessings here nightly with you!

And try very hard to have a happy good night!

Please next time be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, June 19, 2017

Okay, so the supervisor calls back...

...from Best Home Services in Sarasota Florida and this man tells Hubby that the thermostat was never recalled, and Hubby says you should inform your repair man since that is what he told me. And get this he says that the fellow called our home at 4:16 P.M. and it rang for a minute and a half!
Hubby told him no it didn't we were watching the news and had the phone right next to us!
Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!
And besides their policy is to call a half an hour before they arrive and the last time I checked 4:16 P.M. is over an hour before 5:20 P.M. when he did actually arrive without a phone call at all!

Any-way, they are to be here again Thursday between ten and four; not likely! Ha, make me a believer!
This time it is for a complete cleaning and check up as was originally scheduled last week before the emergency call!
And yes, no air-conditioning with a person who has Multiple sclerosis is an emergency, and I also have asthma! The weather daily is into the nineties before the rain comes, and then during and after the humidity is unbearable if we were to open the windows when the temperature goes down to the seventies while raining! Plus on occasion the rain's angle could come in through the screens!

Anyway, it should be interesting on Thursday when they finally do get here?

Moving on...

I was right!
Hubby did want to use his new toy, the power washer, but... it is very powerful and the paint was coming off the fence and he was just trying to remove the mildew/mold from all this rain!
Yep, the dirt caused on the rear fence turned to green!
And he was trying to get that, but now as soon as he gets a chance he will be spraying the bleach/water 50/50 and then get it with his power washer that is electric, so rain is the reason he had to stop!
Meanwhile I do have some PICS to share:
Little orange froggy sitting on the fence!
Ponderosa Lemon tree Hubby grew from its momma's tree seed! It is the one in the middle above in that very pretty light teal or turquoise planter on a wheelie system to move easily if need be. It is in-between two pony-tail palms that also are very easy to propagate here too, sticking their branches in good soil. 
And below is a broken lemon tree branch that Hubby just stuck in the soil and it began growing by throwing out leaves! It is sitting on the bench/ live well that is alongside the fish pond and serves doing double duty as a bench and as a holding tank for our fish when the pond is cleaned out, Hubby had spar varnished its teak wood top, the tub is made out of fiberglass.
Guess he finally did receive his Grandma's green thumb! 
                                                                                                       Mandevillas in pink below that replaced the two white ones that did not survive, they now seem to be acclimating nicely, attaching to their trellises. They are on the other side of the fence to the pool, and behind the lemon tree and palms are on the other side.  

 The fence will be cleaned once the rain stops for awhile.

Happy night to all and do share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Sure it like Mothers Day and Grandparents Day and Children's Day should be everyday, but... we shall always celebrate our families everyday no matter what?
Yup, even the estranged kiddies and siblings and aunties and uncles, cousins etc. etc. etc...think about them and do not ever forget them!
Because if they are truly blood relations a little bit of you and a little bit of them is each one of you, got it?

And tough nuggets!
I guess that above expression makes me an official old fart for the definition itself is that when an old fart dismisses someone else's misery!
Thanks to:
A bit harsh, okay so I'll take back that "tough nuggets"!

 Deal with it though.
I might have the record of pissing people in the family off with my brash honesty of my opinions, and excuse my language please though, but... that is what I have apparently done.
Not only, "family" but many "friends" who thought of or considered themselves "family"!
Sorry folks my mouth at times tells all before I have time to edit!
No excuse.
Although, many people also involved in those relationship dissolutions were very bad quick to misinterpret too or interpreted correctly in the heat of aggravation from other sources!
Or were the cause... more than likely!

Oh where was I?

That's right today IS Father's Day!
And our sons were not able to be here, but Number One did call two days ago saying he would be working long hours today and so he wished his Dad, Hubby, Happy Father's Day Friday.
And the younger one hasn't spoken to either of us for over a decade...
So I made Hubby a card on the computer.
And a special breakfast too.
And we also went out to Lowe's where he got a brand new power washer, his old one is over thirty years old and iffy on whether it will start or not?
And it is a very handy item for cleaning the stucco, walkways, fences, decking, cars and boats, and it was on sale for Fathers Day and new toys tend to be used a lot!
We also picked up a great big planter pot in light teal for the Ponderosa lemon tree Hubby grew from one of our trees seeds!
He has been nursing the sapling, that is quite large now, more than three feet tall!
And since our landscape plantings are quite abundant it has been decided to be place at the end of the pool on its wheelie base that we had also bought today with potting soil that has fertilizer in it that is supposed last nine months, same as birthing a baby, how odd or perhaps apropos!
Any-who, we were going to go into the Flea Market when the sky opened up with a teaming downpour, so instead we went to lunch at Plaza Mexico, one of Hubby's favorites.
We ordered crab enchiladas that came with rice and refried beans, and had iced water with lemon on the side.
I ate about a third and the rest came home with the chips and salsa they serve there. Hubby ate more than half of his, but what was left also came home.
We had the cooler with the ice packs with us, we had remembered.
For our last stop was Publix to pick up my Gabapentin 300 mg. 2X a day, only a thirty day supply, I usually get a ninety day supply from Humana Rx, but I am almost out, since I had gone to only one pill a day for a very long time then went back to two just recently!
Super vitamin B complex that we both take and I am trying Capzasin HP for my painful hands it says it for muscular pain, but I read somewhere it is also for nerve pain.

We also picked up a few food items.

Dinner was leftover salmon croquettes I had made yesterday, homemade fries, salad and peas.
Dessert will be Entenmann's marble pound cake with chocolate chip Breyers ice cream.

Boy is it coming down in sheets the rain, WOW!
Gotta go now TTYT.... hope all you Dads had a great day!