Sunday, August 20, 2017

Being kind sometimes ... makes you

... wonder why people take advantage of you.
Today, I posted two things on my FB page that I realized fortunately not too much longer after I found my mistakes I removed them both.
The first was a movie that had quite a soon-to-be stars studded cast, but after revisiting certain reviews and comments about it I too recalled its underlying message, a far right one, survivalists, and pro NRA stand and so many other things that I today feel strongly against; mind you though this was still during the Cold War, before glasnost.
So my emotions were the cause of that to be pulled and in my mind was correct for me to do, Hubby on the other hand watched it, and so I was confused and upset about that, since he claims to feel as I do on so many issues...any-who the other one I was definitely just on, a fellow FB person asked through messaging for me to donate to his run for an organization that was to make people aware of the horrendous issue of suicide in the military, 22 veterans commit suicide daily was the horrid realization and it was an honorable campaign in my book and for this he wanted 22 dollars so that amount now makes sense/cense, anyway I even posted the picture with him and the article about what, when, why and where this would be happening, sounded good and probable, but... when I went and posted it that little gadget came up asking if I wanted to add in that thingy on where to send the donation, and they were nowhere on their list for non-profits and so I went back to the fellow and asked about it, and he said they were in the process... And I said how about this when they have that info I will post the info? I consequently unfriended him, harsh, I think not, a ruse, probably. He only came clean when I mentioned Hubby was retired law enforcement.
I am so sorry if anyone read those two postings, but again I did think I was doing something right, and almost contributed to very wrong things that'll teach me/us!
Beware of strangers trying to sell you a sow's ear as a silk purse!
Seriously folks I think of myself pretty savvy, well travelled, even went to college in NYC, lost in London after the major transportation stopped in the wee hours of the morning and survived even that at nineteen, although 1969!
Today who knows; in those days I do believe the police/ Bobbies didn't even carry guns, now they do.
What I am saying though is a point... I am trying to get to that even I was maybe a bit too naïve to on first blush realize something was not Kosher, ya know?
Anyway, it was fixed before any damage was done, true, yep true!

Moving on...

Yesterday, I never really finished our journey, after BB and Beyond we went over to Sam's Club that we belong to, for those in faraway places like Russia that has been noticed in large numbers visiting me/my blogs once again, Sam's Club is what Americans call a BIG BOX Store derived from the fact that ordinary people as well as business people can purchase large quantities of items like dry goods, produce, and package, fresh meat, fish and poultry or prepared items at more than fair prices!
Oh wait... there is more, I almost forgot pet food, cleaning supplies, furniture, appliances, jewelry, and electronics a WOW capitalist's dream store, but a bargain prices so a win win even for the commoners, us not so rich!
Got it?
Oh we went there, because they sell the cheapest gasoline/petrol to anyone!
After, we lowered the windows, Hubby left me in the van with all the extra gas for the boat, the lawn mower and our arriving this week new water pump that he ordered from Home Depot about the same price as renting one and he needs it to fix things down at our docks, fifteen gallons worth of gas for those, not counting the nearly ten topping off the van's, all in all almost twenty-five gallons for ... are you ready?.. for a grand total of $51!
Oh, the lowering of the windows for me was me waiting for him in the van when Hubby went into our grocery store, Publix, for those staples of milk, eggs, bread and butter.
We did eat lunch at Firehouse subs, a chain of restaurants started by firemen.
We both had subs, now they have small, medium, and large subs, used to have one size or maybe half and large do not remember, but that was besides salads and now not only white bread subs, but also whole wheat! So I bet you thought I chose a small whole wheat, well I did order the whole wheat but medium and I ate only half and brought the other half home ( ate it today for lunch) packed in ice in our cooler, we had free ice water and with those cups we got our own ice with lids for the cooler, and Ta Da, portable!
After we had gotten the gas and grocery items and lately our feel like temps have been in the triple digits, but with the air-conditioning on in the car while waiting for Hubby and the ice all was swell with me and the sandwich!

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

People who live stream and refresh reputable news sites are...

...definitely in "the know", and yours truly is trying hard to keep up!
Thanks Number One Son who gave/reminded me about it's been quite enlightening!
Things happen so quickly in this world and believe me when I say that I enjoy knowing things before TV broadcast news runs with the stories!
So many sites that are "legit" are worthwhile for you to examine, ask a relative, or friend or like I did tell my son I was going elsewhere and this our eldest son corrected his Mom, that I respect help from our knowledgeable grown sons and for he suggested a great interactive site!
There are plenty out there, but this one suits my needs of giving me in-depth articles or live news feeds, which gives me glimpses into what I might have missed with me not always being connected!

Moving on...

Geez we got back to the mundane and tame today; I do believe it's called living your life.

We actually stopped at Tar-jay, Target, and the reason for going into the classier of the discount stores was to look for a new set of white sheets, and no we are too many of the hated by them minorities for that purpose, any-who our king set is so expensive compared to other sets we have had over the years and we have had this king size mattresses for now nearly thirty years of our almost forty-seven years of being married, for the first seventeen we had queen mattress sets that everything was much more fugally priced than these king sized! Plus many sets of sheets were wedding presents way back when.

So, anyway I used to buy the bed in the bag sets and the comforters and pillow shams held up well enough and were usually priced not too dearly, but the sheets would need to be replaced and again our bottom sheet has lost its elastic and is no longer a fitted sheet.
For Hubby's sake and his dislike of the situation I thought it would be easier to replace it, but no separates are sold and you must buy an entire set and even the cheap ones are more than fifty bucks and we were also needing to replace the mattress protector due to me being too thrifty last time and the one we have now basically disintegrating!
And so we went over to Bed Bath and Beyond after and bought a very decent mattress pad in their king for $49.99, but with their 20% discount, so $39.99 plus tax, not too bad?

I know why such a large bed when most of our lives we were both usually slender?
We had our dogs and cats and even in the early days our children when we still had the mere queen size it was cluttered with all those cuddly bodies!
But now even though I am very large, as I say twice the woman I used to be, there is a lot of room still on this bed, since Gus has his own, on the floor alongside of ours, and that BIG KING holds just us mere mortals!
I have been working on Hubby to get a new mattress set next time in a queen, but the problem is
he thinks I am being brainwashed by commercials saying that you should buy a new mattress more often than he thinks we should!
And until we do I mention subtly the additional expense of dressing this king mattress compared to a smaller one has been... just a little mention here or there, ya know?

 New sheets sets will keep us fine for awhile again so I will comb online, since the micro fiber ones that I saw online were not in their Tar-jay store!
Plain white is all we need!

Moving a bit further on...a whole lot further!

Six police officers were shot last night, two in Kissimmee Florida, where both killed, two in Jacksonville Florida both in the hospital there, and the other two were in Fayette county Pennsylvania also hospitalized, our thoughts and prayers are with those in the hospital and their families and of course the family of the deceased too.

Heather Heyer, the young woman who was run down by that white supremacist in Charlottesville Va. I must mention her Mother how profound her statement was about her daughters final message  that Heather was their to stop the hatred, and she was a peaceful activist, and now her quiet desire to make a difference has been AMPLIFIED! AGREED! And she will not have died in vain, and neither should those law enforcement officers in that chopper that went down looking/watching over the crowds at the event.

Violence horrifically seems to be occurring way too often again; with summer has been notorious for anger to reach a fever pitch!
They used to blame it on everything from the heat to annoying landlords, you name it, but racial discord that has been escalated all these decades by certain people in power who do not understand any of the frustrations or the instigators with hate causing the elevated tensions!

Hug your kids tighter and your spouse / significant other kiss longer too... life is so precious and can be sadly gone way too soon!

Friday, August 18, 2017

I hate to assume that many of my friends on Facebook...

...appear to be Apoliticism defined: is apathy or antipathy towards all political affiliations, being apolitical; also can mean that people who take an unbiased position about political matters.

To me that means they are afraid of confrontation or.... they could agree with this guy calling himself our president?
Gosh and you all know who you are!

Some it seems prefer to post family pictures or TV passions; one even posted today of a person needing their support, a soap actor to keep his job, but he is losing it because he costs them too much money! I said well better than getting the show cancelled, a layoff sometimes is needed. Too many soaps were lost to too high salaries causing expenditures during production to be cut back. Many saw their favorite shows being cancelled due to the actors wanting much, much more in pay, and daytime not being able to afford what nighttime could, and now cable over the years. Many wanted movie star paychecks!

In my unbiased opinion and unrequested opinion I think that he needs an agent that knows a form of compromise and when meeting of the minds happens I am sure if he really wanted to stay they could all make it happen!

She actually stated that she started a petition for this and had nearly one hundred signatures! Gosh if only that passion could be redirected for true change!

If only her passion was for our national situation instead of an actor who wants additional millions; that sounds frivolous to me, sorry pal, help the country instead I want to shout at her! So much wasted energy that could go to getting rid of the crazy person running our country and who is promoting hate!

I do believe many who are diverting their political views are trying to just distract themselves, since we have no idea on how to accomplish ousting this scary human being who is steering our country into oblivion.

It's true that it should not be all consuming, we all do have lives other than our political leanings.
All I think I expect from any grown-up is to take an educated, make that a well informed stand on what most of America knows that we are in deep sh-t!
Some of these human beings are able to solve so many other problems in their lives, and they could be so helpful in changing our country too!
Again, if only...!

I too have been known to solve a problem or two over the years with business and motherhood, although sometimes both have been baffling!

To me, it reminds me of the child who prays for something they really, really want and thought that to pray would get them whatever they wanted and they soon become disillusioned when they don't get it, and the smart parent calmly asks what the child said to their deity and the child said I wanted this this or that, and he or she wonders why he/she didn't get any answer for that nonessential request, and the parent says but you did, and the child looks with wide eyed wonderment up at the parent and argues "no, I didn't he/she said nothing!" And the brilliant parent firmly replies, "Well, that is your answer!" The child quizzically looks at the parent and he/she's eyes widen once more, but this time with understanding.
The moral of this non-gender oriented story is that, wait a minute... sometimes there is no answer!

And so we as a race of HUMAN BEINGS might just have to do things the old fashion way, pray for a miracle, nah, hope he quits, could be due to it not being fun for him anymore, not gonna happen, or find all those legal loopholes those great attorneys do, or horrifically wait till this nightmare is over in a little less than three and a half years...NAH we will come up with something we gotta!


Thursday, August 17, 2017


Are you horrified?
I am.
Orange Frothy Haired Guy has not listened to what he is saying and has history skewed.
He is an insult to the American educational system!
How in the world did he get most of his historic references so wrong!

Protocols are non existent when dealing with GOOD GRIEF everyone!
How did the majority of America choose this guy?
I sure didn't!

Besides him not making America great again, when we were already, he instead is turning our country into a laughing stock internationally or much, much worse...

 This is what it has come to? to DUMP THE TRUMP
A conversation long awaited to be out front and not whispered about, but discussed with high intellect to figure out how to handle it all!
Be afraid, be very, very, very afraid! I hate being afraid! I want things to change.
I beg you to click on the hot key access that I included in this horrific depiction front page of a noted national/international magazine, of what is now going on here for the article that goes with the front page: again a very, very interesting read!

Many of us would like him, i.e. Pres. DJ, to be ousted due so many reasons, but sadly we are stumped on the how to do it?
So many of us all day long post from all walks of life people discussing the issues, but none have truly figured out how, we must figure out the "how" to DUMP THE TRUMP!

He has broken so many laws of governing; shouldn't that mean something?
He TWEETS horrible things without thinking first it seems!
Although, he will never admit that anything he sends out could be incorrect or unjust or just plain ridiculous, stupid or inflammatory!
He's, i.e. Pres. DJ, is totally oblivious to the affect his TWEETS have on any of us!



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Easy money! And my view for America from one American.

All those robo calls to your landlines and cell phones are now going to have to pay up in a class action law suit or some such thing, under I believe "the annoying phone calls entry", you know the ones offering you the free cruise, but of course!
YAY that they will be paying yay!
We should be good for a few bucks too; heaven knows we seem to get them at least once a week.
I had heard from one paranoid senior years ago, no not me, after all I was not a senior years ago, it is a more recent affliction that I own happily now, that it is used as a ruse to rob you while you are on vacation! I always say no to the offer legitimately due to our over the many years of maintaining our menagerie of pets that we need to care for, and so we cannot go away.
I have had a hard time believing all the calls that we get saying that we won a cruise to here or there, especially when we haven't even entered any contests!
That alone is suspicious.

Years ago I learned the hard way that at those event center shows where they say sign up and win, you know the ones... well they sell those lists or they did, maybe not anymore do not quote me, any-who, many have you and me in their systems thus why all those annoying phone calls...still!

They have called both our cell phones as well as the home landline.
I suppose many of us get them, not just us, and it is nice to know they will now have to pay for their bad timing, usually during dinner or having company over or some other inconvenient time during the day, on the way out too, to more important necessary things.

Moving on to not such banal topics, truly a very serious matter.

White Nationalists try to make other white people, men mostly believe that they are in jeopardy of becoming a minority due to all of the people in more interesting beautiful colors turning from individual minorities into a very large MAJORITY; (I say if only! Let's do it!)
Their reasoning is laughable and paranoid, proving of their instability, and why they can be very dangerous who do not believe as they do.
Most groups who think this way become violent out of fear that their worst nightmares will come to fruition.

I am almost considered foolishly still a peaceable person, but if physically pushed I will push back, as we all should.
Yes, the sit-ins worked back way back when, but there was still physical violence, too often in the form of riots back then in the 1960s, people we do not want to revisit that! Too many spurts have happened on and off over the years since then, let's all be better than that!

These Neo-Nazis believe that the Third Reich should come back, make that spread through them, apparently they do not remember their history of what eventually happened to most all of them from the 1930s-40s, and war crimes were processed decades after the end of WW11, and I do believe that these days that earlier intervention would be more likely by Nazi hunters and all others that believe that their hate is not welcomed here in this the Good Ole U S of A, and everyone that are still aware of their blight in the rest of the world will be stopped too!

The KKK, the old group of equal opportunity haters home grown horrifically, an embarrassment to decency!
Most all Americans dislike those white sheeted hidey cowards and what they represent and they are not what we want the world to think we agree with at all!

Why Mr. so-called President DJ don't you stand up to these haters of our country, and lumped the haters with the ones trying to stop the hate!

Let it be known if you will not, we, the already GREAT Americans will!

I do believe that enough op-ed pieces by legit authors, me not considering myself in that group, but if the real deal people would be expressing as I have been hearing and reading thankfully, what most all Americans believe in and that is that we are still our original melting pot as most of us like it, and where people have the right to be whomever they are or want to be, and believe in what they want to how they want to, without others telling them otherwise and not committing violence on them or anyone who they disagree with, and that no one should ever spew hate at anyone publicly or privately, and that includes in any form of bullying or violence upon anyone should be an oath taken like all important ones are we are America as it was supposed to be!

America is for Lovers!


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A city to our south is receiving an award for water conservation, huh?

And I am very upset.
If someone deserves an award, by all means they should have it and I am very happy to tell them congratulations!
But... this city, Cape Coral Florida for weeks and weeks made the news for complaining about our normal dry season browning their lawns or that their lawns were now dying all due to them having to go on water restrictions! With being allowed only one day a week to water, the city had no choice.
Well, we in Charlotte County have had watering restriction on and off for years, usually only two days a week, and we have lived on this coast for twenty-two of the thirty-one years that we have lived in Florida!
So we have learned to conserve.
And brown lawns are fine, especially when they come back in the rainy season each year and even if they didn't, we have xeriscape plantings in most all of our gardens these days.
So yay no mowing of the lawn for Hubby, and that will make him happy and every winter it sure does!
Our gardens if they need any water we use our water from the rain barrels.
And we always had sprinkler systems, this is the first home that we haven't had one.
The homes on the other coast were both on shallow wells, high in iron, but Ormond Beach was changing over to reclaimed water when we moved to this coast back in January of 1995.
This coast has not caught up yet and there was no well at this home, only city water very expensive to use for sprinklers, and wells were not being drilled here at the time.

The problem with Cape Coral is that due to their lawns looking bad they started draining their inland fresh water canals and that caused them to have nearly no water left.
I do believe they were told NOT to do that, but then they had the brilliant idea to buy water from a reservoir in Charlotte County for millions to continue to be on that quest of having their emerald city of green lawns!
And so they did, and that it why they are receiving this award, since now the reservoir is full again due to our normal rainy season, and so who knows why they are receiving this award?
But this is like telling your child that they were smart enough to shop on your credit card when they wanted new clothes, since theirs needed washing or some other ludicrous reasoning!
Or if they ate dinner out, since they did not know how to cook!
And rewarding them for either of those ridiculous concepts.

To me it is just wrong.

Any-who...moving on.

Finding out that Florida just made the list of the top five most bigoted states is a horror to have to live with, but I am in too bad of an unhealthy condition to go through another move at this point in my life, but my last night's topic and outing of why they might be watching me more so that is due to me being a short fat Jewish disabled woman northeasterner, uh oh.(Last night's blog was copied a few times I noticed)

No surprise about the county where Cape Coral is that just so happens to be Lee County!

Yup, the same one that has the same horrible bust and picture of Lee due to the county being named for him, yes the one and only Robert E. Lee!
Thankfully, the NAACP has been having them take down his picture, and according to whomever the bust of him in the courtyard statue belongs to it too is supposed to be removed; so far all very peacefully.
I am so happy they will be gone!

I can only imagine that it is no different than Hitler for us Jewish people being thought of as some horrific idea of decency being displayed there, when in truth Hitler was a murdering monster to us Jews and so many others as well, and Lee was the same with slavery with African Americans.
The Nazi flag to us is horrible and cringe worthy on sight as I can only imagine the Confederate flag is to African Americans.
Both represent what those two did to their ancestors and promote hate.

I am just relived that so far it appears that in Lee County it is being handled, those items as historic pieces and that they will be sent on to museums to learn from, as we have done with Nazi things in our Holocaust museums; they are there to tell the whole story of our enemies who killed our families, friends and neighbors during a very horrific time in history. My knee jerk reaction was to see them burned or destroyed, but hopefully seeing them in their context...none of it will be repeated ever again!

Although, chills run down my spine with fear with all that hate up in Virginia spewing this past weekend and I do worry tremendously...!

Violence has been known to spread too like hate with contagion; they have gone together far too often.
We must try to prevent that from happening.
But how?
I do not want to fan any flames, but we must really try to understand each other and ignore the people who won't try.
And realize that their small numbers speak volumes!

Even when they took a survey on NBC-2 news the local Ft. Myers NBC affiliate in Lee County station I was thrilled to see the numbers on whether or not the picture and bust of Lee should be removed the percentages were quite refreshing, 16% only wanted to keep them and 84% felt they should go, yay!

On that upbeat note, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Hate, in this day and age is so wasteful.

Nothing new there.
It is as old as time and civilization.
Is all we can ask.
Fear of being on the hated end from the hater is a real issue for me.
I am one of millions that meet their criteria to hate.
It disturbs me deep in my soul.
Am I powerless to change their minds?
Now I am.
Would I like to do something about it?
Their diseased feelings can be and usually are contagious.
People who believe them are lacking something within their selves; not realizing that they are having the minds bent to hate by these people.

 Hate is cheap, hurtful, unrelatable, nonpassionate, uncaring, disillusioned and wrong!

Many believe that you have to be carefully taught to hate:

If that is the case you should also be able to be carefully taught to love the world, instead.

To me hate is personal, since I am a short fat disabled Jewish woman!
Easy target for all the hate groups, KKK, Neo-Nazis, and the White Supremacists.


Although, hiding in plain sight might be to my advantage.

I do nothing to insight these people to harm me and so far so good, but I would prefer for them to change their ways of thinking about me and all other groups of people LBGT, races, ethnic origins and religions for them to be more accepting of our differences!

We are all just human beings, people, that is our commonalities.

Our lives are of value.

Please dissolve all your hate groups and try hard to see that people of all shapes sizes colors and sexual preferences and religious and ethnic origins are good and have value to exist.

That's all!

Violence for this will not change anything.
Think of the lion or the lamb, and be the lamb.

My heart breaks for all who perished due to hate crimes against humanity!