Alberto, a subtropical storm as of eleven A.M. this morning!

Definition of a subtropical storm:" A subtropical cyclone is a weather system that has some characteristics of a tropical and an extratropical cyclone.As early as the 1950s meteorologists were uncertain whether they should be characterized as tropical or extratropical cyclones...These are the two definitions currently used for subtropical cyclones."

Wind shear is working on the storm named Alberto right now off the Yucatan peninsula and it will be heading up towards the center of the Gulf of Mexico and could regenerate on its way north towards New Orleans and the Florida panhandle and through Saturday and Sunday night into the morning is when it is estimated to be parallel to our southwest end of Florida. For neighborhoods here it will be a nasty rainmaker with rain totals being possibly anywhere from four to four and a half inches or more!

It has been raining already since this afternoon, so the ground is very well saturated!
Flooding could be an issue, in fact a flood watc…


Yep, when I saw Hubby not working on the tiki hut for today, (Gosh, it was over ninety with ninety percent humidity, he was right not to) and instead he was bringing the ladder he was using on the project back into the garage and even going back and closing up the Bimini on the boat and then covering the rest of it up... I foolishly jumped to the conclusion that he was done with the project disgusted with the roof not working and that since we could not fit the boat trips between the project work and the weather that it was being put away for the summer!

Whoa Is me! Bad me!
Over the top assumptions, considering his reasoning was quite appropriate and that the meteorologists all seem to be in agreement that the disturbance in the southern Caribbean now has a 90% chance of forming into a tropical depression and 60% for a storm or at the very least a very, very big rainmaker for us with two to four inches of more rain!

GEEZ, and us already out of the deficit of rain that caused us to be…

Slo Mo building it would seem...

But one must that is if it isn't thunder and lightning storms causing delays the incessant humidity with heat that creates hard to withstand weather. Almost makes one wonder why to bother with an outdoor seating area, hmm?

Well here's why... the weather is changeable, and that is the truth here in Florida. An old localism is, "if you don't like the weather now wait a few and it will change to something more desirable/user friendly". Or some other folksy concept. Yup, here in Florida, nearly in any of our sixty-seven counties people will tell you that, especially the natives.

Hey, they might be responsible for the actual population growth here, over twenty million, we beat out New York State and have been now for the last couple of years the third most populated state out of all of our fifty!
Another Florida original gem is, "the rules are different here", that one refers to the laid back attitude.

Moving on... Below is the experimental roof joist for t…

3:50 P.M. we lost power due to a lightning storm!

We are not alone 254 of our neighbors are also without power! FPL, Florida Power and Light, has stated that a main line was hit and the power should be back on by 6:15 P.M., but that is subject to change. Oh well... Tis the season as you all know! Rainy/hurricane season, and again there seems to be a possible tropical depression forming to our south in the Carribean; by Friday we should know more...aghh.
Meanwhile, this morning Hubby did get that fourth piling in, yay!

It is now 5:25 P.M. and the rain and periodic clashes of lightning continue.

Fortunately, from experience I began our dinner early; even turning the oven on to 350 degrees and so we did have our dinner.
That is why I prefer electric since it stays hotter longer than gas that can explode!
To me electric is more efficient and safer.

Anywho, we also have our landline to call FPL @ 1-800-4-Outage. It looks as if that extra $3.75 a month for our Consumer Cellular plan is paying off already with always being online, yup I am…

Blah, blah, blah...

One might ask if that word describes the conversation, one's emotions, or how one physically feels? (There is probably more to it too; concept -wise, wherever it might go.)
Hmm, never thought that word could have so many interpretations I bet?
That tells me that you do not have that much time on your hands as I do...lucky you!
Thinking about all and everything can be a really nice thingy to do when you would be most likely otherwise be considered bored or even doing something of value?
Or not.
Do not fret, you too can overthink life's trials and tribulations and harp on some of it, if not most.
Nah, don't do it!
Just a friendly warning my friends.
Everyday a clean slate begins.

Act happy, and therefore you will BE HAPPY!
OKEY DOKEY! It can work, seriously.

Moving on...

Just got one of those blurbs from GH, General Hospital ABC TV soap opera, storyline spoiler reports.
That got my curiosity going.
Reading it made me think about their conclusions and then it mad…

Another weekend another mix media?

Or could that be medium?
Weather-wise, but of course.
Tis our season, i.e. rainy/hurricane, arriving a bit early, nearly by two weeks... once again how would Mother Nature have an exact calendar, we don't, oh wait, I suppose we do; never mind.

Any-who, the mix of today's weather was warm, humid and sunny in the beginning of the day, and later on moving into cooler and very wet/rainy stormy weather, and so that is how our outside weather is now at this time of year.
But inside cool and dry, perfection. So I stay inside.

Hubby did feel the need to try to accomplish some more work today on the "tiki hut project", and so he did in spite of hazardous weather conditions later on in the day. He did work when it was just humid and hot.

                                As you can see above there are now three uprights for the construction, one to go and then the supports will begin for the pointed roof line to be framed. The tiki hut covering material was ordered today from H…

So Saturday came and we...

If it is May it must be time for the WINK/CBS TV out of Fort Myers Florida, their yearly hurricane education seminar and conference for the public at the Charlotte Harbor Events and Conference Center in Punta Gorda Florida, and as always it was wonderfully informative for all old timers as well as newbies to our area. 

Aussie and me with Meteorologist Scott Zedeker below and below that me with Senior Meteorologist Jim Farrell! That is them above too.

Above is John Rowland with the Peace River Sail and Power Squadron who was showing and promoting, as well as discussing the need for boating safety in cooperation with the Sea Tow Foundation Programs making sure that we are all safe boaters with life jackets' loaner programs, especially since this week is national safe boating week May-19- 25!( methinks they are missing one more day? Since they are seven days in a week, right?) But everyday should be safe boating!