Sunday, February 26, 2017

Oscar night! And who are you wearing?

Gosh, don't we all miss what's her name, can we talk?
Of course we all know who that is, Joan Rivers!
She might have been the first to ask that question there, and no one was wary of its meaning, they all knew when Joan asked "who are you wearing", you better be ready with that loaners designer's name, since that is why they would lend them for the commercial appeal! And not once did anyone misinterpret that provocative question as being "dirty".
Whether it be jewels or gowns, Harry Winston: comes to mind as Dior: and now all the ones who have followed in their footsteps over the years!
The clothes have always been nearly as exciting as the nominees and winners are to definitely catch a glimpse before the awards are given!
The music is always there too,  whether out in front and center or behind the scenes, even if an outright musical or a dramatic presentation let there be music and yes we all remember it well and some we even hum, it's there in the form of theme songs or as an undercurrent background music, strike up the orchestra!

Exciting and glamorous like nobodies business, Hollywood in all its glory!

Here's the official 89th Oscar's nominee list:!

Can you pick the winners?
Have you seen all of the nominated movies, or any?

I have not, but hope to see quite a few, via when they are released to video or TV.
So many choices, greatness has returned!

Moving on...

Hubby got moving nicely on the garden with establishing the edging and removing roots and I was given the choice job of painting two of my very large clay pots that will return to the front garden with jazzed up style, in the new year's pantone of green meadows... actually the green from our front metal and wood chair by our front door, that is also our mellow yellow and true blue. The terra cotter/ clay colored large planters on either side of our garage door were painted years ago by me in true blue to match our front door. So I thought now with our mellow yellow home the two remaining planters would look great in the green meadows color in the trifecta of our home's new pallet. Hubby has pulled many unnecessary plants out but salvaging the caladium and elephant ear bulbs, the planters have taller plants, and I did decide to salvage a cluster of ferns that will go into the smaller of the two green meadows painted now planters. All pictures will be posted on completion.

Now on with the show, pre shows... very soon... thee show!

On that note of let's all escape tonight into the movies or at least find out what we would like to watch in the very near future and allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!



Saturday, February 25, 2017

All better now!

Geez, globally the world is in the toilet, and people are dying daily from international wars, and economies are nasty in so many places and here right at home we have the worst president in our history and I took two days to wallow in self pity, Geez I feel like a putz!
Gosh, you know what helped me the most was something Hubby said.
He said let's rewind.
Okay, not as poignant as some might say, but enough and true.
He also said that we are going out today to do those errands we had not done in those two days I was recouping/regrouping?
So we had a fine day out after breakfast and went to Home Depot and got some weed and feed for the lawn, and Eucalyptus mulch for the gardens, see he did want some, and some stone edging that looks like logs but not really, and is made from cement. Both were in the brownish color scale, since we made the house so bright with the yellow this will tame it a bit. We, for a New York minute almost went with red, since everyone is doing it, get your minds out of the gutter, in mulch sillies, but we chose understated to instead of loudly clashing!
Eucalyptus, has a nice aroma too, and helps to keep the bugs OUT/AWAY, naturally!
Speaking about natural things I read an article about of all things Vicks Vapor Rub, did you know that it is for more than just colds?
I didn't.
Maybe you did? That's okay, everyday I enjoy learning something new.
Anyway, if you put some on the sides of your head/temples it helps with migraines, and so I tried it on my headache, not quite migraine quality, believe me I know those, since I used to get them, allergic migraines,... well it did seem to help a bit without taking any medication.
Also used as an insect repellent?
And for pimples it works overnight and all gone?
For stretch marks, to diminish them too!
Better yet here's the site, all twenty are there:

After Home Depot we went over to Applebee's for an early lunch, yep it was just eleven thirty, since we left the house after breakfast, Hubby had a Mexican style burger, his came with a soda and he had a cherry coke, and he can definitely use the calories and I had a steak and bean soup with a small Caesar salad with ice water and lemons on the side, the salad was enormous and so we packed most of it up with some of my soup to go home with Hubby's fries and a cup of ice since we forgot ours. We also received the ten percent Golden Apple discount when we asked for it.

So Applebee's is around the corner from Walmart and it was our next stop, I rode over on my BIG BLUE and Hubby drove and that is where we picked up their generic forms of my OTC medications,  Claritin (allergies), Pepcid Complete(stomach), and Systane (dry eyes), all prescribed by the doctors accordingly: ENT Claritin, Gastroenterologist Pepcid Complete, and Systane Ophthalmologist. Yes, they do, do that on occasion OTC meds. We are getting good at comparing ingredients, although many do have that option as Walgreen's and Walmart do, and they put theirs
 alongside of the name brands figuring you wouldn't have to bother to compare but we still do.
We also picked up hormone free Bryers ice creams there, as well as Maxwell House coffee and decafe coffee, trying their brand for the first time and my green decaffeinated tea and Hubby's sugar and flour as well as my Stevia, soup, hot chocolate mix and tiny marshmallows, and a rotisserie lemon pepper chicken.
Then home!

Just between you and me they have one of the easiest accessible handicap bathrooms too, although those darn doors, you either have easy access in but not out or vice versa, many leave those outer doors off, much better that way! ( Not to the stall, to the main entrance that is.) And yes, I am for gender free bathrooms, we are so behind Europe, they had  had it when I was there way back in 1969! Here we are so hung up on gender and privacy, doors on stalls are okay...this is the twenty-first century isn't it get over it?!
It could be I am more accepting since I was the minority with three men in the house!
But to be fair we did have three bathrooms for many of those years.
We have two now with just us two, but that is because we are old and eat all our meals together so it stands to reason we might have to go at the same time, so two bathrooms is just prudent, ya know?

On that TMI allow me to be the very first wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!
You can count on it!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Friday, February 24, 2017


Last night I learned a very important lesson and what was that, some might ask?
Well, I really can't hear you, but for argument's sake let's say that I can and so I will tell you what I think... but gently!

Entitling a blog, "Nothing!" seems to have gotten my anybody's out there who reads this drivel nightly figuring that is just what they would get if they decided to venture past the title, hmm?
And so as a result I gained very few people who actually read it... just a miniscule 17, for the average lately has been much, much greater than that, mid to upper double digits and in some cases triples...digits! Oh folks so now I have sort of learned a lesson, although, tonight's title might be a bit more provocative in what one might assume from its meaning, ya think?

Let's go there, now the possibility as gruesome as that might be is that the author of this blog has met her maker, or the candlestick maker or perhaps a baker, ha?  Nah, for I am she.
A sick try at regaining your attention after last night's horrendous backfire?
Could be...

But in actuality it is an attempt to say that days have happened to me where I have felt so badly that I felt "dead" inside.
And these last two, if the truth be told is how I have met that criteria of depths of the darkest one can go...
Not happy with my life or who I am or even my accomplishments and sadness about my health, a bit helpless, no a lot, and yes, I suppose being depressed comes with the territory.
And no, again we did not go to exercise today either, which I am more than sure it would help with those feelings.

Sadness has overwhelmed me when I feel this hopeless, and dare I say I wonder why I am still here.
Instead of counting my blessings like I suggest all of you do nightly I count my mistakes and how many people I have lost, meaning they have passed away or I have discontinued relationships for one reason or another, many mutual reasoning's, although one is definitely one sided with our younger son....his not ours, also not having any grand babies like most of my friends that gives them all a reason to go on...!
Terribly sad and miserable.

This funk has gotta go!

I am usually fairly resilient.

But now I am all alone on this trip.

Hope I don't go over the edge...!

No, I won't.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Good Grief!
Can any of you imagine doing absolutely nothing for one whole day?
Bet you can.
Pooped from life we decided on taking a break today, and just chill!
Although, you know something the phone/landline has not stopped ringing!
Non-profits asking for money, health companies insisting we need their Medicare approved products, back brace or knee brace, three times for them alone today and counting...!
Only two were from actual people we know, one from the groomer Linda telling us she had Gus's heartworm meds, but Hubby just asked if she could get them if we needed them, duh... he has three months still left including this month's dose! Oh well, and thanks.
And the other one was from NUMBER ONE SON!
Always a welcoming call.

So here's the deal I suppose there is a possibility that there is more than BORING!
Nah,  perhaps, double boring with a cherry on top?

Whenever truly bored we somehow get back to discussing the weather and so with that...

Tomorrow they/meteorologists are saying that we may be having low to mid eighties degree Fahrenheit again in FEBRUARY! Even for southwest Florida that is not the norm, mid seventies is!
Ninety by next Tuesday!
Global warming, who doesn't believe it, I mean besides the Pres. DJ and his crew of minions?

I suppose that famous line from Star Trek of  "Beam me up Scotty since there is no intelligent life here!", could be truer than even they knew when looking at our current governmental administration, damn!
But scientist feel that there is now proof that there is a whole other solar system so similar to ours that will prove eventually that life does exist elsewhere! And probably more intelligent than all of us here!
So there is still hope for us to get the hell out of here!
If they don't build a wall to keep us out, ha, nah!
I did say more intelligent.

Moving on...

The Gulf of Mexico is also in the mid seventies temperature wise, by the way.
For us Floridians brrr, but for northerners coming down here, refreshing!
Normally the Gulf is in the mid eighties during the summer, now that is refreshing!
But too warm is dangerous with nasty weather turmoil for hurricanes developing, they love the warmer water too.

Shorty tonight, hate boring my readership, working on doing something more exciting in the near future, I hope!

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hubby stated that today was, "BORING!"

Hubby's follow-up question to that statement was, "So what are you going to write your blog about?"
Sure it was boring or ordinary! But didn't Jerry Seinfeld make a mint off just that? His years of shows about nothing, so we are in very good company, and "nothing" is what I am very, very good at, so there! ( I just stuck my adult tongue out at you!)
My reasoning is plain and very, very simple, since we are not jet-setters, political minions, or movie stars or even reality show personalities, some with more personality than others; as we all do know!
We are just an average Joe and Jane with lives that on occasion percolate and on other occasions simmer and some times, quite often just melt into the woodwork of what we call daily life with others... the multitudes, just like me and you!

Any-who, Hubby was right.
Today it was a day to wait for others.
The repairman for the noisy fan on our brand new fridge said it was its normal sound, but if we bought a more expensive model perhaps it would be quieter.
Hubby countered with us having many different types over the years and he could not remember any being this noisy, stalemate.
To make Hubby's life more complicated/questionable after the repairmen left I told Hubby it had sounded fine to me, uh oh...! Well, it did. The repairman did tighten the fan for Hubby, since he said perhaps when the delivery men took it off the truck it jostled it a little loose. Checkmate.

Finally, Suncoast Humane Society picked up the old fridge and stove off of our patio, and they thanked us profusely for our donation.

We are now nearly clutter free... oh speaking of that I got to take care of another decluttering job that being of that infamous kitchen junk drawer we all have! Ours had too many pens and pencils, but only one manual sharpener, twist ties and rubber bands, even our saran wrap, aluminum foil, another wrap paper, post-its, writing pads, a few paper clips, spare paper for more notes, old receipts, screws, finishing nails, flashlights, things unidentifiable etc. you get the picture!
Well, I edited it all; cut the unnecessary, and kept the vital or what we perceived to be somewhat necessary, and voila it is now easily opened and closed and everything has a place to be in and seen easily.
I secretly had hoped that more pens' ink were gone, but out of too many to count only three met that criteria and so they were trashed. All the pencils had recently been sharpened except for one and were nearly brand new, and the one was entirely brand new without having ever been sharpened!
Most of the rubber bands and twist-ties were tossed too, way too many. I do use them regularly for frozen vegetable bags to help prevent  freezer burn after they are opened, but sometimes they pop off and it doesn't work. Rubber bands don't work well in the freezer at all, as you must know, since when frozen they usually break. And I really cannot come up with too many uses for them these days, but some were so pretty in purple and pink and even a nice Khaki colored so I did save those for what I don't know. They are usually acquired from fresh produce.
The hardware that was put in there some of it was additional from the new fridge and some unidentifiable, but Hubby took them out to the garage where in my mind they did rightfully belong anyway.
I found packages of wet naps too that I thought would be handier if in the car. Heaven knows we need more stuff in there, NOT!
Between my ride, BIG BLUE, while in transit and Gus's crate when he is in transit and also stored there when he is not, and a first aid kit and a pull out container of hand cleaners, an airfreshner can and a coupon bag and so many other things I cannot recall right now, but needed important things I am very sure, pretty sure... oh well, maybe another frontier needing an edit or two too?

On that note of BORING can be fun too, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!



Tuesday, February 21, 2017

First day back at independent exercising!

We, Hubby and I made a circuit of the exercise equipment, first the all over machine, then what I call the slant board, both names are mine made up. I really should try harder to remember their actual names... Any-who, then the wall pulleys and then the free standing pulleys and done!
Felt sore and tired after, but accomplished. On the all over one I did level five with hills for twenty minutes, the slant board that I push with my legs at a 56% angle I do two sets of twenty.
The wall pulleys are two motions on each side with counts to fifteen two sets each, so a total of eight with a light weight of  ten pounds. The last free standing pulleys with a bar for me to hold on to, four different motions are done from rowing to curls to straight down to elbows in pulls, all with fifteen pound weights to a fifteen count with two sets for each motion.
So hopefully if I can keep this up for three days a week forever, who knows what might happen, hmm?
The interesting thing is the last time I was able to do independent exercise there was also in February, but in 2015! Gosh, two whole years! And also nicely refreshing I had eleven spaces open on my card that had not been used and they were still usable even after two whole years, so I have ten more freebies left, yay! I already renewed my membership with H2U in October.
The organization H2U, which is through the hospital you pay fifteen dollars a year to join and to use the equipment; and then it is fifteen dollars for fifteen visits! At this particular facility it also includes their indoor pool where I used to teach Aquacise at way back in the late 1990s, early 2000s.
H2U provides many other things too, from classes on nutrition, to discounts on many other things, here check out their

Moving on...

Hubby took offense with me suggesting that he did not want to use mulch in our gardens; so I guess I stand corrected, since he does.
In fact after we got home today he began clearing out the area around my beautiful Gardenia bush!
That Gardenia bush replaced the live oak tree that majestically stood in front of home for years and was taken down by Hurricane Charley way back in 2004! It even pulled our sewer pipe out of the ground, it was a yucky mess! When all was said and done, I decided on the Gardenia bush because the one we had in the back yard was so fragrantly lovely, after what had happened up front I felt it was a wonderful choice and poetic justice for what had happened there. I think of Gardenias as having such a lovely aroma and to me they look like thorn-less white roses, truly beautiful!
Anyway, now it is no longer crowded and proudly stands alone. I gave Hubby the recipe to deal with the unfortunate black mold that occurred due to the overcrowding, soap and water sprayed on the leaves and trunk, either dish soap or laundry soap will work, and my coffee grounds are the proper acidity to push those blooms and feed its leaves what they need, once a week is good, more often if so desired. We do put our coffee grounds in our compost along with peelings from veggies and egg shells, but straight coffee grounds are a delicacy for acid loving plants like our Hibiscus too; most flowering plants love it! 
The two dracaena are colorful and planted now in the front garden doing sentry duty on either side of one of our many palms there. They probably could use some Miracle Gro, and I will suggest it to Hubby tomorrow, they have been well watered and stomped in without any air pockets that could kill them.
One thing about living in a semi-tropical, zone 10, area is that you can legitimately transplant whenever you want all year long.
And for the first time in weeks tomorrow we are expected to be having a very wet day due to a rain storm predicted in our dry season, could be as much as an inch or more, wow, ha!

On that note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all you overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


Monday, February 20, 2017

Being prolific ...and this being NOT MY PRESIDENT'S DAY!

...should being prolific mean that our Orange Frothy Haired Guy count for something like him having perseverance?
Participation award?
Bland reasoning?
Content IS important with distinctive reasoning and his is convoluted, trying only should count when you succeed at proving that you did it for something significant and reasonable and truly doing one's best should mean something, but let's face it we all should be praised for winning as a BIG accomplishment, and then there is his followers, misguided as they seem to be of this so-called Pres. DJ! We can only ask why, they STILL defend him??????????????
Yes, he IS a prolific TWEETER!
Yes, he has shown his perseverance being trying on all of the rest of us, that is TRYING OUR PATIENCE!
Yes, he did compete and participate in a contest to win the grand prize/position of the presidency, but only by rigging the outcome.
Remember it was he who stated the election was rigged! No one else's suggestion; that is until he DID win, which proved he got something right.

But does that coveted prize mean he should have been rewarded with omnipotent  power to do whatever he wants to do....unequivocally the answer should be NO, since his behavior has proven him to be a dangerous personality with a hair trigger temper! Who has said he doesn't read anything because he knows more than everyone else! He has got to be kidding, but sadly, he isn't.
Oh so many that in history felt they knew too much to learn anything, and we ALL KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THEN! LET'S STOP THIS PERSON OR HISTORY COULD REPEAT ITSELF!

Trust no one with the initials DJT, or MP or ITK or KC or SB ...etc., you get the idea!

Moving way on...

You know those shutter styled sliding closet doors?
Well, we have them in our guestroom and in our bedroom, and our linen closet, and I cleaned them today, who knew that it would be such a great sweaty work out!
Oh ye of little faith and deconditioned body!
I did it, while Hubby did the real work.
He killed ants outside and pulled weeds and constructed an enclosure for our exterior water filter pipes to be hidden and blend into our front of the house, painted the same mellow yellow.
The landscaping will eventually commence, I am told, within the month or sooner, as per Hubby the contractor.
You see, the plan is to simplify the gardens by removing the edging to allow grass to grow up and into them and also removing plants that are too intrusive, while leaving the larger palm trees and plumbagoes, as well as moving the dracaenas, leaving the caladiums too, as well as the large potted planter, moving it to the center of the large picture window. Ferns will go, and so will the Mexican petunias, and no that is not a political comment!
Talk about hardy and prolific growers/multipliers, they certainly are!
No more mulch I was told, but I like mulch, but again I have given up my gardening duties for the last several years, and Hubby has totally taken over, sad, but I had no choice.
So he gets the most votes on what happens in our gardens.
The Gardenia bush will stand alone, once the dracaenas are moved and the Mexican petunias are goners, again non-political!

On that note allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and to ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!