Clump on the wall

Shadowed, no dust or dirt, just its own shadow, thought it was an unprovoked bug coming to BITE ME!
Came in here, the bedroom to write as per every night these days.
Door closed TV off no one to disturb me except a clump bump on the wall with a nasty shadow! Ha!
Neck was stretched to an ungodly position, not good, called Hubby for two things my phone and two ice packs, and he arrived and examined again the lump, bump, clump on the wall, and reassured me it was just a piece of non aggressive plaster.
So I began to write with packs in place and the aberration unmoving way above my head on the wall to my far right just feet away from my family photo collage...!
The fact that it hasn't moved is a very good thing I do believe?
Where's Stephen King when you need him... why this could be the beginning of one of his macabre tales!
Back in the 1970s he couldn't write fast enough for me, for I voraciously read his offerings as if he was E. A. Poe reborn!
I was also a …

Anyone have any ideas how to entertain...

A seven month old mini Aussie when it's too hot, hot, hot to go outside?
Sure he goes out to take care of his business, relieve himself, but then immediately turns around to go back inside, no dawdling, happy for that, since it's way too, must I repeat myself...HOT,HOT,HOT!!!

And as with most youngins two or four legged ones he has quite a bit of pent up energy that needs to find an outlet!
Our sunroom/den has a long narrowness to it and I told Hubby we could set up his tunnel and hurdle from his agility set, the slalom poles have to be dug into the ground, so they won't work there, as one idea for exercise/play.

Sadly, Hubby and my thermostats are way different and with the indoor central air-conditioner thermostat set on 76 degrees F, Hubby gets cold and actually covers himself up with one of our fleece throws and I end up in bed with the fan on too! Ice packs included, oh alright I cannot sit out there too long, since my body doesn't do very well in that position, …

So again with another boring doctor story...

Today, I did go to my internist, Dr. Luis Casanova, to discuss my liver blood work and how that was preventing me from being involved in a clinical trial for new Multiple sclerosis medication.
And so the bottom line was to get another newer blood work done as soon as possible to see if my numbers were going towards a more normal situation. So I have my prescription now to take into Labcorp for the fasting work up, and that is why I could not go today, I had already eaten.

The doctor was quite receptive to my reasoning, of being able to see if I can have a decent quality of life and my dilemma of the age thingy, with just two years to spare in the criteria meeting reason.

I had been a test subject before for medications for Fibromyalgia way back in the late 1990s and I would go up to Tampa Florida for that was where they had the grant at USF, University of South Florida Hospital, and at the time our younger son was a student there so I got my twofer to see both of my sons, Number One …

I believe!

That is in Global Warming! I have for nearly two decades. And no, it isn't something in our futures it is showing up all over the world daily! Glaciers melting, causing water levels of oceans and seas to go up significantly, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, more hurricanes and on and on and on. Anyone who has access to weather/climate news knows this! We have been living in Florida since 1986 and yes things have changed, our two to three weeks of cold weather have slowly diminished. This winter we had 90s in February! And in our old homestead of New Jersey has blurred lines for seasons that they used to have four distinct ones and they have had flooding and hurricanes too! Below is a picture of our news weather station once again today, showing what I mean, it does have the date and time on it too. This is not normal for Florida people, lower than indoor humidity and so very, very hot! CRAZY! Now you probably realize why unless we have to go out we don't. And then we go from …

First things first, Happy Father's Day to all Dads! Delusions of grandeur dashed...-And dot, dot, dot, dashed, ha!

And why, one might asked? The chairs were okay! So no banquette, nor benches nor swing..not even the hammock hidden away in the garage somewhere! Oh well...As you may have noticed there are five chairs and one is not like the others... it is the sole survivor from its mates of Hurricane Charley 8-13-2004, our Charley Chair! It had been in that lovely Gazebo when it took to flight during those 145MPH, cat four winds, but survived somehow... In fact it has had, from time to time that written on its top and bottom parts of its anatomy! "I survived Hurricane Charley, 8-13-04, a Friday" A chair folks, a very inexpensive one too, but downright durable!
 During Hubby's mostly fine attempt to finish the display today he was using the pressure washer and his shoulders became quite painful, and so that and the rain and heat once again delayed the whole damn thing! Hubby did finish many little tweaks, and even had time to tie the chairs around the table?  I know, I know many might…

Wasteful Hippy Throwback... or what was old is new again, and again...

Not bad first attempt of tie-dying? Yup, my first, maiden voyage, and I am old enough to remember when it was a new fangled thing in my teen years! Agh, did I just write that out loud?
Okay guess I am not that old, since the Asian art cloth effect has actually been around for a mere 6000 years!

Reasoning explained below...
What happened was an old T-shirt styled blouse of cotton that I like in a beautiful turquoise colored, one of my favorite shades of blue had stains that hadn't come out in the laundry. And so I figured what the heck, nothing to lose... so I gave it a shot, in my bathroom sink, tying five pretty purple colored from the vegetable/produce department rubber bands, recycled too, scrunching up the fabric in five sections and I then added hot water and chlorine bleach into that small shallow sink and sloshed it around, and in just a very few minutes it started to change colors, so I let the water out and gave it a rinse with cold water, and to be …

Happy Fathers Days' Weekend?

I bet everyone who has their poppas, pop pops, dad, daddies, granddads, grandfathers et al alive and well or closeby are celebrating that fact as well as all those good times that they can remember and make more all weekend long, yay! YOU MUST CELEBRATE!

Our fathers are long gone, and our sons are in Florida too, but far away even here.
The most Hubby will get, not unlike me is a phone call, but Geez that's good.
We have no grands to hear from yet.

So we not unlike many people without any children will just have another day added in, checked off for the year...oh well...remember how lucky you are to be able to celebrate and sure I am a bit jealous!

I can think of two people right now whose husbands are no longer here due to them passing away, and for them I am sure their legacy for one being all their children and a bumper crop of grandchildren are thinking of their loss sadly but fondly and their loved ones are deeply missed.
My heartfelt thoughts are with everyone like myself w…