Another day another blog

Sounds oh so boring, hmm?
Well, I am NOT here to entertain you!
Oh maybe... for myself?
Okay, I will try.

Did you hear the one about the so-called first lady not knowing that she lives with a bully? De-nile (denial; I know that I really didn't have to tell you that), its not just a river in Africa. Bud dump bum.
But wants children to not be bullies? Okay, that is a very good thing to try to stop them before they become elder TWEETING BULLIES!

What's with the Orange Frothy Haired Guy congratulating Putin who more than likely was a shoe-in, like Khrushchev's type of threatening, only a thought of a possibility with an oddly too easily winning due to help with his election for his continuing in office for the  next SIX YEARS in Mother Russia and the controlling of our next one again in the USA? Are the COLD WAR DAYS BACK, these days they appear to be trading spies for hacks?

Yep, Pres. DJ was thrilled with the news, since he knows he will attain the assist from his bromance …

Storm coming in, our canal an hour before high tide!

It is very high, and the water might come over our very high dock, raised years ago due to it originally being much lower!
                                   Boat all set above, can you see the teeming down rain in the pool?
                                               Pool picture taken from the guestroom window.
Thunder and lightning oh my! Unusual to have in March when we are still in our dry/fire season! But our friends to our northern states also know odd weather with four nor-easters this month... WOW and A BIG BRRRR to them! Electric outages have been prevalent. I hope they resolve them sooner rather than later... when we lived up in NJ we had two wood burning fireplaces as back ups to our oil hot water baseboard system; one was in the living room actually a woodstove up stairs in our bi-level home and one in the family room downstairs, a heatilater style with a blower fan, an absolute necessity up there!
In fact we were surprised that our two first homes on the east coast o…

Where we!

The red pin marks the spot! Now you know what we are talking about being so close to the harbor, right? The Charlotte Harbor is that massive waterway below our red pinpoint, and off to the right waterway is the Peace River, and to the far left is the Gulf of Mexico! Nearly directly across from us is Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda Florida. This chart is in our living room above our three section wall unit. Previously it had been rolled up in our garage, since it's been years since Hubby needed it due to the fact the area shown was his patrol area for years as a Marine Patrol Officer in the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. It is waterproof logically, so I had Hubby just make the frame from all the spare picture framing that he keeps in the garage. It has been up there for a couple of years now. I just had to show all of you... due to today of falling down on the job with taking PICS of this busy day of socialization of Aussie Awesome! Yup, we made that his official n…

Up the lazy river...

...oh that river is the Peace River that runs through Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte Florida... and the first things/creatures we saw were PICTURED BELOW, a lovely pod of dolphins, Mom, Pop and two little ones! So we decided to share them with you!

                                         Hubby took the pics, since I wasn't quick enough!
 This underdeveloped area of our county was without these lush homes when I arrived here in March of 1995 (Hubby actually moved over to this coast, the west in December of 1994 due to his Charlotte County Deputy job hire being then) from the east coast of Florida that we had lived in Ormond Beach on the east coast of Florida since 1986.
  Harbor Heights Park is now dog friendly and it was on our way up the river so we stopped there for Hubby to walk Aussie and then have lunch tied  up to their dock. We brought a sub from Publix a roast beef with veggies exploding, and with their salads too. Our halves of subs on multi-grain bread were not finishe…

Happy St. Paddy's Day! So it must be time for the...

Placida Seafood Festival! But this is significant only because the restaurant that we ate at was used in the 2003 movie Out of Time with Denzel Washington and Hubby was in the Charlotte County Marine Unit then and worked the area for the movie company to keep other boat traffic away.

 Hubby had grouper and I had Mahi Mahi both broiled.

 The actual festival is below... Aussie was a hit once again!

 Music was mellow-ish with a Jimmy Buffet stylings from this decent musician permeated the background of the rows of fish, meats, crafts and art work etc.
Placida is a quaint old Florida fishing community located in western Charlotte County on an island. The once cottage sized homes that were for the fleet fishers crews has become colorful tropical shops for an artists colony.
Must return someday for further examination.

As you can see Hubby and I wore the Florida version of green...teal to celebrate the holiday. Actually according to ance…

77 Russians cannot be wrong! And Hubby....

...Told me to write early so we can go out on an evening cruise with that extra daylight...

Okey dokey... Craaazeee so now I have seventy-seven,  i.e. 77 Russians reading my not so eloquent, not always politically correct or political at all blog, what's with that?
My titles might indicate something I am unaware of, something more interesting, provocative?
But let's face it Ruskies, is that politically incorrect or just plain rude, oops then I am very sorry!
All I know is that you guys should realize that the COLD WAR is OVER, RIGHT?
And that I never ever speak in code, right? Wouldn't know how to, even though I was a Brownie and a Girl Scout, we were never taught code! I did learn the the alphabet in sign language when our eldest was a Boy Scout, but no phrasing, that's as close as I got to anything in code. See boring?

So if you are interested in a college drop out, three different times, from three different schools with three different majors, business, ended up g…

Okay Best Home Services...the end result...

...for approximately a year and a half Hubby had been calling them to tweak our new air/heat system, and they have been back several times, it was purchased and installed on 9-6-16, and each time Hubby felt they were not hearing his concerns correctly.
This time I stayed out of it, since Hubby worked while a college student in the late 1960's early 1970's while at aeronautical engineering school for a plumber as an apprentice, and since then has installed and renovated many baths and kitchens, for us in several homes owned and rentals too.

Any-who, he felt that the system had not been functioning as well as it could be, and so when the effort was less than or not completed as it should be, with the empty space under the indoor part of the system in half of our guestroom closet, the same space where the previous one was for twenty years, but underneath was enclosed previously and that funneled the return down the hallway where Hubby felt it should be.... and so after speaking …