Puppy Class!

The 2nd week of puppy school. This week your starting lineup is... from the left... a new kid to the group, the Doberman Pinscher named Colt, next is wee Toby the Yorkie Poo, then Charlotte the Snoodle, Major the Belgium Shepard mix, then Bentley the tan Pitbull, and Jersey the other in gray  Pitbull. Aussie was last, but for some reason we forgot to include him in this long shot, and Lovey the Black Schnauzer was not there this week, oh well. The age range is from three to five months.   
 Below is me with Aussie doing a prefect down!
 Again Aussie doing a perfect sit! We all took turns, according to where we sat, and we were the last ones.
 This is pass the pup game, Hubby with Toby! See Aussie on the ground with Bentley's Dad watching Hubby with Toby. Good, NOT jealous at all, great in fact!

Sue the trainer, is in the black T-Shirt below, she is also a vet tech that used to work for our old vet that retired, but our vet was not old though she did retire. That vet had taken car…

Posting here has become questionable

Opinion pieces, are just that.
Although, being open and honest has at times created awkward situations when my blog has been read by certain people.
I know I should not forget that the world has access, as I chose to do. In fact ten different countries, besides the U S of A, weekly read this trash of mine. Why? Who knows.
My life is too boring to be blatantly concerned about what I have to say.
But I still would/will like to be heard when I feel there is something poignant or even slightly important. If only to me. Though I found a commonality amongst the world with many issues.
Succinctly, we think what we do or say online has no benefit positive or negative to anyone but ourselves.
Unfortunately, many have been living with their heads in the sand.
 Since we have all found out that is not true what we do do has an enormous effect on how we present ourselves/ image online.

The net is a wonderfully giving back media form, with immediate rewards that can be an awe inspiring intentional…

Why do we act as if we aren't retired?

1.We do plan our days.
2.We wait till the weekends to experience different events in the area.
3.Same with boating many times, i.e. waiting till the weekend.
4.Many times we have been known to grocery shop on the weekends too.
5.The mean age in our county is now 56 years old, it used to be forty-something.

Figuring out why or excuses why... my reasoning... sort of  below.

1.If we didn't plan our days nothing would get done! Flexible planning though, after all this is Florida and the rules are different here! So procrastination is encouraged; manna. Dont worry be happy!
2.The event planners seem to think weekends are best for those people who are off from work on them, but many still work then, hmm? (To be fair though, some have been known to start on Thursdays.)
3.The boating issue is not written in stone, we have gone out during the week and often, but the weather has been touch and go recently... either too hot or too windy, meaning too big a wave chop, and stormy weather are a…

Allegiant Air?

Last night I watched 60 Minutes like many of you have, I am more than sure, and I do enjoy watching them fairly regularly.

As some of you might recall that I had been touting Allegiant and their presence in our county of Charlotte in southwest Florida with taking over our used to be small regional airport in Punta Gorda Florida, 8.7 miles from my home, and turning it into a more flights to many locales one, forty daily, to many points north and in the midwest. 60 Minutes did an expose segment last night on Allegiant Air and all their alleged air incidents, about their aged and malfunctioning aircrafts, and dangerous turn arounds due to those problems in mid air. So I perked up my ears and stared at the screen with noted interest.

Locally, they are also building their Sunseeker Resort on the north side of the Tamiami Trail/41 bridge along the Peace River, a twenty-two acre amazingly …



Visual Fine Art Show at Fisherman's Village

The greeters for the event from the Fine Arts Center, across the street from Fisherman's Village.
 C Shells shell crafts & button jewelry, by Cindi Sanders call 765-721-1818 or email

 Donna Valenti is a professional photographer, above, in fine arts and beyond and she gave us her card and Aussie gave her his lick of approval. You can reach Donna @ 917-696-0018 or go to her site @: or email her @
 Everyone loving on Aussie and he too loving back.
Stoneware Pottery by Suzanne Conley, goto Facebook & Pinterest-Pottery by Suzanne Conley Instagram & Etsy-Pottery Merchant or call 941-661-5129, or email @
 Margarete Marano, Celestial Creations, jewelry designs to reflect your inner
  A sweet child with major birth defects, but attentive and Aussie seemed to know to be gentle with him too, and he did get a response somewhat.