There it is again...

...that racist, all white page staring back at me!
I can hear it saying ( don't worry, not really, but if...), "Write something and make it good!"
None of that narcissistic me, me and more me stuff!
Or any of that sickening melodramatic medical too much information crap either.
Ya know there is just so much your audience can take TOBI ZEL!"

Yep, that is my alter ego or pseudonym, sounds better, Tobi Zel!
Actually, years ago my "real name" was let out of the bag, and it does show up somewhere here.
Stephen King? Robin Cook? Nah, I wish or even James W. Hall would be great, Randy Wayne White? Nope.
All great authors of non-fiction and fiction.
Not me though.

Oh it's okay.
I do get read anyway, if not in astronomical numbers, but with a bit of consistency, who could complain really.
I am nothing if not verbose.
This has meant so much to me for these last eight years seven months and six days short of eight months with now as of tonight, 3160 blogs to my noteworthiness and yay... I feel another "yay" coming on and here it is....YAY!

Uh oh, I did do that, "me" thingy.

Moving on...

Today was rather a quiet one.
Hubby, took Gus to Linda's, the groomer, so she could take him into Arcadia to the Animal Ark Vet Clinic to be put him under by the vet, Pam, so that she could groom him. This time they had Hubby pick up an antidepressant medication the night before and that was given to Gus this morning. They felt would help minimize his anxiety that he has had ever since we have had him, now only about grooming and veterinarians, shots etc., but today was just grooming. It was determined that he will be now on Prozac, yep the same stuff people get for depression and anxiety.
He starts tomorrow, since still groggy from his anesthesia.
He has adapted well to us with love, if cuddles and kisses are indicative of that comfort zone; it's just the outside world he isn't sure about.
Oh for any of you who do not know about Gus, he is our rescue Havanese mix that we adopted back on December 27, 2014, about six and a half weeks after our Skipper, our Bichon Frise, passed away on November 5, 2014, very sad and he is still missed dearly, as are all his predecessors.
Any-who, Gus had been named Gaston, which means stranger and when we adopted him he was a stranger no longer, and calling him "Gas", for short we felt that that sounded just wrong, so he became "Gus", which means majestic.
He had wandered the mean streets of Naples, Florida, not really mean, but to him I guess they were for he had many problems to overcome when the law picked him up in the form of Animal Control.
He became a ward of the non-profit group Canine Castaways and was neutered and micro chipped before we met him that December in Petco where they periodically bring doggies to be shown for adoptive purposes, and we sort of fell in love at first look.
He was thin and bi-racial, yep black and white, and our hearts were stolen that day.
Little did we know that there was a process to be able to take the little tyke home with us, and we had a form to fill out and a home inspection, nearly as complicated as adopting a child I can only assume, shame on me, assuming...
Little did we know we would be attaining an incorrigible with an unknown past that manifested its difficulties and fears as if he had PTSD and that would need a lot of patience, a stitch on my hand, peroxide, antibiotics, Polysporin, band aids more on me and emotional fixing for Gus and for us.
But it is over two years now, and I am happy to say he is still here, and so are we!
And he has finally been somewhat diagnosed with how to help him medically. We had tried even a behaviorist that came to the home for a half a dozen visits and could not find anything seriously wrong. Except what we mentioned about his Cujo transformation with vets and groomers.
He no longer growls at his food while inhaling it with fear that before something else would be trying to steal it or he no longer jumps back or is fearful of pots and pan noises or plastic bags,  towels we are working on, baby steps, ha, who knew... milestones have been reached, and instead of biting us he kisses us profusely while jumping from lap to lap, oh well, not too well trained but he does wag his tail while hugging me and me hugging him back while I scratch his tummy and chest and getting and giving slobbering kisses too!
So yes, WE love him!
And now maybe the rest of the world will too, with him medicated?

Oh we sure hope so!
On that note of spread the love around, allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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