Funny how...

...I had predicted that if the Orange Frothy Haired Guy lost the election his family would probably have to commit him...I was soooooooooooooooooooo close, but very, very wrong and no cigar!
Now, unfortunately, it is US as a NATION that will have to do it!
Daily the PRES. DJ destroys the moral fiber of this home that I love by his TWEETING!
Can't he keep it in his pocket? That is in reference to his maladjusted brain farts! OOPs did I write that out loud, forgive me, apparently his insolence is contagious!
No, it is true we should not belittle the mentally ill, but in truth those people who voted for him never should have hired him for the most important position in this land of the home of the free and the brave, sadly too quickly changing to not anymore!
Who else is it that should speak up and stop him from ruining it all.
We are the laughing stock of the world.
That Ontario, Canada Mayor Rob Ford who was wacko, he had nothing on our own home grown one, he now looks not so horrific, his was drug related and sadly he had passed away at only forty-six years old from cancer last year.
Maybe that is what is going on with our Pres. and he is self medicating?
Nah, he's just plain run of the mill bonkers!
We know he has no physical ailments, since he publicized his doctor's note and the doctor validated it! That also was way too weird.
He called that press conference the other day for what purpose other than to insult the press?
And he proving that he is in a time warp of not realizing he now has the job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or his alternative weekend Presidential address in West Palm Beach Florida, because we all saw how he kept defending incorrectly his winning numbers of the Electoral College comparisons with his predecessors, and referencing Hilary Clinton's emails over and over again as if he was Rip Van Winkle and just suddenly woke up and someone forgot to tell him the election was over and he shockingly did win with help from his pal the semi-retired KGB Guy, Vladi! OH MY, did I write that out loud again?
He also does not know that our unemployment rate was when he took over, being at the lowest rate in over twenty years!
Because he keeps saying that he inherited a mess, and as Stephen Colbert so eloquently said countering him, he has that backwards that we inherited him and he is making a mess, or some such thing... not verbatim, sorry Stephen, but almost close?
Love that KID/GUY, i.e. Stephen Colbert!

Looking forward to another live SNL, but not tonight darn!
They are running caliente, caliente, caliente! Translation: hot, hot, hot!
Laughter is definitely the best medicine, especially with their on target impersonations!
Only good that has come of this election is the endless ammunition for the comedians to draw upon.
Oh for a prayer for more difficult writing topics...!
Did I write that out loud again?
Balance, that is what we need decent leadership that is amiably sort of funny, just enough to keep us all happy!
Not this over the top CRAZZEE SCARY CRAP that hits too close to home nasty satire that we all love to our own hysterical distaste, way too close...
On this note of GEEZ must we tough out four years of this, or is there something we can really do, instead of violence upon him, commitment is still my choice.
You see, he hasn't even had it, commitment, to any of his wives for very long, three, really?
But the type I mean is get him the mental help he needs in a hospital for such things really!
Where was I?
Oh, that's right, allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and so will we!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  
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