Continuing from yesterday's teasers...

First I hinted that the "new" refrigerator has created some problems.
And it has.
Although as you saw last night it fits perfectly where it is, but... we had received a phone call at seven thirty A.M. on Wednesday morning just before its scheduled delivery that was between nine and eleven and we were told that they could not get another one and that our brand new one had a ding in its side, but if we want it they would give us a ten percent discount...oh well... Hubby told them that we will look at it and then decide.
When it arrived and Hubby went out to the delivery truck to look at it, it had a dimple on the side that would be up against the wall. Hubby still felt that they could give us a better deal and he stuck to his guns when he asked for a fifteen percent discount, when they then stood tight on the ten percent. The women who was negotiating was talking to the department head and then got back to us with a sales receipt emailed to us that credited back to our credit card account for the fifteen percent!
We gave the men who brought them in, the range and refrigerator, a tip of twenty bucks for the both of them, we thought that was appropriate... Geez, it was about eighteen years since we had appliances delivered and installed, so we didn't know that according to one site Lowe's delivery people aren't supposed to get tipped... oh well, now our discount went down to that ten percent...KIDDING! (About that, seriously. The fridge was already on sale for three hundred bucks less and this brought it up to nearly four hundred dollars off.) 
After they left the frig was not doing so well... it was too noisy and I suggested that maybe it was just off balance, but Hubby adjusted the front legs several times and the noise would return.
He went around the back and felt that the noise was coming from the fan!
We called their service department the day after our "new" refrigerator was delivered and made an appointment for them to come out and try to fix it, since another "new" one would take two to three weeks to be delivered! And they were coming that afternoon from the Suncoast Humane Society to pick up our old range and frig and they were already clean and waiting outside on the patio!
So I had no frig if they took this one.

Thus the second issue... our donation pick up...
I had an eleven o'clock A.M. physical therapy session Thursday morning so I had requested they come as late as possible for the pick up since we also did errands after, and so they were able to come between 1-4 P.M; they agreed.

We got home a few minutes before one... and there was a note on our door... I bet you got it, yes that is right they had already come to pick up the two items, but no one was home!
There were two messages from the driver on our landline's voice mail saying that they were on their way and  next that it was 12:29 P.M. and they could wait no longer and that they were leaving!

Three times I left messages on the number that was on the note, but I did not receive a call back until that same day late afternoon.
We have consequently rescheduled for next week, the day before the "new" refrigerator is scheduled to be fixed or we are told that it can't be.
The problem is we would be getting the same model minus the ding... what is the usual way to handle the new non-damaged one, in other words would we have to give back the discounted monies and now we are pretty sure we do not have to tip the new delivery of that "new" one, right?

PS our fenced in yard's gates are always locked due to our very transient neighborhood, right now we have two homes waiting to be rented, although one new neighbor introduced himself to Hubby next door about a week ago, but has not moved in yet and the other across the street had its sign removed and a black Range Rover has been parked in the driveway there all day long, we can only hope it's our other new neighbor!

Moving on...

Any-who, I once again was graduated from PT today and have been given the go ahead for  independent exercise program that means coming back whenever I want to use their equipment and ask them questions if need be.

On that note of light at the end of the tunnel, allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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