Mini pics tonight!

 Below you will find our new stainless steel appliances, not the top of the line since we are simple folks. They are nice anyway. My new range is a convection one with an enormous glass window to see how you're cooking! The smooth top has neat burners that sizes can be adjusted according to the size of your pan or pot and are totally invisible when off, and there is a fifth burner for just warming. The microwave is slightly more powerful than our last one and otherwise is pretty similar. All appliances are Whirlpool and made in America! The refrigerator is as big as we can fit in that small space but it is a galley kitchen and those doors at the end are my pantry with slide out shelves, plus my laundry room has more pantry space, since we moved the water heater out into the garage when we had to get a new one and it went up to a forty gallon just last year. Question where is your coffee maker in your kitchen? Ours used to be next to the sink but I moved it across from the sink to make a beverage station, with a tea canister, and instant decaf canister, and, with my Stevia and sugar packets from the hotels we stayed at even hot chocolate all next to the fridge where the milk is and where Hubby keeps his sugar, the toaster is on that side too. I thought the stainless steel appliances there matched rather nicely also. Hubby prefers it where it was and so now I have to make the coffee that I cannot even drink until next month! (He feels it is unnecessary since carrying water over the floor and spilling it is dangerous! That's why I am doing it without spills!) Any-who, where do you keep yours?
The pic #2, is across from the new appliances to show our still white pale dishwasher that in actuality does not get much use at all. But look at that prep station so much room to get everything ready! The knives are there for that purpose as well as the trivets, but if you zero in on the one that looks like it has a bulls eye on it, it got that way from it getting burned one day and Hubby sanded it off mostly, I felt it needed some personality so I took the indelible black marker and wrote HOT SPOT! And yes that is a fruit bowl there too, but it goes up on the bar easily if we need more room. 
                                     My shelves there are purely decorative, and I have a lovely blue wine bottle collection up above. I have my blender holding up my minimal cook books, most were destroyed by the hurricane; sadly years of collecting, only replaced one, recipes these days are off the net although I do print out the favorites and store them over there in Ziplocs. My double sink has one very large deep  sink and a shallow smaller sink to the left that has my drain over it, perfect for doing dishes for just me and Hubby!

That's it for tonight, have a great one!
Tomorrow I will tell more about... that not everything went so smoothly with our frig, and donations... stay tuned!
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