Shocker! And thank you, thank you!

I do believe yesterday's was my all time high, so thank you all very, very much for such a sweet nice thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day that I can mistakenly or not think it is how I feel that you are showing your love to me! (Or not.)
Delusional as that might seem, but who cares, I like it and it makes me think that you really, really, like me too! Calling on my inner Sally Field child, ha!

Any-who, today's previews shown are before I publish tonight's blog and those numbers should increase exponentially and I think that unless there is a major shake up we just might not beat last night's, but that is okay...I guess...I suppose... really it's alright, yes it is just okey dokey! Hubby catch me I think I might faint! KIDDING!
I will definitely be fine... but once you have been this high (My hand is over my head) it is kinda, sorta difficult to accept mediocrity, ya know what I mean?
But I will live, to fight another day, and to continue to survive, because that is just who we all are and what we all do! All my friends and family that is do it too, get your minds out of the gutter; in reality we are all better than mediocre we are extraordinary people as human beings on this planet, so lets unite and get rid of the sub-par questionable humans that know not what way is up or down!
Non-violence is what I promote.
But alternate facts that got us misbehaving, yeah this could work when we oust the current government hierarchy contentiously believing that he, non-mighty Pres. DJ has the world under his control, so very, very sad. Delusions of grandeur added into, narcissistic,  misogynous, racist, one marble short of a full deck, oh wait that makes more sense as too many cards short of playing with a full deck, hmm? Too ridiculous to use marbles in that analogy when the cards worked so much better, anyway that would be not enough marbles in his brain matter or some such thing... dang I get my idioms confused at times, thank heavens I am not trying to run the free world's number one country!
Gosh I might run it into the ground.
But no I am sane!
I would never think I was capable of running a country just because I was in management for thirty years, no way Jose, and I would definitely make sure Jose became legal if that is what he wanted, not that much different than when my own grandparents had wanted when they arrived from their religious and war torn strife in their homeland countries in the late 1800s and early 1900s! Some came before Ellis Island even existed and yet they were allowed in.
Who knew what they could have brought in, horrible diseases back then, let us not forget their anger with their treatment from where they came and many immigrants distrusted all people, even in the new land, but they came anyway since it was so much better than what they left behind.
We must all talk to our families to get their stories to know how and why they chose to come here, some had no choice but stayed anyway when they finally did.
There is something special very, very special about this land called America and we should all delve further into how and why we got here historically speaking.
Horrifically too many were dragged here on slave ships against their will.
But generationally when choice finally came after way too long, most have chosen to remain, since in spite of too many inequities in our lives here we have something very special that not too many know about in other places in the world, we have the hope to be able to change things for the better, and that is why we stay, too many other nations do not.
Sure even I said with feeling that I was going to leave if this current administration won, well I'm still here as many of you are too... we have hope to change things and we will!
As I said earlier we are a very extraordinary species, us human beings.
It is so sad when others lose hope in their lands, and we as a beacon to the world should allow them to come to us with our open arms as generations before have, even our current Pres. DJs family!
Could we deport him?
Nah, just contain him, more likely just commit him that would be the right and kindest thing to do, since we are much more civilized than him.


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