Hubby stated that today was, "BORING!"

Hubby's follow-up question to that statement was, "So what are you going to write your blog about?"
Sure it was boring or ordinary! But didn't Jerry Seinfeld make a mint off just that? His years of shows about nothing, so we are in very good company, and "nothing" is what I am very, very good at, so there! ( I just stuck my adult tongue out at you!)
My reasoning is plain and very, very simple, since we are not jet-setters, political minions, or movie stars or even reality show personalities, some with more personality than others; as we all do know!
We are just an average Joe and Jane with lives that on occasion percolate and on other occasions simmer and some times, quite often just melt into the woodwork of what we call daily life with others... the multitudes, just like me and you!

Any-who, Hubby was right.
Today it was a day to wait for others.
The repairman for the noisy fan on our brand new fridge said it was its normal sound, but if we bought a more expensive model perhaps it would be quieter.
Hubby countered with us having many different types over the years and he could not remember any being this noisy, stalemate.
To make Hubby's life more complicated/questionable after the repairmen left I told Hubby it had sounded fine to me, uh oh...! Well, it did. The repairman did tighten the fan for Hubby, since he said perhaps when the delivery men took it off the truck it jostled it a little loose. Checkmate.

Finally, Suncoast Humane Society picked up the old fridge and stove off of our patio, and they thanked us profusely for our donation.

We are now nearly clutter free... oh speaking of that I got to take care of another decluttering job that being of that infamous kitchen junk drawer we all have! Ours had too many pens and pencils, but only one manual sharpener, twist ties and rubber bands, even our saran wrap, aluminum foil, another wrap paper, post-its, writing pads, a few paper clips, spare paper for more notes, old receipts, screws, finishing nails, flashlights, things unidentifiable etc. you get the picture!
Well, I edited it all; cut the unnecessary, and kept the vital or what we perceived to be somewhat necessary, and voila it is now easily opened and closed and everything has a place to be in and seen easily.
I secretly had hoped that more pens' ink were gone, but out of too many to count only three met that criteria and so they were trashed. All the pencils had recently been sharpened except for one and were nearly brand new, and the one was entirely brand new without having ever been sharpened!
Most of the rubber bands and twist-ties were tossed too, way too many. I do use them regularly for frozen vegetable bags to help prevent  freezer burn after they are opened, but sometimes they pop off and it doesn't work. Rubber bands don't work well in the freezer at all, as you must know, since when frozen they usually break. And I really cannot come up with too many uses for them these days, but some were so pretty in purple and pink and even a nice Khaki colored so I did save those for what I don't know. They are usually acquired from fresh produce.
The hardware that was put in there some of it was additional from the new fridge and some unidentifiable, but Hubby took them out to the garage where in my mind they did rightfully belong anyway.
I found packages of wet naps too that I thought would be handier if in the car. Heaven knows we need more stuff in there, NOT!
Between my ride, BIG BLUE, while in transit and Gus's crate when he is in transit and also stored there when he is not, and a first aid kit and a pull out container of hand cleaners, an airfreshner can and a coupon bag and so many other things I cannot recall right now, but needed important things I am very sure, pretty sure... oh well, maybe another frontier needing an edit or two too?

On that note of BORING can be fun too, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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