Good Grief!
Can any of you imagine doing absolutely nothing for one whole day?
Bet you can.
Pooped from life we decided on taking a break today, and just chill!
Although, you know something the phone/landline has not stopped ringing!
Non-profits asking for money, health companies insisting we need their Medicare approved products, back brace or knee brace, three times for them alone today and counting...!
Only two were from actual people we know, one from the groomer Linda telling us she had Gus's heartworm meds, but Hubby just asked if she could get them if we needed them, duh... he has three months still left including this month's dose! Oh well, and thanks.
And the other one was from NUMBER ONE SON!
Always a welcoming call.

So here's the deal I suppose there is a possibility that there is more than BORING!
Nah,  perhaps, double boring with a cherry on top?

Whenever truly bored we somehow get back to discussing the weather and so with that...

Tomorrow they/meteorologists are saying that we may be having low to mid eighties degree Fahrenheit again in FEBRUARY! Even for southwest Florida that is not the norm, mid seventies is!
Ninety by next Tuesday!
Global warming, who doesn't believe it, I mean besides the Pres. DJ and his crew of minions?

I suppose that famous line from Star Trek of  "Beam me up Scotty since there is no intelligent life here!", could be truer than even they knew when looking at our current governmental administration, damn!
But scientist feel that there is now proof that there is a whole other solar system so similar to ours that will prove eventually that life does exist elsewhere! And probably more intelligent than all of us here!
So there is still hope for us to get the hell out of here!
If they don't build a wall to keep us out, ha, nah!
I did say more intelligent.

Moving on...

The Gulf of Mexico is also in the mid seventies temperature wise, by the way.
For us Floridians brrr, but for northerners coming down here, refreshing!
Normally the Gulf is in the mid eighties during the summer, now that is refreshing!
But too warm is dangerous with nasty weather turmoil for hurricanes developing, they love the warmer water too.

Shorty tonight, hate boring my readership, working on doing something more exciting in the near future, I hope!

On this note allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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