First day back at independent exercising!

We, Hubby and I made a circuit of the exercise equipment, first the all over machine, then what I call the slant board, both names are mine made up. I really should try harder to remember their actual names... Any-who, then the wall pulleys and then the free standing pulleys and done!
Felt sore and tired after, but accomplished. On the all over one I did level five with hills for twenty minutes, the slant board that I push with my legs at a 56% angle I do two sets of twenty.
The wall pulleys are two motions on each side with counts to fifteen two sets each, so a total of eight with a light weight of  ten pounds. The last free standing pulleys with a bar for me to hold on to, four different motions are done from rowing to curls to straight down to elbows in pulls, all with fifteen pound weights to a fifteen count with two sets for each motion.
So hopefully if I can keep this up for three days a week forever, who knows what might happen, hmm?
The interesting thing is the last time I was able to do independent exercise there was also in February, but in 2015! Gosh, two whole years! And also nicely refreshing I had eleven spaces open on my card that had not been used and they were still usable even after two whole years, so I have ten more freebies left, yay! I already renewed my membership with H2U in October.
The organization H2U, which is through the hospital you pay fifteen dollars a year to join and to use the equipment; and then it is fifteen dollars for fifteen visits! At this particular facility it also includes their indoor pool where I used to teach Aquacise at way back in the late 1990s, early 2000s.
H2U provides many other things too, from classes on nutrition, to discounts on many other things, here check out their

Moving on...

Hubby took offense with me suggesting that he did not want to use mulch in our gardens; so I guess I stand corrected, since he does.
In fact after we got home today he began clearing out the area around my beautiful Gardenia bush!
That Gardenia bush replaced the live oak tree that majestically stood in front of home for years and was taken down by Hurricane Charley way back in 2004! It even pulled our sewer pipe out of the ground, it was a yucky mess! When all was said and done, I decided on the Gardenia bush because the one we had in the back yard was so fragrantly lovely, after what had happened up front I felt it was a wonderful choice and poetic justice for what had happened there. I think of Gardenias as having such a lovely aroma and to me they look like thorn-less white roses, truly beautiful!
Anyway, now it is no longer crowded and proudly stands alone. I gave Hubby the recipe to deal with the unfortunate black mold that occurred due to the overcrowding, soap and water sprayed on the leaves and trunk, either dish soap or laundry soap will work, and my coffee grounds are the proper acidity to push those blooms and feed its leaves what they need, once a week is good, more often if so desired. We do put our coffee grounds in our compost along with peelings from veggies and egg shells, but straight coffee grounds are a delicacy for acid loving plants like our Hibiscus too; most flowering plants love it! 
The two dracaena are colorful and planted now in the front garden doing sentry duty on either side of one of our many palms there. They probably could use some Miracle Gro, and I will suggest it to Hubby tomorrow, they have been well watered and stomped in without any air pockets that could kill them.
One thing about living in a semi-tropical, zone 10, area is that you can legitimately transplant whenever you want all year long.
And for the first time in weeks tomorrow we are expected to be having a very wet day due to a rain storm predicted in our dry season, could be as much as an inch or more, wow, ha!

On that note allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all you overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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