The Humane Society in Englewood Florida will be receiving our old refrigerator and range; they have a thrift shop there to sell them in. I wonder if they would take our extra couch, I should have asked.
I'm trying hard to get rid of some of the clutter. Two couches in the sunroom looks a little bit much, but the one I want to get rid of was bought for the guest room, since it is a nicer styled white futon type but with thick round metal legs and the cover that I had on the good white living room couch that was donated to the Cultural Center. We had decided to put a full sized bed back in there a few years ago.
We had thought with not having so many visitors these days, actually after Hurricane Charley when the original bed had glass shattered all over it from being under the only window that broke due to our neighbors roof going through it and having no warning, then, so we thought that the couch would suffice, but then my Mother- in- law, did not look so comfortable on the futon and that is initially why we went back to a regular bed. Although, she never came down again, due to my husband's sister putting her in a nursing home up by her in Pennsylvania when her dementia got so very bad, thus a regular guest-room, and with Number One Son returning the dresser that was his in his room as a child the beautiful golden oak dresser, the suite was now somewhat more complete. In reality the guest room dresser in our home on the other coast that was in our four bedroom 4k square foot home, that dresser is now in my closet for extra storage there and its matching mirror is in our living room with our ice box styled end table from that den from the other coast are all in golden oak, with our grandfathers clock too that had been returned too. He had sold both his homes and moved on his sail boat then sold his live aboard and moved in with his girlfriend, and bought a towable sailboat!
I know, I know...
He's a grown man and a great son, so he can do whatever he wishes. He works hard at the same job for over twenty years! So he simplified his life, and vacations frequently with his gal, girlfriend for several years, who is a psychologist and two years older than him, so I am sure they know what they are doing.

Any-who, today is a happy and sad day, our younger son's birthday is today and he is forty-one!
The sad part is we are all estranged from him.
Yes, even his brother and all relatives, his choice none of ours.
But he is an engineer and his wife is an attorney and they live well in a four bedroom two story home and own a forty-two foot long yacht, no children yet, I think...
Perhaps, we are not good enough for him, he lives in North Palm Beach Florida where Tiger Woods family lives, not far from the Pres. DJs locale is.

I guess I should be happy for him and not so sad, but its been nearly thirteen years since we saw him and we never saw his second wife, they have been married for several years already... oh well... I have tried and tried... and even sent a happy birthday wish to all the emails that I have for him this morning, simple, Happy 41st Birthday, Love always Mom and Dad... makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Guilty of dwelling... so I must...
Move on...

Hubby, started the painting of the house with the front completed, he will be doing it in increments, so far it does look great!
A side at a time.
I feel bad I can't help anymore, but he brought in our hanging sign with our names and calling it our cottage in for me to refurbish.
You see, it is weathered and rustic, our Number One Son made it in woodshop in high school nearly thirty years ago and it has been on any place wherever we lived since. The varnish flakes and Hubby wanted me to scrub it off with the brass brush for such things and so I did.
We also have a teak wooden bench to the right of our front door that has a wooden colorful planter on it, now weathered too, a gift from my cousins, the teak bench was made from our old boat in NJ our 25' Catalina, we had it to fix its dive platform way back in the 1980's, and the remainder bench sized piece has moved with us ever since; we had sold that boat before we moved to Florida.
The sign needs to be varnished and the bench could use some spar varnish too, but I don't use either indoors, the fumes are not good!

That's it for tonight, allow me to cry occasionally we all have sadness in our lives as well as joy, and hopefully the joy is more so than the other for us all! So now allow me to wish all of my friends and family a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and to please share those overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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