No smoke signals or extreme pain today!

Well, I bet that surprised you? No? Me neither really, something had to give.
Everybody should have at least one day where  they can call it mundane, but not too many of that nature... for no one really wants that!
I know that I don't.
The adrenalin has got to pump, we must have imagination, make life an adventure, seek to learn and learn to seek... Oh I don't know, enjoy each day with an open mind and a child-like curiosity.
Behave, be devilish, be unique, be artistic, be creative, be musical, be political, be a voracious reader, be a town crier, be able to commit, be able to pick a side, be a voice of hope and respect, be a non-fool about what is true and right, and be non-accepting of all you read or see, be an investigator and find out what is what!
Love all people, even yourself!
Care as if everyone is related to you!
Now once you have accomplished all of that take a break!
But not too long, keep on going, on, and on, and infinity!
Or death, whichever comes first, ha!

Geez, was that too preachy?
Hope not.
Words to live by.

Moving on...

Today after I was evaluated in PT by Amy, the grad student, and got to use the all over machine; Hubby and I went over to Publix, yep again, missed a couple of items from yesterday, Pam, bread, lemon juice, and my dish drying rack, actually the other Publix was fresh out of the one that sits just right on top of my smaller and shallower of the two sinks, it's a Rubbermaid brand. Unfortunately, they do rust after a few years. I must be on my fourth one, not stainless, but white coated rubber that seems to come off after much use.
See I use that much more often than the dishwasher for just the two of us.

After that we went over to Bocca Lupo's Coal Fired Pizza restaurant, their half price sale on large cheese pizzas is whenever there is a full moon and tonight there will be!
We ordered one large pie and a small Greek salad, which is really rather large!
We packed up most all of it and took it home, after we finally picked up our exterior paint for the house at Lowes in the same shopping center, and so I rode over on my BIG BLUE, while Hubby did too, but in our van and he did find another parking spot there.

Deciding on a paint color was the biggest issue.
Going darker than our off white shade or going with an entirely different color, and we discussed sea mist blue green/ teals, greys, darker tans, and finally Hubby made me decide and I chose pale yellow with white trim!
And so it will be, the front door has the yellow trim around its window already, with the remainder the deep sea blue and it is also on the wood and wrought iron chair too with green in its striped appearance; it sits by the front door, so they will remain as is.

Some may say a bold choice, but the islands' homes are pastels and look lovely, some new neighbors have chosen paler shades in the peachy look, another with a bright salmon front door, another chose too dark grey with maroon shutters, in my opinion, to me looking too northern.
But refreshed their home and they like it and when it comes down to it that is all that matters.
Each to their own and better clean and well maintained than ignored.
In the eighteen plus years that we have lived in this home it has been blue, white, beige, and now starting this weekend yellow, yay!

On this note of decisions allow me to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages with you know whom and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!    

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