Yes, we were consumed by smoke all due to our microwave having a meltdown!
Fortunately, there was no fire to contend with, but all that nasty smoke!

And so it went like this... at the mere age of twelve it passed away... and the fridge was so saddened by the turn of events and being the elder of the quartet of appliances commiserated and with heartfelt sympathy did not pass on, but became ill with its temperature plummeting and a mere seventeen year old, as the siblings faltered the stove had had enough too, and decided to follow his brothers in necessity of combatting daily help to the human beings for filling their tummies and souls with nourishment, which saddened him deeply... their pale white faces cringed with their ordeal... and so their human parents spent much of the day looking for a deal to bring the next generation to the forefront, hollow sentiments I hear you say, not really, but alas no other choices could be made the need was there in the  kitchen to be able to fulfill our sustenance!

And so they, Mom and Dad, me and he, found the deal of the day, at Lowes, and replacements are eminent within the week for thy fridge and stove, but micro is here and now!
All went from pale white to glistening shiny stain of the less! The only alone martyr of the group who thus staid pale and white to face his opponents to fight another day is thee lowly dish of thee washer!
The Dad felt since he of little use, his words not mine, he can stay!


Till the morrow...
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