How many out there truly understand them?
Partial statements, not the mathematical way to figure out parts and parcels of things.
We as human beings can never ever completely get our opinions across without seeing our faces up close and personal with expressions emanating from our blankness of the flatness of the page called emotion when compared to what is written. Unless it is your profession, of course, but there is nothing better than face to face confrontation, true?
Sure we can state happy, sad, angry, disgruntled, elated, mad as a hatter, triumphantly exhilarated, and even intolerably inconsolable...etc. so many more, but without the sight of your eyes on another's these commentaries can  fall flat and be cold and laden with only our imaginations to "assume" we understand the actual meaning of what might have been stated; especially on Facebook, emails, Twitter or Instagram for so many reasons of fractionated premises of reliability.
I am more than sure there have been several times or perhaps just once that what you said was misunderstood by those who read what you wrote, hmm?
I'm just saying for many of us who do write daily in extremely large quantities, even some of us undeniably have fallen into this trap of not always getting their point across.
Perhaps that when we suggest a concept or thought process the infeasibility factor kicks in from your audience.
I know; then I believe one should quit doing what they are doing, writing, and try something else.
Logically that would be what any sane person would do.
But alas, who knows what is truly "normal", anyway, hmm?
Personally, I have never ever been "normal", maybe by some standards but not all, and there is the rub... no perimeters, exacting, except when there is an absolute extreme perception of a lunatic being assessed!
Most people do deviate from the norms, if ever so slightly, but do co-exist within a range considered by those who make those considerations within a somewhat normal range.
A realm where this writer may very well be.
Although, some of the best authors were and are still testing those so-called limits!
Great writers in fact!

 Perhaps, a better title would be fractured communications?
Many find others who express their sentiments better than they can and post them with editorial commentary of their own above or with what they feel so strongly about.
Some just post others' posts from reliable sources, and that is fine, not everyone has access or the time to research it all for themselves.
Quoting others who feel as you do is a part of modern society.
When long ago I believe we were more likely to come to our own conclusions and state them without fear of contradiction.
Not that statements shouldn't be challenged, but there are at times undisputable facts validated that should be taken for what they are, as the truth.

Horrifically, this "new" administration, has no clue about anything, or even of the ramifications of what they spew.
He, Pres. Frothy Orange Haired Guy is the drunken driver behind the wheel and daily knocks down people along his verbal pathways.
He is DJ, our man-boy disturbed teenager who acts out as if he was given the keys to the manse and is having a party with his buds or so he thinks, which is not clearly and before he actually takes into consideration what he will say before it spittle's forth on Twitter or on camera or at a news conference or anywhere for that fact!
With his sidekick MS. Alternate reality star.
Who said he stopped doing reality TV, not me!
He talks to the camera with cringe worthy statements of prayers for his successor to the "show", he is actually still running in his mind as his, but only the address has changed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!
Somebody please tell this excuse for a human being that this is REAL LIFE not a TV show!
And that he should watch who he pisses off!
I want to live, but he has his hand too close to the doomsday button to change that to an explosive decision... we all live in FEAR!

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