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From Russia with Love, and Dr. No, no...

No Dr. No or Dr. Yes either today, but there are still a little over five hours left in the day... who knows/No's?

And as of right now Russia is showing me some love without showing up reading my most recent, last night's blog! N-yet, yet any-who!
Did I mention that I am Russian on my mother's side, her father, who came to America in the early 1900's!
So play nice!

Moving on...

To take my mind off of my malady woes, I got my act back in gear and did two loads of whites, dried them and put them away and paid most all of our bills with Hubby's pension check. Social security comes in a couple of days after, when I pay the little bills most that we haven't gotten yet, the phones, cell and landline, utilities, all other bills, electric, mortgage, boat insurance, car loan and other zero interest loans were paid online today, including both of our charge accounts in full! Feels good every month to take care of business with monies left over to save up for ano…

For your eyes only!

This is just this week from March 23rd to today March 30th. They have shown up many times before this week sporadically on my pageviews page.
Why me?
If you cannot make it out you can tap on it twice to enlarge it, but it says that this week so far alone Russia has read my blogs 1033 times already, not just one but many, mostly back tracking to around the days of the election.
Maybe now you will believe my concern with not being too negative when I write, ha!
I know, yes I do know that I have been, but no more than most of you!
And I will NOT name any names, do not worry, kidding of course!
But they would NOT do anything, i.e. except what they are already doing, monitoring us.
Didn't they just insist that they haven't been doing that, hmm?
Well, here's proof that they have lied!
Uh oh, oh no, I am putting myself in jeopardy with every word I write!
Never mind.

Moving on...

Bad day in my neighborhood of health.
Left sided shoulder pain with sporadic lef…

Ya know something folks...

...I'm still waiting for some answers on how to stop and make him desist from mostly Tweeting, since he thankfully hasn't been able to do anything, except threaten all of us... see folks checks and balances tempered with a few /many more with common sense stopping him to cause the ruination of our country; he doesn't have his way so far  Mr.. T. AKA Orange Frothy Haired Guy AKA Pres.. DJ?
But Geez, so far he hasn't been gaining too much traction/ground, health care his way, not yet anyway, the wall dead in the dusty dirt/water, is it only us that can see that it is an illogical waste of money time and everything else to encourage more hatred in this world... he knows nothing on how to attain another of his desires that being to systematically ruin the EPA's milestones over these last several years that has been gained so much good changes during the Obama administration. This new guy is living in an alternate reality plane thinking he can bring back "clean&qu…

Getting excited!

Then comes the reality check, previously depressing, but not this time!( I hope!)
Yes, a new idea in treatment for Multiple sclerosis.
Out of Columbus Ohio an IV medication given every six months only is becoming approved today!

"A Dr. Racke a neurologist at Ohio Sate University's Wexner Medical Center has been working on it,
and so along came a drug called ocrelizumab.
It's Racke's magic wand.
The drug, expected to be approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration today, has been shown to halt the disease in patients with both relapsing MS and primary progressive MS"

Many drugs have been able to slow/ lessen relapses previously, but stopping them entirely is oh so wonderful!
Sign me up!

"In multiple sclerosis, an abnormal immune-system response leads to an attack of nerve fibers and the fatty myelin that surrounds them in the central nervous system. As the brain is damaged, symptoms can include loss of coordination or strength, numbness, vision…

Escapism to view!

Frankie and Grace's season three was released to Netflix last Friday, a five out of five star quality show with an amazing cast, Lilly Tomlin, Jane Fonda as well as Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, are the main leads and I am very proud to say that I binged watched all of the third seasons' episodes in between our well travelled weekend!
And today, the second season of Better Call Saul was released, also a five star show and on Netflix, the spinoff from Breaking Bad and excellent too!
Both shows are quite enjoyable, but for adult audiences due to adult content.

I am tempering those wild ride ones with me continuing with the very engaging Murdoch Mysteries; a mere four stars show, a rated, maybe PG show, but nothing racy there, okay a teensy weensy bit of innuendo but nothing more, and the PG rating is by yours truly due to the crimes all being murders.
Big kids might like it due to the inventions and history portions, set in the Victorian era in Toronto Canada as well as it be…

Where in the world is Tobi Zel?

Do you know?
Does anyone know?
Do you even know who Tobi Zel is?
Do you care to know?
Never mind.

Moving on...

Daily I try to think of ways to impress you and aggress you or to just mess with you!
Okey dokey maybe not impress you or aggress you, but I may mess with you, nah...!
What you read is what you get, I am just me daily.
And some days I am just like you, not that exciting.
Sorry, maybe you are exciting on all days?
Then I apologize profusely, and I am ever so slightly jealous if you are exciting everyday.

Anyone out there interested in whom Tobi Zel is?
Okay, I will take your silence as a no, but sometimes I do take it as yes.
I will have to think about that.
Or perhaps you already know, and I just can't hear you?

Moving on ...again!

This is a bit personal, but I do hope you will share...How are you doing?
I bet since I am originally from New Jersey and you knew that that you thought I was going to say, "How ya doing?" hmm?
Fooled ya!
My slight of hand, writ…

Gilchrist Park, Punta Gorda Florida; named for one of our governors in Florida, the 20th

More info on Albert W. Gilchrist: That white version of our Connie Cashmere Caravan is not us, perhaps a distant cousin?! Many, we have found, roam the highways and byways wherever we seem to
go, scary!
 Any-who, we again took our furry son out for a local park visit. He is so far doing very nicely with his re-entry into a socializing atmosphere, going nose to nose with his kind, other furry canines, and even welcoming two-legged humanoid erectus species with a wag of his tail a sniff and in some cases a slobbery smooch!
This is a look at the fishing pier on this side of the harbor.  All waterside parks in county have them as far as I know. Below is the pickle ball court.

 Tennis court, one of them.
The notice below is due to the renovations being done to the park and the portion that is closed off right now but is set to be completed by this coming December. And I am not sure if they will be leaving the facilities I showed y…

Hip hip hooray!

The bill has been scrapped!
Obamacare wins and stays!
GOP helped with the effort, by voting no!
The people have spoken!
Pres. DJ having a meltdown!
Nah... now he says its for the best?
Blame game begins...

No fake news here!
All truths.

Can life get any better?
Yup, bump the Trump!
Fence the Pence!


Moving on...

Had my dermatologist appointment today, recently scheduled due to a rash from perspiration thus the other reason of not going to independent exercise!
I have two medications that are strong topical steroids 2.5%!
My ear one is only 1% and chronic.
Since the doctor's office is local and my appointment was for after lunch we ate at home.
But did some errands after.
Bed Bath and Beyond for cheap cashews that Hubby loves, well not that cheap, fifteen bucks but we had a five dollar off coupon and more dish towels for our kitchen, ten bucks for five with 20% off!
Then on to Target for baskets for the top shelf in my closet to take all my purses and give them a neater home. T…

People are heard! More thoughts...

The vote for the Mr. T healthcare plan was put on hold, and so I will be holding onto my yay until it is taken off of the agenda in total!
I called the number AARP had for my representative, and Tom Rooney's mailbox was full, so I couldn't leave a message, asking him to vote "NO", boy am I happy that those were all the ones they needed to hold the votes up!


When you have something to say good or bad be it known that when it comes to Facebook someone is always listening!
Not news to me, news to you?
Any-who, I find it refreshing being validated that on some small level that in life people do listen and respond, occasionally.
I hear, not really, but I read you FB friends and when I do I will occasionally/sometimes/ when I feel I have something pertinent to say/ or if not too busy... what am I crazy everyone knows that I am rarely busy, ha; I'll let you know!
How about you too?
Ya know, you really do.
Not saying anything is also an answer.
Hurtful a…

So I got off my arse and Hubby and I ...

...Got the hell out of Dodge today!
Although, our transport was our Dodge, Caravan that is.
And no, it was not for work or creativity or even volunteerism it was that six month long interval that was up and it was time to visit my current neuro!
I say current, since even though I see him that infrequently, we both, Hubby and I have reconsidered me trying once again to see a local woman neuro and she does have Multiple sclerosis high on her list in her arsenal of current treatment specialties.
I had seen this one when I was hospitalized back in 2009, first time on IV steroids then, and I never had an issue with her, only her billing department, a shame and a misunderstanding really.
Any-who, that was eight years ago and we will see... perhaps we can mend that fence, her office is less than two miles away, while today's doc's is one hundred round trip to Sarasota and back.
Meanwhile he gave me a prescription for the trifecta of MRI's, *w/wo brain, *w/wo cervical spine …

Busy work causing me to not constantly look at my laptop and phone most of the day!

I am a bum, or in other words a non-productive retiree.
Many of my peers are still working or creating or volunteering or doing much more than myself.
When I realized I had not been on the computer for five whole hours and that I have been home all those hours it dumbfounded me.
The only reason that I noticed is when I finally looked at the many, many people who had posted on this techno machinery of mine while I had been distracted, not watching TV really, but doing other things... and I had a time stamp from/on the one person who insists on poking me many times daily, probably to see if I am still alert or alive, okay today I wasn't, alert and the jury is still out on that alive thingy, any-who... and five hours had passed, where was I?
I was/am here, still are/am I?
No urges to look at either my celly or computee that is unless someone called, but those were on the landline today, only the landline and not personal, sales and robos calling only... oh, one to make sure I was co…

Warming up the bedroom...

Get your minds out of the gutter! Although, we all should!(Whatever comes to mind.) But... this warm up is with fleecy throws, 50" X 70", in a dark teal, both very reasonable from Target online, in actuality cheaper than the similar fabric would have been if purchased from Jo-Anne's that I had made my other four out of, at the time very cost effective, but they were, well, made is a bit too much, I had them cut the other ones to size. The new fleecy teal ones, one was placed over our micro suede off white DIY headboard and the other one was placed at the foot end for use when/if needed, as the picture shows succinctly here!   Golden bling is added to the small previously all white picture frame on the dresser below, texture in the gold created by an up/down motion tapping with the brush and wooden tray was straight brushing over the previous white colored edges, inside the tray is a purple grape motif painted when before purchased at a thrift shop years ago, most all of…

So much going on locally today it was difficlt to decide where to go...

...So we chose to take our furry son, Gus, our Havanese mixed rescue dog out for a change.
The first in a very long time for the dog/bog since on his meds, Prozac i.e.
We went very close to home, less than two miles to Bayshore Live Oak Park.
And again I took out my trusty camera phone and snapped away!
When we parked in the lot much to our pleasant surprise Bette Midler was already there parked right next to us! Okay, it wasn't the famous talented amazing musician actress Bette Midler, but a professional look-a-like from way back when, a woman, a doppelganger for the Devine Miss M and portrayed her at specific occasions while a resident of the greater New York, area years ago! She was from Long Island NY, but a Port Charlotte resident these days. When I worked back in the early 1990's in promotion in Daytona Beach Florida we also had look-a-likes that were in demand for special occasions, and I seem to recall a woman who looked like Joan Rivers, and a Marilyn Monroe, and of …

Arcadia/antique perusing Florida!

(1)The train station is a refurbished train station circa 1911, and is now used for offices. (2) Looking down Oak Street at many of its main street antique shops and restaurants, a quaint little town it is. (3) is the entrance to the Oak Park Inn a small hotel with a throw back in time shown by its turn of the 20th century d├ęcor. (4) Lobby of hotel. (5) Stairway to rooms.

(6) Park adjacent to hotel. (7) Where we ate, at the Oak Street Deli, but there are fine dining restaurants there too. Hubby had a Reuben and potato salad and I had their very tasty chicken vegetable soup with a small Caesar salad, but I still took most of both items home again, and ice waters were our beverages of choice!
(8) Marker wall at deli, leave your mark, tee, hee!  (9) Is the sampling of antiques from the delis history, and  honey for you to purchase there.

The reason for going to Arcadia again, was to pick up Gus's medication, now a two month supply of his Prozac at his vet's, at the Animal Ark ani…

Stress took a strange turn...

...toothaches are not supposed to be psychosomatic, are they?
And no I did not get to see a dentist who told me all was well.
But I did take three doses, since yesterday of extra strength Tylenol for the pain, since we all know it is NOT an anti-inflammatory that it is for pain!
And I still have a dull ache there where my booboo tooth is.
But the local dentist office's fellow at the desk was so very rude and said they could not fit me in, and Hubby mentioned his conversation with the last evening supervisor saying we could wait as walk ins.
He said no.
But he did ask and came back with an alright and started to take my info, while telling me that this first free visit with x-rays included was going to cost $116!
You see, the only insurance that I do not have is dental, and most anyway that I investigated take six months to kick in whether you have a toothache or not, and they are within our budget, but as luck would have it...
Pain before coverage is not a good thing, although I …

3D X-ray of Tatas, toothache, and tally of caring follow-up day!

Today I had my yearly mam-mogram and I realized that I have been going for thirty-two years before they determined an arbitrary number/age for beginning to check for this insidious disease that we all know has no idea if its victim is fifteen or fifty!
As we all know of people even men who have gotten breast cancer much younger than the abstract age determination by the medical professionals and mostly insurance companies, for the start of examining people, to make sure they are okay!
Any-who, I went again and this year I was not in the cone of uncertainty, for me that is in ten year increments. Truly it is!
1992 left one surgical biopsy lumpectomy, hyperplasia ductal, but benign?
2002 bilateral surgical biopsies lumpectomies, both benign!
2012 right one stereotactic biopsy, benign!
And so by simple deduction of logic I am good for five more years! And this 3D X-ray is supposed to be more helpful in preventing false positives, thus ending unnecessary biopsies!
My Mom had breas…


It would stand to reason, in my mind that if you are having surgery certain tests are appropriate prior to that surgery, correct?
I am talking at this intersection of my pre-op blood tests...
that had been done along with my heart and psychological testing, sleep apnea test, etc. for prior to my bariatric sleeve surgery.
I met all the necessary criteria for the surgery, because that was paid for in its entirety months ago by Medicare.
Then why would Medicare not see or realize that the blood work that been done prior to that surgery that they paid for, that is the surgery, in its entirety, would not include all pre-op necessities?
I have received for the "second" time a bill that was Medicare denied, so my AARP supplemental F plan cannot pay for it either. ( I also called them.)
So today instead of going to independent exercise I was on the phone with this issue that I thought had been taken care of months ago. When I had called my doctor's office who felt it was "…

Where is Google out of?

Well, the best that I was able to Google is that Google is in many places, but the main location for the US is in Mountain View CA. here are other locations in the US of A:

The only reason I was wondering is because of Daylight Saving Time every year in the almost Spring I get a reprieve of an hour to write this blog and every Fall I get it taken away!
So now as of Sunday evening I am back on an eight o'clock  deadline, nice.
Oh in reality I do not have any.
Since no one is watching me...oh maybe dear sweet Barack or the CIA or some other entity that all I would say to them is a great BIG THANKS!
And keep reading folks, ha!

Moving on...

Last night we had some excitement not far from here in parts of Punta Gorda and Manasota Key both in Charlotte County Florida as well as Broward across on the east cost of our fine state all had tornadoes! The devastation was severe, but thankfully no one was inj…