Where in the world is Tobi Zel?

Do you know?
Does anyone know?
Do you even know who Tobi Zel is?
Do you care to know?
Never mind.

Moving on...

Daily I try to think of ways to impress you and aggress you or to just mess with you!
Okey dokey maybe not impress you or aggress you, but I may mess with you, nah...!
What you read is what you get, I am just me daily.
And some days I am just like you, not that exciting.
Sorry, maybe you are exciting on all days?
Then I apologize profusely, and I am ever so slightly jealous if you are exciting everyday.

Anyone out there interested in whom Tobi Zel is?
Okay, I will take your silence as a no, but sometimes I do take it as yes.
I will have to think about that.
Or perhaps you already know, and I just can't hear you?

Moving on ...again!

This is a bit personal, but I do hope you will share...How are you doing?
I bet since I am originally from New Jersey and you knew that that you thought I was going to say, "How ya doing?" hmm?
Fooled ya!
My slight of hand, writing that is in, magical abundances that are resumed when others presume or even dare I say assume!
Same thing, I suppose both rhyming's meanings.
Oh well...

Moving on... once again!

We, Hubby and I did go out and left our palatial manor once more today and ventured out to the Arts Festival in Punta Gorda Florida, after another lunch at home. The Arts Festival was smaller this year than previous years, and they were in a perking(yes it was hot there, ha)/parking lot off of Marion, adjacent to our favorite Punta Gorda restaurant these days Jacks on Marion. There was another Seafood Festival at Laishley Park where the arts festival usually is, and where the Viet Nam Memorial is as well as the CrabHouse, both of them always are there.

Unfortunately, the signs were plentiful this year at the artist booths for not allowing pictures being taken and so of course I did not... oh well!
Since they are all original art pieces I imagine there is fear of people stealing their ideas, and so I did understand.
These events rarely coincide, but this year they did.

So we decided to go over to Fishville AKA Fisherman's Village, and as you entered there was a sight to behold...Annie and Maggie greeted us as we arrived! They are barn owls with very sad back stories, Annie is blind due to cataracts and Maggie has a damaged wing. So it is very good that they reside at the Peace River Wildlife Center, and if you would like to help care for them the information is provided below, they really could use your help!

On this note of sometimes it definitely does take a village, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
PS Tobi Zel is ME, my pseudonym i.e., and I am all over the places I wish to go and that Hubby is willing to take me!

Just saying, since you asked...!
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