Gilchrist Park, Punta Gorda Florida; named for one of our governors in Florida, the 20th

More info on Albert W. Gilchrist:  
That white version of our Connie Cashmere Caravan is not us, perhaps a distant cousin?! Many, we have found, roam the highways and byways wherever we seem to

go, scary!
 Any-who, we again took our furry son out for a local park visit. He is so far doing very nicely with his re-entry into a socializing atmosphere, going nose to nose with his kind, other furry canines, and even welcoming two-legged humanoid erectus species with a wag of his tail a sniff and in some cases a slobbery smooch!
This is a look at the fishing pier on this side of the harbor.
 All waterside parks in county have them as far as I know. Below is the pickle ball court.

 Tennis court, one of them.
The notice below is due to the renovations being done to the park and the portion that is closed off right now but is set to be completed by this coming December. And I am not sure if they will be leaving the facilities I showed you or will also renew and refresh them as well. In the distance you can see that they have left one of their very fine pavilions for picnicking, it does appear to be salvaged. The statue below is once again Ponce De Leon who discovered Florida in the 1500's.

Hubby with Gus trying to help with the drought issue, ha! Did I write that out loud? Oh well!
Good night and be well, and next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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