3D X-ray of Tatas, toothache, and tally of caring follow-up day!

Today I had my yearly mam-mogram and I realized that I have been going for thirty-two years before they determined an arbitrary number/age for beginning to check for this insidious disease that we all know has no idea if its victim is fifteen or fifty!
As we all know of people even men who have gotten breast cancer much younger than the abstract age determination by the medical professionals and mostly insurance companies, for the start of examining people, to make sure they are okay!
Any-who, I went again and this year I was not in the cone of uncertainty, for me that is in ten year increments. Truly it is!
1992 left one surgical biopsy lumpectomy, hyperplasia ductal, but benign?
2002 bilateral surgical biopsies lumpectomies, both benign!
2012 right one stereotactic biopsy, benign!
And so by simple deduction of logic I am good for five more years! And this 3D X-ray is supposed to be more helpful in preventing false positives, thus ending unnecessary biopsies!
My Mom had breast cancer, but at age sixty-eight.
Supposedly when you get it that late in life it is not as hereditary as if she had it younger... but then why do they say testing should start at forty?
It is much more dangerous if not caught earlier?
Confusing, why we have to listen to the insurance companies as if they were our parents, doctors, clergy or teachers, and we all know what happened when we blindly followed that rationale of believing them to be G-d-like or as in allowing them to hold all the decision making cards for our very existence?
Many were not worthy of that irrational belief that they could do no wrong, when so many proved otherwise.
Too much power!
That is when we learned to think for ourselves.
Oh I am not saying to be disrespectful, but to be knowledgeable, get schooled.
Know where to draw the line on just what they can control, and what is appropriate behavior.
Yes, too many were not proper in their behavior.
While insurance companies are not pedophiles, nor abusers, not physically anyway, they keep ahold of our purse strings and they definitely feel that they can.
They set the obscure rulings on when we are entitled to do many things that concern our health as long as it is profitable to them.
Quantity in this case as well as quality might be the answer!
That is to lower our premiums for our youngins, covering many more.
A win, win situation, the kids get covered and the insurance companies get paid.
And in the long run isn't that what we all want?
To prevent diseases that in the eventual will be much more expensive to treat!
But those ideas of when testing for diseases by ridiculous ageism is just that, CRAZY, anyone can get sick at any age, sadly! Early intervention is the answer!

Moving on...

We came home after our adventures that is after the x-rays and picking up a few odds and ends from Publix, our grocery, we came home and had lunch that we bought there.
Hubby had one of their fine roast beef subs and I had a turkey wrap with the wrap being of the sun-dried tomato type. I had asked for the spinach, but they were out. Basically, mine was a veggie one with a smidge of turkey and a sliver of provolone cheese, enormous! But mine like Hubby's had been cut in half, but even half of the half was too big, and will be eaten over the next day or so...if... my toothache gets treated! I flossed again and again, used additional baking soda and peroxide and more mouth wash then the Oragel and two extra strength Tylenol for the pain, since we all know it is NOT an anti-inflammatory!
We called Hubby's dentist that did his extensive work, and even in pain they could only fit me in next WEDNESDAY!
Oddly enough the line we called went to upstate New York, although, calling the local office number here in Port Charlotte Florida. Apparently, you had to hit the #2 for it to go directly to the local office, but the recording gave too many other options prior to that most important info!
Anyway, we made the appointment for next Thursday, but within minutes cancelled it, oh I know I said Wednesday, but I have my six month neuro appointment then, fifty-miles away!
  Now writing this it all is sounding so ridiculous being in pain and not accepting the offer of WEDNESDAY and changing it to THURSDAY!
But we did one better, we called back and cancelled. Oh I already told you that... well the reason being that Hubby did use the #2 extension and that rang the local office and found they still take walk ins, but it could be hours of waiting, although still better than a week away... so we opted for that choice!
You see, all any of us want in life is our logical choices!

Moving on some more...

While out, our fine voice mail on our landline accepted a message from my doctor's office billing department, Leslie, asking for me to contact her when we get this message, and so I did sorta, but in my own time frame, but of course!
I am quite able to decide when to call back a call that I initiated yesterday and had asked for her to please call back yesterday, but she chose today, got it?
I had mentioned I would be out today for my reasoning.
See how well that goes when you ask them, hmm?
Anyhow, we did stop this not for profit phone tag and did speak to one another.
She and I came to the meeting of the minds by realizing that Labcorp was the fly in the ointment, glitch in the smooth sailing of Medicare coverage of my pre-op testing by not following through but insisting that they had!
Agreement was bilateral, funny that word has a vast usage ability... so in the end, Leslie said if I need anything do not hesitate to call!
Wow, and she even sounded as if she meant it...nice!

In closing, aside from my sore tooth, and more than likely missing independent exercise tomorrow, and no dinner tonight due to the OW-factor, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!


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