Stress took a strange turn...

...toothaches are not supposed to be psychosomatic, are they?
And no I did not get to see a dentist who told me all was well.
But I did take three doses, since yesterday of extra strength Tylenol for the pain, since we all know it is NOT an anti-inflammatory that it is for pain!
And I still have a dull ache there where my booboo tooth is.
But the local dentist office's fellow at the desk was so very rude and said they could not fit me in, and Hubby mentioned his conversation with the last evening supervisor saying we could wait as walk ins.
He said no.
But he did ask and came back with an alright and started to take my info, while telling me that this first free visit with x-rays included was going to cost $116!
You see, the only insurance that I do not have is dental, and most anyway that I investigated take six months to kick in whether you have a toothache or not, and they are within our budget, but as luck would have it...
Pain before coverage is not a good thing, although I do have a safety net of Care Credit which allows you to use it for thousands of dollars worth with no interest for a certain time frame, usually three years, and that is what we had done for Hubby's extensive work, and we were prepared to do that too once we knew what was my needs. It is a win, win for the dentist because they get paid upfront and we have a no interest loan. And with Hubby I paid it off early due to paying double each month and his was several thousand!
So shame on them not following through with their "free" offer!
So we left and got gas at Sam's Club, BTW 2.15.9 a gallon there, four cents cheaper than all the other guys.
It was still early and my extra strength Tylenol was doing a fine job of keeping the pain at bay, and so I asked Hubby if he thought we had enough time to go over to the Sports Rehab, and so we did.
I got a half hour in.
And then we had lunch at home, after bringing it in from the cooler in the car.
I had suggested to take it with us, since we thought we might be there at the dentist office for hours to do that, so Hubby could eat and I was hoping I might feel well enough to too.
It was his other half of his roast beef sub and my three quarters of my wrap.
We both ate fine, but for me only the other quarter.
I found that if I eat on my right side of my mouth it works without much pain at all!

After we both chilled, me watching GH, General Hospital from 2-3 on ABC, and Hubby napping I decided that since I was feeling better and we forgot to pick up a corned beef while at Publix yesterday that I would see if we had the fixings for beef stew and we did!
Also a festive St. Paddy's day meal, truly served more often in Ireland, since corned beef is an Irish American concept.
Hubby heard this morning on the TV, and we all know that whatever we hear there is true, not, well maybe, mostly, sometimes, needs further investigation for verification...any-who, that the reason the Irish Americans switched to corned beef was due to their arrival in NYC and moving into Jewish American neighborhoods. In Ireland they would have bacon, but that was not Kosher and so that is why they switched to corned beef and cabbage to share with their new neighbors! Sounds like a nice anecdote whether if it's true or not. And yes, corned beef is very popular with many of my relatives, who are many Jews and some Irishmen too I bet, who knows, who cares! For every March 17th we are all Irish!

On that note of joy and celebration, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS My tooth has calmed down considerably and with the weekend who knows what each day may bring, but if it is too too bad I will feel sorry that I did not have the dentist check it... meanwhile I will continue to stay off of it, ha! And for back up pain meds I do have my additional Gabapentin. Oh I had forgotten to tell you all I never weaned myself off that higher twelve hundred milligram dose I instead just stopped cold turkey, within days of that last dose, months ago! I have been only on 300 mg. for these last several months once again, one, for at bedtime. So now I know how to use it carefully when need be.

PSS I have found a few days ago another binge worthy Netflix show, called Murdoch Mysteries that is so G rated compared to all those other ones I was watching even compared to Sherlock!
And BTW, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, makes several appearances in this latest faire of my viewing pleasure!
It is set in the late 1890's in Toronto Canada, and everything is just being used and invented in forensics, it's fascinating, truly! Also non-crime fighting inventions come into play. The show was given four stars and has seven seasons. I am well into season one and enjoying every minute.

PSSS I suppose I should take another couple of extra strength Tylenol my last ones were at 10:15 this morning and I am starting to feel a twinge of pain just beginning, see ya!

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