People are heard! More thoughts...

The vote for the Mr. T healthcare plan was put on hold, and so I will be holding onto my yay until it is taken off of the agenda in total!
I called the number AARP had for my representative, and Tom Rooney's mailbox was full, so I couldn't leave a message, asking him to vote "NO", boy am I happy that those were all the ones they needed to hold the votes up!


When you have something to say good or bad be it known that when it comes to Facebook someone is always listening!
Not news to me, news to you?
Any-who, I find it refreshing being validated that on some small level that in life people do listen and respond, occasionally.
I hear, not really, but I read you FB friends and when I do I will occasionally/sometimes/ when I feel I have something pertinent to say/ or if not too busy... what am I crazy everyone knows that I am rarely busy, ha; I'll let you know!
How about you too?
Ya know, you really do.
Not saying anything is also an answer.
Hurtful as that might be or considerate.
But we know you are too busy to say what you really think on everyone's posts... and that is why I frequently will post non-personal ones, just thrown into the mix to see what ya think!
And it has been an interesting enlightening experience.
Do you want to know my non-scientific conclusions?
I can't hear you!
No really I can't, but neither can you hear me, that is the way these things work, unless hooked up to a video or sound system, ya know? Of course you do bud dump bum...
Like earlier today, I was surprised on here to be asked if I wanted to leave a voice message?
Well, not here per se, but on a site I was on.
The one with the test for all those actors pictures, in their twenties from way back when, and I only got one wrong due to me never seeing or hearing about him, I had thought anyway... odd that out of over fifty-five plus all that I had gotten those all correct, but not this guy, Christopher Lee. And because of him my score was 98%, instead of 100%!
Ya wanna bet I will remember him now and forever?
Sadly, or happily I am kinda like that person, you know the one who wants to know I found out more, and you can too, if you believe in this site as having good Intel...

Why is it that so many put down Wikipedia, many think the info is made up I think, and some insist it is inaccurate, but how would we know either way, us laymen I mean.
I have heard actors put it down, due to mistakes, but if it is about you they allow for you to correct it!
Personally, I enjoy their tall stories of all that I do not know, or truths of what I want to know, or half-truths that may tilt my feelings/conclusions one way or another, so there!  (I am sticking my adult tongue out at you!)

Tonight was not about one questionable information site, why we know there are many.
I get info from the many CNN, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc... The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The LA Times, The Seattle Times, you name it! And I have heard on occasion where some of those have been disparaged for not getting it all right.
I am a sponge for media information hotlines and wealth of informs.
I love it all, even getting those Twitter tweets!
So when the same thing gets on the web or TV and you hear it echoed over and over I perk up my ears/eyes and listen/read in triplicate if need be!
And sometimes, as in TV programming they cut in to the most interesting programs story-lines and tell you all about it even if you know sometimes a short blurb will do.
But you get mesmerized.
And cannot change the channel, cause even if you do it won't change a thing, see they simulcast everything, even not earth shattering news these days!

Please dear media be more intuitive of your audiences need to know.
Tweeting stupid not earth shattering commentary is not worth breaking into my/our GH, General Hospital programing!
Terrorist attacks anywhere in this world that we all love is a very good reason to, that is even if not yet proven to be, acts of war, yes to too, natural disasters threatening people or their dwellings are also on that necessary list.
Deaths of people that are well known to us all, whether natural or not, should be on that concerned need to know list too!

That is just a few, sadly there are so many more that do qualify to need to inform the public, but never ever interrupt for the ridiculous!

  Inclosing folks, "I am as mad as hell and I am NOT going to take it anymore!"
Network circa 1976:
More than apropos for these times we live in...!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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