Warming up the bedroom...

Get your minds out of the gutter! Although, we all should!(Whatever comes to mind.) But... this warm up is with fleecy throws, 50" X 70", in a dark teal, both very reasonable from Target online, in actuality cheaper than the similar fabric would have been if purchased from Jo-Anne's that I had made my other four out of, at the time very cost effective, but they were, well, made is a bit too much, I had them cut the other ones to size. The new fleecy teal ones, one was placed over our micro suede off white DIY headboard and the other one was placed at the foot end for use when/if needed, as the picture shows succinctly here! 
 Golden bling is added to the small previously all white picture frame on the dresser below, texture in the gold created by an up/down motion tapping with the brush and wooden tray was straight brushing over the previous white colored edges, inside the tray is a purple grape motif painted when before purchased at a thrift shop years ago, most all of the frames hanging had been made golden years ago over their original golden oak, to blend with the décor.
The puff funny face sculptured basket holds make-up and hair items, the desk like wooden letter holder/file matching colored piece also has odds and ends held within it, and I have not decided what color to paint them or if at all. Gold is a possibility... , but of course!
Golden seashells for sponge stamped motif on the white wooden framed window trim,(The blinds are faux white wood from JC Penney's, purchased years ago for both bedrooms, also done years ago, 2004.) to coordinate with the comforter and pillow shams, easily painted over if so desired or we get sick of the design.
Two off white throw pillows designs were painted by making stencils online from clip art and card stock. Originally on the white sleep sofa in the sunroom.
Ideas are for pure fun from many other sites or originating from my own concepts.

More ideas for craft ideas that are fun and keep me out of trouble most days.

Moving on...

Did not go to independent exercise today and won't be for an extended period due to shoulder pain and numbness getting worse.

Who knows when I will be feeling well enough to start once more...oh well, I have been losing weight as long as we don't eat out. Even though I ate little it was not conducive to weight loss.
Busy with doctor's appointments anyway three in this week alone!

That's all for tonight, so allow me to wish you all a very happy good night, and ask you to kindly count all your blessings and share all your overages and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!  
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