Busy work causing me to not constantly look at my laptop and phone most of the day!

I am a bum, or in other words a non-productive retiree.
Many of my peers are still working or creating or volunteering or doing much more than myself.
When I realized I had not been on the computer for five whole hours and that I have been home all those hours it dumbfounded me.
The only reason that I noticed is when I finally looked at the many, many people who had posted on this techno machinery of mine while I had been distracted, not watching TV really, but doing other things... and I had a time stamp from/on the one person who insists on poking me many times daily, probably to see if I am still alert or alive, okay today I wasn't, alert and the jury is still out on that alive thingy, any-who... and five hours had passed, where was I?
I was/am here, still are/am I?
No urges to look at either my celly or computee that is unless someone called, but those were on the landline today, only the landline and not personal, sales and robos calling only... oh, one to make sure I was coming in for my doctor's appointment, guess that qualifies as pseudo personal.
Hubby was here, but he did his thing and I must have done something relevant too, if I could only remember..., oh yes, I changed the towels in the two bathrooms and I did a white load of wash with the soiled ones, but I just asked Hubby if they were put into the dryer and no they hadn't been, oops, where was I?
Here, I know that I was here, but what did I really accomplish?
I have to think hard... today was nearly a lost day, like that Lost Weekend movie with Ray Milland :circa 1945, great flick, must have seen it on TV as a child, that was an odd choice for a child, but that was/is me, and since it was released in 1945, and it was five years before I was born: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lost_Weekend_(film), but I don't drink alcohol these days...than what, why can't I recall what I did today. Uh oh, I am getting scared!
Oh wait, Hubby used the electric trimmer on the miniscule growth of uneven grasses around the yard. Yep, still in a BIG DROUGHT here, fires are still burning sporadically south of here. Hubby thought he smelled the smoke, but that's impossible, it's way too far from here.
And I did respond at sometime to a post of one of my FB friends, in a verbose commentary as per my usual, but what had I said?
Got me.
Doesn't matter, must of have had to do with our "temp" administration, if ONLY!
I think I said something to the effect that I only mention DJ occasionally, because anything more bores me; HUH?
Well, not boring at all, but too constant harping on his inability to get anything right exasperates me as all my past peers from elementary through high school cohorts up in the northern land of my childhood, and rightfully so.
Daily they all bombard the FB pages with this or that of  this misfit's of G-d only knows what has done or said or is trying to do from copying and pasting I might add from very reliable sources that we all have the ability to access and do too and when I asked my question with childlike innocence of these well informed people, "what can we do to change the situation?", no one has a, 'new' idea, the same old ones do not work, since we have all tried them many times, really!
Call your representatives and let them know how you feel, sign petitions etc. etc. is the same ole same ole lament!
I guess I am just frustrated as anyone else with a half of a brain is, and today I am thinking maybe that's all that is left, literally left, half of my brain?
I am not actually numb, but wondering why it appears all these highly intelligent people I lovingly call my Facebook friends have not gotten a tried and true idea on how to legitimately oust the guy, really?
Tell me puleese!
I want answers, not a daily litany of his imbecilic tweets, actual comments or actions of irrationalities!
I want to know how to get rid of him legally!
Today, in passing I thought I had read that one of the many did post an article on the possibility that the Russian fiasco could be his Watergate/Waterloo, and WOW was I excited with that prospect, but he doesn't have the sense of even Tricky Dickie to quit when he is caught!
So my joy was lost and very short lived with that possibility.
But still... it is better than nothing!
The other alternative is left unspoken, but then there is Pence to deal with, and then Ryan...so we are screwed!
These could be the longest scariest four years ever!
I sure hope not... we must find a solution, barring those violent thoughts, to some it could make him a martyr, so put it out of your mind, all of us people of desperation!
Too many out there still...
I am exhausted once again...and time has been misplaced once more...!

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