So much going on locally today it was difficlt to decide where to go...

...So we chose to take our furry son, Gus, our Havanese mixed rescue dog out for a change.
The first in a very long time for the dog/bog since on his meds, Prozac i.e.
We went very close to home, less than two miles to Bayshore Live Oak Park.
And again I took out my trusty camera phone and snapped away!
When we parked in the lot much to our pleasant surprise Bette Midler was already there parked right next to us! Okay, it wasn't the famous talented amazing musician actress Bette Midler, but a professional look-a-like from way back when, a woman, a doppelganger for the Devine Miss M and portrayed her at specific occasions while a resident of the greater New York, area years ago! She was from Long Island NY, but a Port Charlotte resident these days. When I worked back in the early 1990's in promotion in Daytona Beach Florida we also had look-a-likes that were in demand for special occasions, and I seem to recall a woman who looked like Joan Rivers, and a Marilyn Monroe, and of course the obligatory Elvis and others that have slipped my memory as of these days...sorry!

My photograph does not do the woman justice, she was definitely a ringer for Bette Midler!

I found more murals this time on benches donated back in 2011 by different artists and sponsoring companies. Back in 2005 when we first visited the Florida panhandle we stayed by a lovely true Florida styled artsy village called Seaside. With pastel  colored homes and tin roofs, just a lovely place, but when we returned in 2015 it had become quite built up, a bit bitter sweet, but that is how it goes... any-who, in 2005 they had had a competition of painting Adirondack chairs with personality, a great idea and interesting medium, and when I think about it a fine way to fund raise for any non-profit, including the arts themselves! They were amazing and individually creative with running the gamut from clever to sublime and everything in between! After the competition was completed and the people received ribbons and monetary rewards, I think, many of their art pieces were auctioned off and that is why I think it would be a great fund raiser!

Hubby and Gus down on the beach front that borders our Charlotte Harbor.

There are a few pavilions and facilities for you to use while there, as well as three fishing piers. Dogs are allowed on leashes in the park, but not on the piers.

Hubby's wanting a PIC of this, so of course I took it...we were parked to its left, see our cashmere caravan to the right of the frame?

Nice wide foot bridges, all ADA accessible, thank you!

This pavilion also has in that brick structure a three tier barbecue pit!

Discrepancy, as you can see this bench claims Charlotte Harbor to be in existence since 1862, while the last PIC claims since 1872 is when Charlotte Harbor has existed? Must research it and get back to you! 

Hubby giving Gus a drink from his water carrier.

On this note of a very nice weekend, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly count  your blessings and share your overages and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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