For your eyes only!

This is just this week from March 23rd to today March 30th. They have shown up many times before this week sporadically on my pageviews page.
Why me?
If you cannot make it out you can tap on it twice to enlarge it, but it says that this week so far alone Russia has read my blogs 1033 times already, not just one but many, mostly back tracking to around the days of the election.
Maybe now you will believe my concern with not being too negative when I write, ha!
I know, yes I do know that I have been, but no more than most of you!
And I will NOT name any names, do not worry, kidding of course!
But they would NOT do anything, i.e. except what they are already doing, monitoring us.
Didn't they just insist that they haven't been doing that, hmm?
Well, here's proof that they have lied!
Uh oh, oh no, I am putting myself in jeopardy with every word I write!
Never mind.

Moving on...

Bad day in my neighborhood of health.
Left sided shoulder pain with sporadic left sided chest pain, and yesterday I even had to wear my soft collared neck brace due to my cervical stenosis acting up or not?
Oddly enough four days ago my chronic care nurse who calls monthly had called Monday while we were at the pulmonologist's office and left a message to call her back if I needed anything.
This one is a RN, the last was not so I thought I would run my symptoms pass her with her having all my actual maladies on record, but she was also on the fence on what to do.
Only because while talking to her we took my blood pressure and it was oddly more normal than usual.
I do have angina and diastolic dysfunction and they both were on my laundry list of medical issues.
But neither have been treated with medication.
She questioned me about taking nitroglycerin and I said no, but I recalled my father's older sister, Rose, had had that for her angina, and I asked, "they still use that?" Now if my Dad was still alive he would be 110, and this was HIS older sister and I was a mere child when I heard them mentioned it, Dad was forty-three when I was born. Carla the nurse said yes, and I said, "I guess if not broke why fix/change it!"
But why wasn't I given any?
I forgot to ask that very important question, for shame.
Her final words to me was if it gets worse or doesn't go away to go to the hospital to be checked
out! I promised I would, but meanwhile...
I said I would treat my shoulder as if a muscular issue, with an ice pack, actually two, one under my arm and one in back under what we call our wing, and since I was also acquiring a headache I would have another cup of REAL COFFEE, that I have been back on since twelve 0'five A.M. of March 19th; five months after my surgery!
Caffeine helps with my diastolic pressure too, normalizing my mostly way too low!
So far my left shoulder has not improved and I am flummoxed on what could have caused this?
No PT or independent exercise for weeks, so no exertion of those particular muscle groups.

On these many verbose notes allow me to be the very first to wish you all a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly count all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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