From Russia with Love, and Dr. No, no...

No Dr. No or Dr. Yes either today, but there are still a little over five hours left in the day... who knows/No's?

And as of right now Russia is showing me some love without showing up reading my most recent, last night's blog! N-yet, yet any-who!
Did I mention that I am Russian on my mother's side, her father, who came to America in the early 1900's!
So play nice!

Moving on...

To take my mind off of my malady woes, I got my act back in gear and did two loads of whites, dried them and put them away and paid most all of our bills with Hubby's pension check. Social security comes in a couple of days after, when I pay the little bills most that we haven't gotten yet, the phones, cell and landline, utilities, all other bills, electric, mortgage, boat insurance, car loan and other zero interest loans were paid online today, including both of our charge accounts in full! Feels good every month to take care of business with monies left over to save up for another bigger vacation /trip.
Plus we went grocery shopping too at our Publix.

I guess it was me, but while Hubby ordered items from the deli I was in line for our lunch sandwiches...
His again a roast beef sub and mine a turkey wrap and this time they did have it in spinach.
I had two men standing in front of me, and so I asked the one right in front of me if he had been helped yet, nothing, The gentleman to his left and furthest from me  answered pleasantly I don't think that he has been. I asked another question because from my vantage point of basically sitting I could not tell if there was more than one person taking care of the counter, again directing the question to the fellow closest to me, nothing, but the other man, the gentleman said there are two people helping take the orders; I thanked him. And when he was done I drove over to his location alongside of mister I don't see or hear you! He was being helped now. And you got that right I told him that I was talking to him and you never answered me. He said  to me, to stop talking, you talk too much and he called me rude! I said that he was the rude one, and caught Hubby's attention and found myself saying, really out of character in a public setting, not my usual behavior, but loudly saying that the guy was an A-hole, the whole word, out loud! And I nearly got an applause from the people by Hubby! Hubby wanted to know if I needed any help, and I said no it's over now. When the jerk said what he said I played the "handicap card" with the supposition giving him the excuse for not seeing or hearing me due to my condition, and he grabbed his sandwich and left in a huff! I was upset with what had transpired, while my mind went into overdrive thinking how I could have handled that idiot better... oh well! Maybe it was me.
Hubby said no, it was him that very rude guy, my hero Hubby!
Until, he, the rude guy said what he had I almost thought perhaps it was an assumption that  he might have been deaf or hard of hearing on my part like what happened the other day while in Walmart's parking lot...
Hubby had driven around in circles trying to get a handicap parking spot only to have someone cut through the opposite way and grab the one we were heading for.
The man jumped out of the car, and without much thought Hubby, my usually self controlled Hubby yelled "CHEATER" at the top of his lungs, although those feelings were quickly removed by embarrassment shortly after, he really had looked as if he was the only person in the car, but he was not... he had jumped out apparently to get the wheelchair for his person/wife/daughter child who needed it!
For shame, we both felt that.
How many times had we seen couples sprint from their vehicles parked in handicap spots or spouses who inevitably kept the placard from their deceased partner to, for lack of a better word cheat, to have a plumb spot to sprint from! And we never ever said anything...WHOA! Scary!
Very, very sorry to that man pushing that wheelchair!
Poor man with wheel chaired relative friend or client, a BIG OOPS!
Neither of us will do that again.
We only wish people will do what is right, use the space if they need it, otherwise let others who really do use it.
On that note of pleading to be understanding from both sides, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

 And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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