So tonight we decided to go out...

...I know, so unlike us homebodies leaving to go out somewhere for dinner of all meals!
And so we did.... Less than a mile from our home is this wonderful Italian restaurant that has been here for decades. We used to get pizza there weekly, and it is family owned. Even after Hurricane Charley the owners gave away free pizza pies. Somehow we had forgotten them and have over the years spread our desire to try new places, but they are still going strong and are still family owned. Hubby had their lasagna and I had their eggplant parmesan with spaghetti, Hubby got their Wisconsin beer cheese soup that he loved and I had the house salad with Blue cheese dressing, and garlic bread with both... when we arrived back home it looked as if we had gone grocery shopping again since we took most of what was served home! Luigi's is the place! I took some PICS of their interior d├ęcor, and Hubby so graciously took the marquee PIC for me as we left. 
They have all the Italian dishes you can think of as well as pizzas, todays special was a hamburger in paradise pizza; it would seem everyone is jumping on the Jimmy Buffet literal band wagon  to advertise fifty-five and over homes in our state!
Share those blessings and next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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