Cork Crafting!

Leftover Hemlock flooring; our whole home's floors were that, that is before the hurricane took our roof and the rain came inside and buckled them! We will be finding more things to do in the future with them, picture frames, maybe, covering for a table or some other such thing... too few for shiplap, but perhaps other wall ideas... I get quite a few online, and I also come up with some all by myself, ha! I am just lucky I have a willing participator in Hubby, hmm? 

Hubby free drawing below those six inch letters! We do have stencils but much, much smaller. How about a wow for that!

One of five cork containers in our Kraft mayonnaise jars, should be craft, ha, left from when we wined nightly. We had stopped over two years ago due to my weight gain and then with my surgery I have t wait until a year is up and that will be this coming October 19th, and yes I will!

Hubby cut the letters out with his jigsaw.

My cork test.

Each cork yield three pieces that Hubby cut them into and then it was my turn to hot glue them all on! I went a little too many on the "N", oh well. 

I determined the center and so we built out from there.
 I thought that a word that contained our old home state was neat, as well as a few other words that mean something to us!

Whole project cost was $0.00!

And of course the reason for my idea that Hubby did most of the work for... again!
Share those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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