Inequities in life, news and life itself...

*...basically lack of fairness or justice is the definition of inequity...although, that is why we have in our government, thankfully, checks and balances in place that have been known to protect the common man or woman!
Meticulously our government can work for us and daily it has proven that legislative grounds have been set there for, "We are the people and protected!"
Constantly, that is since our reprehensible Pres. DJ took office and he has threatened, cajoled, and otherwise intimidated or verbally abused "his" minions to do as he wanted, but they could not do the ridiculous or illegal or anything that is against the constitution!
Maybe he should do some heavy reading of that fine document, even at a glance he might glean some insight, if only!
The United States of America is a democracy, a capitalistic one, not a communistic one, but we are NOT a business that can bend the rules of governing to suit the needs of the CEO that YOU think you are!
The president works for the people not for the commercial gain of a corporation, the difference is distinct and blatantly different!
Selflessness and caring for all Americans' needs are of the utmost importance, not for just the 2% of the country to make money off of us for THEIR benefit, AMERICA IS FOR ALL AMERICANS!
Spoiled brat comes to mind with foot stomping metaphorically when you appear to be not winning what you want or when you don't get your way! Then also the blame game begins, usually against the media with fake news accusations and then of course you move down the food chain to your subordinates, one by one harassed with you never ever taking any responsibility for what goes on! 
Must we constantly teach this "person", and I use the term loosely, what decent folks do?
If/ when you screw up, you apologize and then you fix your mistakes!
Hopefully that is if it is still possible!
You are the "person" with the ability to start the final war on all humankind!
Scared yet?
I know I am.
And that is why I do try to do whatever it takes to stop you, by contacting my representatives, signing petitions and whatever anyone else's non-violent ideas may be?
Tell me what else, please all, maybe you have an idea what it will take?
Anger over your pursuits are daily.
And yet that does nothing to dissuade you, the Orange Frothy Haired Guy from your goals to make us a for profit business for yourself and your billionaire cronies or so it seems to us Americans who want leadership that represents all Americans!
Each day that you fail warms my heart.
Does that sound right?
And I will tell you why, in my opinion... you don't care for most of what we want or need as an entire nation.
Even the ones who voted for you are finding out that you were full of feces (SH-T!)
None of those crazy promises will come to fruition mostly because, read my lips/words written here: THEY ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL!
Consequently, anyone can say what they think you want to hear from them, but to follow through is a bit more complicated!
Yes, like health care Mr. President, ha!
See, you were under the impression it was?????
At least you said that for you it would be, ha!
R-E-S-P-E-C-T the office, Guy of Orange skin and Frothy hair, are you getting it now?

In closing: the job is NOT easy, and not all wish list items can be passed due to being not constitutionally sound, and being cooperative and owning your mistakes without passing the buck is how a decent person governs or runs a well oiled machine that succeeds for all its employees/Americans, ha!
After all if I recall we are one nation under God, not under Trump, hmm?
And even that is open to interpretation for we are a nation in flux with amendments for all the changes of OUR peoples' needs, from Muslims, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, Jews and atheists etc., blacks, Asians, Hispanics etc. disabled and of course to gays to transgenders who are all Americans too, we are a very wonderful diverse nation! 
Accept that you are now for better or worse are the president of all the people, and divorce is not the easy out if you feel stifled or unhappy in your choice to take on this job... although...I wouldn't say no if you wanted one, a divorce that is!
And I am more than sure most AMERICANS FEEL THE SAME!
For in my heart daily I say that YOU ARE FIRED!*
* Disclaimer: this is entirely my opinion of what I think and feel about the current administration/president.

Share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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