Ya know something folks...

...I'm still waiting for some answers on how to stop and make him desist from mostly Tweeting, since he thankfully hasn't been able to do anything, except threaten all of us... see folks checks and balances tempered with a few /many more with common sense stopping him to cause the ruination of our country; he doesn't have his way so far  Mr.. T. AKA Orange Frothy Haired Guy AKA Pres.. DJ?
But Geez, so far he hasn't been gaining too much traction/ground, health care his way, not yet anyway, the wall dead in the dusty dirt/water, is it only us that can see that it is an illogical waste of money time and everything else to encourage more hatred in this world... he knows nothing on how to attain another of his desires that being to systematically ruin the EPA's milestones over these last several years that has been gained so much good changes during the Obama administration. This new guy is living in an alternate reality plane thinking he can bring back "clean" coal????????? I suppose that goes along with "clean" black lung disease and clean black sooty air ... HE IS SO SCARY THAT HE GOT SO FAR WITH ALL HIS IGNORANCE HANGING OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT!
Sporadically, we can only hope, his GOP cohorts are seeing through him and appear to be slowly going through a true reality check of just what they got themselves into, and are scrambling on how to fix it!

I am still waiting on finding out what I personally can do, please tell me and I will do whatever you have found to work.
Whenever I call my representative his voice mail is full.

Moving on...

Today was a weird kinda day, Hubby and I were both freezing with the thermostat set on 77 degrees Fahrenheit and we thought it to be ridiculous to change over to heat! Neither of us had a fever, what we both had was sub-par temperatures, meaning a point or more less than the 98.6 norm, Hubby's was 97.8 and mine was  97.3. I am and have been for years on hypothyroid medication due to that ailment too, but what I read said that it could mean that we are both a bit anemic too. I know I am, but Hubby was told he recently was fine. You see, every six months they have us going in for CBC etc. blood work, because we both are on medications that have to be monitored.
I have been not doing too much either today due to feeling weak, so I have been in bed too much and that doesn't help your body warm up.
Now I have hiccups!
A bit funny, if not so annoying!
Of course outside it was 88 degrees, a wee bit too hot for even southwest Florida in March should be in the low eighties, but we are indoors in air-conditioning with paddle fans too, our own self-contained temperate climate!

Moving on again...

On the brighter side us 3.5 million in our state of Florida that are registered non-partisans voters and have been not allowed to vote in the primaries are finally being heard to change that, since  a commission is trying to do that for all of us; it's about time!

On this note of a mishmash, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS Ivanka shame on you, that is blatant nepotism!
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