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A special day!

Mangroves all over the place is how it used to be both sides with smatterings of houses here and there, now still many islands of mangroves for nesting birds, usually spoonbills and flamingoes, and below the mangroves in the riverbeds usually alligators, and dancing dolphins, but not today!  
Two of my favorite people! Hubby and Number One Son!
Under the bridges to the Peace River from Charlotte Harbor, and we went on a three hour tour, but came home unscathed!
Homes sprung up since our last visit up the Peace River!
Ramp completed and used, as Hubby said a VW Bug could go over it without any problems...hmm, not too happy with that analogy but it worked to perfection! Looks like raw wood, but actually pressure treated, and will last for a real long time!
Who would have thunk it a 22 1/2 birthday times 2! Love you Number One Son and Happy Birthday and so many, many more! His traditional Carvel ice cream cake that he first had at one years old!

Late and back from a few errands!

This evening we went out to buy the exterior pressure treated plywood etc. for the front ramp from the seawall to the wider door for my entrée onto the new boat.
Seriously getting on to it from the dock from BIG BLUE and wiggling into the salon seating was alright, but getting off was literally a pain in the back!
Twisting to get up to the chair was damn awful, you excuse the expression.
Another reason why our additional outings on board had been delayed.
Well, now Hubby has the seven foot long three foot wide 3/4" exterior pressure treated plywood to construct his third ramp, he had previously made the front door and the indoor to the sunroom ones. They cut it from the 4'X8' piece for free, but he will be using those cut offs too!
So he knows how-to make the ramp fairly easily and will make sure that it can handle me and my ride!
This one is a little more challenging though, with one end possibly moving while the other stays still above the seawall that he added new hea…

Happy Memorial Day!

"History of Memorial Day! Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season."

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Moving on...

We had a busy day and did not go out via boat today due to too much to do around here.
Hubby mowed and trimmed the lawn, laughable since there isn't that much there yet!
But its whiskers were raggedy due to its growth spurt, ha, sounds like a child, although we do not trim them, ha!
Well, eventually the rain will be more steady and fulfill our needs; meanwhile though our areas deficit of nearly nine inc…

Swelling, Cruising, and Gilding!

Horrifically Hubby was stung by three wasps while unrolling the hose down on the dock! His right hand and arm eventually, in spite of Benadryl and icing them swelled up nastily! The out dated medication that Hubby took twice four hours apart was not strong enough to work, and I had said that. We had no other one in the house, and so Hubby after taking the outdated one, that was up in 8/2016, he went out just before ten last night when we got back from our cruising and picked up some new. We only keep the stuff for allergic reactions and of course when you do that thankfully you don't use something that often and it will go out of date. We had even called a pharmacy who had a pharmacist working 24/7, Walgreen's in Cape Coral Florida, and he assured us it couldn't hurt Hubby, but that it would not do too much to help him either. Darn I do not drive anymore due to my condition and for the safety of others! It is times like these that I regret not having that in my repertoire…

Made in America this Bennington pontoon boat that arrived this morning...

The Bimini ten foot top is down now due to the above rails, although it has come with a mooring cover as well as an engine cover too! Actually, two fire extinguishers, and new flares ( we do have old ones), it came with everything, anchor, lines, Coast Guard package, more vests style life jackets, we have accumulated more than twenty of just those over the years, we should donate some, even the rest of the Coast Guard package has so many great things, it came with even a soft side cooler that matches the subtle décor of black and tan! The floor is that pebbly looking fiberglass material, tan with black flecks. The actual people capacity is eight, the salon seating has stowage below, and there are two live wells, and four fishing seats, (2) bow, front, and (2) aft, rear, for fishing purposes.  
 The dressing/head, really potti room Hubby has already been set up with a Pelican case with paper and hand cleaner inside, as well as potti on its pedestal, TMI? It is located just behind the …

Anyone out there numbers superstitious?

Not the triskaidekaphobia type that is the fear of the number thirteen, but you all knew that... I am more than sure. My interest is in specific dates or even further more; perhaps some of the days of the week that historically have caused good or bad happenings in your life or even in the broader sense in the world?
And that names of the week's days at one time represented numbers to know which was what during a week? And I do believe the derivation of many numbers are from other languages, such as Latin, as the names of the days of the week.
Sure most all superstitions are unfounded and silly, but without numbers where would we all be?
Although, many religions believe in superstitions, see and that is what I am saying reasonable thought processes many, but some not so much, a matter of opinion.
So to give any sort of credence to a number or a date for good or bad, or even to take those numbers and turn them into something more meaningful would seem a bit frivolous to some, but…

Interesting last two days, not exciting, but...

Ordinarily just plain interesting, nothing to really to write about,( since I am already home so I cannot say write home about) but you know me I will anyway, just because that is what I do.
Gosh, I could've written for Seinfeld, truly... I am so great at saying nothing about nothing, hmm?
Oh, why interesting?
I can't hear you, but I will take it that you all are so polite that you would be nice and ask, even if you don't really want to listen/read it here, am I right or not?
Sure I am, I know what nice people you all are.

Any-who, I received  call backs from a couple of phone calls I put in.
The nurse at my Sarasota neuro's office, Holly, very good listener and succinct in explaining the answer to my question about the paresthesia that I have been experiencing from whence what where or why it has come from?
I told her that when I had not heard from the doctor after my MRI's in April I thought that perhaps my newer issues of the newer locations of the numbness cou…

An Ode to the Rain AKA That WET STUFF!

Rain, rain, please stay for awhile do not leave us high and dry, flood not us or anyone!
For we all need water to survive, but not too much we will not thrive, but of course it is also needed to have some fun, and to give us all a break from too much sun!

It has been too long and we did miss you so, please do not go.
But we do not want you to wear out your welcome either, be here for a time to bring up the waterline and then move on until next time!

Daily we will say hello when you are here for we will become a bit mellow!
You see, that you are a cure for our drought woes, and we may even dip our toes into the coolness that from you flows.


So glad that you had not forgotten us and now we hope to always remember not to make any fuss!
For when you are part of our lives we know things grow and that does brighten the skies!
And then too we must easily surmise that for you are always creating colorful
prizes for our eyes!

Moving on...

Hubby got the mini cement ramp done today, …

How many of us Americans actually knew just where Manchester England is?

That is before yesterday? My maternal grandmother was from the next village over where a famous band was from too, The Beatles in Liverpool, another seaside village. But she left England at the age of two, in 1895. The only reason I mentioned this at this horrific of all times for that area is because when CNN posted the map last night and I noticed Manchester's proximity to Liverpool. So heritage wise, now this might sound a bit ridiculous to some, but I feel a bit closer to the those and saddened more as if they were friends or maybe even some of my relatives from there? Weird, but who knows, I have no idea if I still have any relatives there. The point is that we are a worldwide family anyway and each horrid death by the hands of these inhuman hateful terrorists is a black eye on all civilization! And each time they rip our hearts out! It seems that only decent people seem to have the ability to feel the loss putting themselves in the parents place of all those children that …

People have to learn, as I have that...

Nothing and no one can ever be taken for granted!

I was almost scammed today by someone who claimed to be with Publisher's Clearing House saying that I had won 2.5 million dollars! I said that I hadn't entered, and he said that they had gotten my name out of a selected drawing from one of the companies I deal with.......hmmm...
Yeah, I know what you are thinking, or maybe not.
Of course knowing about such things as scams, being a business person and dealing over the years with all sorts of people and Hubby being retired law enforcement so sure we have heard of just about everything under the sun. And being in the Sunshine state, I do believe that is where the cons come to sharpen their skills, in the sun, ha.
And as we all know the expression that if it seems too good to be true you know that it is most definitely is the case that it is!
So like anyone in their right frame of mind with such things I asked up front how much is it going to cost me?
Oh nothing, except subtractio…

Plugging on...

No matter what I must be resilient!
Things cause me to get down.
Like everyone else, I suppose.
From time to time.
Disappointments have been known to traumatize me, but only for a short time... I do prevail in spite of my at times of right on reading of a situation or when over thinking of one.
Abilities lost as well as inabilities profound.
Jealousy: the threat of losing something (usually someone), as well as envy: the reaction of lacking something.
But gosh, I don't have to tell you anything, you all know too!
And I shouldn't tell anyone anything anyway.

Moving on...

What is the true meaning of a curmudgeon: a bad tempered or surly person, hmmm!
Lately Hubby has even called himself a "grump", and he has met the criteria of a curmudgeon, a little too often!
But I rack it up to his finally quitting smoking over these last five months! Congrats and soldier on Hubby great job!
Mister thin man who was always like 155 at five foot eleven, lost weight there for a while …

2017 Hurricane & Business EXPO at Charlotte Events and Conference Center

Hubby and I left the manse a little after ten A.M. for my haircut appointment at Fantastic Sam's for ten thirty with Bonny, Hubby was to drop me off and then go over to his barber around the corner. His barber wasn't in today, and so he decided to try Fantastic Sam's today of all days, not a senior discount day, oh well you only live once! We left there both happy with our cuts. After our mini beautifications treatments we went over to Ingman's Marine  to get measurements for the lift for the new pontoon boat's lift's bunk requirements. It is a Bennington 20SF fishing model. Then since we are getting it within the next week or two, we picked up cheap lunch at Mickey Ds, kidding, maybe not, we had our brought with drinks so we ordered just two Big Macs and small fries to share, as we sat starring at the water and chatting at the beach complex while we ate. From there on to Walgreens for my Calcium with D3, but their generic brand was considerably less at $17 fo…

Crafts, not art? Yup! Blog 3249.

Hubby cut the board, and I painted it a deep teal, glued wooden letters and embellished with dried flowers and clip art, located over the bed in the guest room. Trying to make any guest feel at home.
 Beige ceramic raised patterned lamp painted the monotone colored piece, and even the beige shade was painted white too!
Wrought iron and glass Walmart picture frame set, my idea of the famous encouraging lament. Card stock, clip art PICS again, and wooden letters again.
Hubby cut the wood that I requested to be shaped like drift wood, and then I painted it that color, driftwood, and again light blue calming wooden letters.
 Decoupage on a wooden plaque from JoAnne's , wooden letters. Clouds unicorns whatever calming dreams are made of...
I did not carve these flowers if I could I wood/would, ha, instead they were from an old friends no sale at our garage sale. Skipper was a pup then and teethed on them so to fix the all natural wood problem, I gave it some loudness!
 Bought letters aga…