Late and back from a few errands!

This evening we went out to buy the exterior pressure treated plywood etc. for the front ramp from the seawall to the wider door for my entrée onto the new boat.
Seriously getting on to it from the dock from BIG BLUE and wiggling into the salon seating was alright, but getting off was literally a pain in the back!
Twisting to get up to the chair was damn awful, you excuse the expression.
Another reason why our additional outings on board had been delayed.
Well, now Hubby has the seven foot long three foot wide 3/4" exterior pressure treated plywood to construct his third ramp, he had previously made the front door and the indoor to the sunroom ones. They cut it from the 4'X8' piece for free, but he will be using those cut offs too!
So he knows how-to make the ramp fairly easily and will make sure that it can handle me and my ride!
This one is a little more challenging though, with one end possibly moving while the other stays still above the seawall that he added new heavy duty concrete to today!
He did go to engineering school for five years though, and took blue printing courses for four years, in fact his were accepted by the building department in NJ when we built our 5 bedroom, 3 bath bi-level back in 1978 there!

Any-who, we had gone to Lowe's first, since they were on our way, but they were completely out of that type of plywood.
And we just said we would go to Home Depot, and the sales person took offense, and then I mentioned Miracle on 34th Street movie, circa 1947:, you could see by his face that  recognition took hold.
I said that we are equal opportunity consumers, ha!
But of course aren't we all?
We did buy a system that allows you to start a dead battery to keep on board with only one battery on this vessel it is prudent, but hey, we do have towing, but no fun, and we also bought some Gorilla wood glue for arts and crafts and repairing items from Lowe's.

We ended up at Walmart for this and that's and then HOME!

Happy good night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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