A special day!

Mangroves all over the place is how it used to be both sides with smatterings of houses here and there, now still many islands of mangroves for nesting birds, usually spoonbills and flamingoes, and below the mangroves in the riverbeds usually alligators, and dancing dolphins, but not today!  

Two of my favorite people! Hubby and Number One Son!

Under the bridges to the Peace River from Charlotte Harbor, and we went on a three hour tour, but came home unscathed!

Homes sprung up since our last visit up the Peace River!

Ramp completed and used, as Hubby said a VW Bug could go over it without any problems...hmm, not too happy with that analogy but it worked to perfection! Looks like raw wood, but actually pressure treated, and will last for a real long time!

Who would have thunk it a 22 1/2 birthday times 2!
Love you Number One Son and Happy Birthday and so many, many more!
His traditional Carvel ice cream cake that he first had at one years old!

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