Have you ever felt that the news was on a redundancy loop?

There was a time not too long ago that Hubby and I were known to watch two hours of news in the morning 7-9, two hours late morning 11-1, and three hours in the evening 4-7, and lastly a half an hour at 11 P.M.!
Information overload, and Geez while writing that above realization I found that we still do watch that much TV news!
Not counting all the headline news online from Yahoo, CNN, etc... email news from the Boston Globe, Seattle Times and the Washington Post, not to mention at one time I also received the New York Times: for some reason I am no longer on their mailing list I suppose since I did not subscribe... another one is also asking for money!
What gets me and maybe someone can answer this for me why do all the people who seem to believe that I am a liberal Democrat send me info and request I donate monies that they will match?
Let's get this straight I am definitely a very liberal thinking woman, and I do lean towards the Democratic policies, but Hubby and I are both registered non-partisans for the very reason that I continually receive emails from the Democratic Party is beyond me and that is why we did it so as not to receive all this superfluous stuff and for the fact if an amazing Guy like Bernie does run on a third party ticket we are free agents!
I know, I know, we can vote for him or anyone even if we do commit to one party for voting in primaries probably and that would be more logical to many, only since in Florida you must declare a party in order to vote for them in a primary that we both feel is ridiculous, we should be able to vote anyway! 
But seriously folks we hate all those annoying phone calls, on our land line and cells/mobiles (For my UK friends)!

Where was I?

Oh, informational overload.
News stations every half hour do repeat their top stories unless they change it up with, "Breaking NEWS!"
We all know that and if it is something of amazing interest every station carries it and sometimes their takes on what had transpired can be likened to kids playing the game telephone, and I am speaking of the national stations, not just local ones, baffling!
What's with that?
I hear that loop going on in the next room where Hubby has the news on.
Sometimes I just have to turn it off to concentrate on what I am doing, but again I am hearing the same story of an accident with a pick up truck carrying way too many people, sixteen, veered off the road on Route I75 by our Charlotte County 164 exit going north, and all were thrown from the truck bed, and enviably ended up in the hospital! Of course that would happen; who are they kidding! No updates from this that happened this morning.
Never said if they were kids or migrant workers or both? Or how seriously injured they were?
Time and time again employers of people, not much better treated than slave laborers fill vehicles with day laborers and accidents ensue with too many herded into those vans, trucks or what have you, and some might lose theirs lives from being transported that way trying to make an honest day's pay!
How truly awful.

None of that was reported.

Just about the initial accident over and over again, disturbing.

I wonder if it's just the way things are these days, not feeling the public has the right to know as much as we really want to know?
Then I ask you is it really, really, really NEWS?
When we have no information coming to us?
Just lead lines...

Meanwhile, back to reality check to our idiot and chief's latest antics, making sure his business cronies get their bigger bottom lines without having to follow environmental concerns if he has it his way! Yep, he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. In reality it will not create more jobs it will just make his buddies richer not having to conform to taking proper measures with emissions and waste water disposal of toxins as byproducts of manufacturing etc. on and on...! Black lung will return, and we will all get hot, hot, hotter, not in a good way, ha... not funny, as we destroy the ozone layer faster than you can say, skin cancer!
The polar icecaps will have turned Orlando Florida into waterfront property, you see they are about hundred miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico on either side!
We, here on a saltwater canal, ten minutes from Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico will be under water within our lifetimes due to acceleration of all melting of them too!
Great that we got that new boat, hmm?
Something good does come out of planning, ya know? NOT!

The only decent thing is that the whole process to be completed from pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement will take a few years to actually occur, whew!
Never mind.
And Pres. DJ or Mister T, or Orange Frothy Haired Guy will most definitely be replaced by then, we can only hope and pray and sell our souls to make it happen..., can't we?
If not his Marla-Largo, on the Florida east coast, what have you... too will be underwater, interesting term, a real-estate term, ya think he would get that one? One can only hope; can't we?

On that note of... maybe?

Happy good night to all and to all share those blessing and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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