Boat doesn't get wet?

Actually, a rather silly statement; instead as a question, since there is a logical protect from bird poop, too hot sun from our minuscule ozone layer causing possible usual outdoor fabric from maybe not lasting as long as it used to, thanks again Pres., or due to that and etc. etc. etc. Another idea is as a deterrent or blocking of flora blowing in on high winds or low winds and dinging it up or soiling it? Or... going out after a rain storm and not wanting to wipe it down with paper towels, that is a big waste and not a very environmentally sound idea, or getting too many cloth towels soaked and dripping through the house causing you to have to wash all the floors and never getting to go out on that cruise after all? Or no bilge pump, and no scuppers to have the water go down the decking, although it does...since the boat is on the lift on an angle for just that purpose with or without a bilge or scuppers...whew, since it has neither? 

Oh and yes, it did rain today, whoopee!
But did not last too long, oh pooh.
Yep, like in Winnie the.
For life in my world is more simple than... and although not well, and not rich therefore not a millionaire, but we can pay our bills and have a bit to spare every month...and work hard to make sure we appreciate that all we have is counted in our blessings. Harping on my declining abilities, and what we don't have, which is not much, but  a lot more than many. We feel that we are very fortunate and we are thankful daily for the simplicity life can entail, so long as we adjust our ways of thinking.

The world is in turmoil, and we are emotionally involved with all that too, don't you dare think otherwise, and we do do our part by signing petitions and voting and speaking out to our legislators, and advocacy online, as well even me mentioning concerns on this blog.
And we wish there was more that we could do.
But until then we must live our lives and try to keep stress to a minimum due to it aiding and abetting both of our ills, as most peoples are affected by stress.
Stay calm and logically do whatever you can to change things...non-violently!
We know in our hearts that sanity will eventually prevail... it MUST!

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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