To Kathy Griffin...

You sure did F____ up!
Your apology should have been the end of the BIG distasteful, horrendously inappropriate thing that YOU did, but you went way too far with your treasonous threat that you made. So what choice did the Secret Service have; they are just doing their job, by the way...Now your are trying to turn it around and blaming everyone else for your ENORMOUS FAUX PAS/ MISSTEP/THOUGHTLESS ACT!
You have to be treated as a viable threat, 110 pounds or not, who knows what weapons you could wield besides the machete that was presumed that did the deed in your fake, but too realistic beheading demo.
Horrific was the effect and no child Baron's age or even any adult should have to endure seeing that!
Ramifications, sure.
Career dead, maybe, probably.
But no one did this to you... you did it to yourself, take the responsibility to recognize that!
Many before you with thoughtless commentary/ bigoted/anti-Semitic have come back... but yours is too far gone to know what fate holds for you, treasonous against a sitting president!
But trying to blame everyone else is very bad form and no good will ever come from that.
You set the whole thing in motion, yes, you did that, no one else did that... and you are the only one who can stop it before your reputation gets any worse from your lack of admittance that this was a sick, weird not well thought out strange form of what YOU and only you believed to be FUNNY?
Let's get this straight I don't like the Orange Frothy Haired Guy anymore than most of my American counterparts, but I would never threaten him with bodily harm as you did!
Think woman, THINK!
This was so very, very wrong!
You are a big grown woman and once you get your act together and stop and really, really think about what you have done... who knows what will come of you?
But going this route of blaming others for what you did is downright ill advised!
You used to be quite funny and enjoyable, and most of your fans I am sure were shocked too!
We do know that you can say things over the top, but girl this was way, way, way over and way too graphic!
Breathe in deep breaths and rethink logically what can be done and speak with the proper people; if that means a lawyer to represent to defend you as a possible threat to your country's leader, since that IS what you did, whether you did think that you thought it out well enough that at first it was a funny bit or not, YOU did that!
You probably could use a heavy dose of counseling too?
Do whatever you got to do... but the first step is admitting that you were terribly wrong and used very, very, very bad judgment!


Too many in our government do that!

There has got to be a non-violent way, even if so-called innocently projected, in your opinion... what you did was way too BAD!
Now you're fired!
What good did you do, really?
It has only made things worse for yourself!

Gosh gal shape up!
Or it will be over, and many believe that it should be!

And I cannot say honestly that this time I am on the fence with what YOU DID!

Disclaimer here: All of this is purely my opinion and no one else's, so I will take any and all responsibility if I get into trouble for saying any of this, okay?
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