Good intentions...

...but somehow while doing all our errands that we did complete... I got more swollen feet and two purple big toe nail beds! The right more so than the left.
The only times before I had such a not as pretty as they sound toes was only when I injured them by stubbing them or something heavy falling on them, so to me this was/is rather weird?
My left hand is bothersome too, and feels as if it is not there more times than not, while righty insists I should have had the basilar surgery when told to way back in 2001, and now its outer portion too is misbehaving.
My arms, as I write this, appear to be feeling very heavy, and so this may very well be cut short.
I am very tired.
MS, Multiple sclerosis, is the pits!
But LA, Lupus Anticoagulant, could be the purple toes cause?
Hubby suggested the hospital, and I said no.
But...we will see...
It's the weekend and the waits could be forever, and me and the ER do not get along!

Better sign off.

Happy night for all of you!
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