It's raining water! All day long...! Run bunny, run... no stop!

I took PICS to prove to myself that it does rain here! After nearly thirty-one years of living here in the Sunshine State, yep even our nickname is confusing to many about receiving any of that wet stuff, hmm? Well... it's HERE!
It has been soooooooo long again!
Funny how yearly we wonder...when is it going to come back... i.e. the rain?
And what do you know very nearly like clockwork it does its rainy season! Unofficially or officially whichever you care to subscribe to from June first till November thirtieth yearly!
Damn that also means the time span for Hurricane Season, which coincides with the rainy season, and it sure does!
Thankfully, none of that yet! Unfortunately, Hubby already had to call code about someone not cleaning their drain in front of their home, in other words prevent your grass clippings from filling the sewer drain, because during rainy season that causes the water to back up and flood the roads, and possibly some of our homes!    
It got so dark from the mid morning rain our Halogen light  on our shed, upper right in the frame of the picture, that goes on in the dark automatically went on all by itself around ten A.M.!

Cars passing by our home started splashing the street water up and that is when Hubby noticed the
problem. The pool and pond finally did not need Hubby intervention from our rain barrels  to raise their water levels today or probably now for the rest of the season, nature has taken over; thank you very much! The drought and dry air diminished the levels in both, the pools filter needs a certain level to work and our fish need water too!
 Barely can tell that is the new boat in the downpour!
                                      A little scrawny bunny, they are a rarity, was searching for food in our yard and happened upon the section left of chain link fencing that we purposely left on the western side to see the sunsets, the white cedar one there would block that, and we needed the fence for the dogs that we have had and still have. Although, I think he figured out how to get out that way, since he must have come through there! We do get opossums, squirrels and of course all sea birds, hawks, ospreys, grackles, cardinals, and doves, etc  to mention a few...and crows and snakes and lizards in the yard, and otters and manatees, even a pod of dolphins once as well as the lonely alligator in our saltwater canal!       Meanwhile, Hubby took advantage of the softened soil and rain break and finally planted our two Arbor Day red maple trees that had been hand cared for up until today, with all the rain expected nature should be helpful to take over for the next several days. While at Home Depot we also picked up two Mandevillaes in pink, we have yellow all over the place, but these were to replace the two white ones that did not survive the drought on the trellises up against the outer white washed cottage style cedar fence to our pool,
and that picture is below!
The darkened discoloration is dirt and will eventually wash off from the rain, I hope! Since Hubby planted them before he did that, although the plants should cover it too, oh well...!
On these notes of our interest, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share all those blessings and we will too!
And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
PS Now we, Hubby and I, are saying no to the ER and so far we are alright, alive!
We both have coverage for any emergencies and very good health insurance, but... those ERs are so busy and so far we have been fine after all was said and done. If that changes we will go via ambulance possibly...or not, under our own power or wait to see the doc; the usual like everyone else!
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