See what happens when you pray for rain folks!

Some places like Collier County where posh Naples and Marco Island are have gotten ten inches with concerns now of flash flooding!
Meanwhile, in Cape Coral in Lee County have gotten as much as seven inches where they wanted green lawns so badly they spent 17 million on buying redirect reservoir water from us in Charlotte County! Now they too also may have areas with flooding!
And we here in Charlotte County have received as much as four inches, although, it does seem as if  the rain had come down it buckets at times, torrential downpours!
And it has not let up!
Sporadically here, although the copious amounts of the deluge is scheduled to continue over the next few days!

This is not our usual rainy season friends, oh no... usually it rains daily for a half an hour or so around three P.M. to cool us off if we are outdoors... No, this is not our typical rainy season, and according to local Meteorologists this catch up rain has made up our deficit, and even the no burn orders have been lifted....these torrents of rains will taper off by the end of the week. Hopefully no idiots are allowing their sprinklers to go on! For a simple rain gage that has a micro switch that turns them off this wasteful process would be stopped! We sold them with our installed systems back in NJ in the early 1980s, Rainbird made them! Someone must still, they were only around thirty bucks then. 
We can only hope the rain will adjust its generous bestowing!

 Told ya so.

Moving on...

Hubby even mowed our lawn today between our rains' generosity, although according to the news we have received the least in southwest Florida.

During rainy season we have in the past had power failures due to the transformers being blown out by being hit by lightning!
So I start to make dinner earlier when a storm is over us or in close proximity.
And we have been known to lower the air-conditioners thermostat too, way down.
All to give us a chance to compensate in the eventual possibility of no power for hours.
We do have two generators, both powered by gasoline.
So due to the extremely dear price of the stuff we try to prepare in other ways.
Although, it is good to know that they are there to use if need be.
I have a cooling vest, and those neck thingies that turn into cooling snake-like scarfs that you place around your neck, I found four of those, with only one neck, I am well supplied, ha! Hubby might even try one?

Our pantry is stocked with can goods like tuna, salmon, sardines, crackers, peanut butter and jelly, and soups that if any outage lasts so long it can be made on the gas barbecue that has a regular burner too.
Our home and all of its appliances are electric.
We have enough batteries for flashlights/torches, and even came across a new lighter for candles if need be, and radios, an old fashioned wired landline to call, wireless ones do not work in a power failure! And in a really bad storm/ hurricane cell towers have been known to be blown down.
I have been known to use it often for notifying Florida Power and Light when we have the failures, their number is very easy and I have it memorized over the years... 1-800-4-OUTAGE.

Many power companies, I am sure by you too have simple numbers to call.
They also, call you back to let you know how they are progressing on the repair.

On this note of letting you know how things go here in the Sunshine State, FLORIDA, allow me to be the very first to wish all of you a very happy good night and ask you all to share all your blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS If a hurricane threatens we are in the zone that gets evacuated first, since on a saltwater canal, ten minutes by boat to the harbor, and we will definitely be going!

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