I am a BIG Sissy when it comes to thunder and lightning.
That thingy you are supposed to do about counting how long the clash and the boom are far apart is never ever comforting to me.
And Gus our Havanese Shih Tzu mix rescue doggy is even worse! So he stayed home, smart move.
Today, I agreed to go with Hubby to return and exchange some items we had bought just last week.
Our stops were only going to be a few.
BIG Blue, my Permobil M300, motorized wheelchair is computerized so water and she do not get along.
In fact if there is a downpour when we go out a plastic bag is the low tech way we preserve and protect her electronics.
Thus my fear added into the highly volatile weather we have been having... I did put on a somewhat brave face and said OK!
After all I too have my own protection an enormous navy blue poncho that was acquired years ago from the Red Cross from maybe when we helped back in 1992 after Hurricane Andrew down in Homestead Florida.

It was something to do going out of the house for some errands.

Our price comparisons on some items came up with Walmart coming in with the better price on three things we had bought at two other stores, one from Lowe's, a battery starter showed up at six bucks cheaper, and a fifty foot white marine hose, showed up nearly twenty bucks cheaper than Home Depot's, as well as the vacuumed brush for the pool attachment was twelve bucks cheaper online at Walmart then the one we had bought at Home Depot. When we got inside of Walmart those two items the battery starter and the pool vacuumed brush were not there.
We supposed that they must be only online!
The hose we had already bought on our way home at Walmart, and so Hubby just returned the Home Depot one and kept the Walmart one; got that?

It was nearly lunch time and we thought perhaps we would go to Steak and Shake that we hadn't been to them in ages. It began raining hard again and they did have a drive thru.
Hubby just wanted to see their menu to decide and then he was going to go inside instead of through the drive thru, yep that's my Hubby!
No rhyme or reason in my opinion with that.
Anyway, I gave the whole thing some thought and said why don't we just buy what we want at Publix and make it at home?
They were asking nearly six bucks for a foot long hot dog, which seemed like too much for me, size and price wise.
And anything we would make at home would be healthier I felt.
So Hubby drove over to Publix, the grocery, but not ours, our alternate.
He went in for the few items that he memorized, and while inside I waited in the air-conditioned car with the radio on and my phone to play dominoes. I was content, that is until...the radio station had a severe weather warning break into the programming!
According to the authorities we were under a severe thunder storm warning, with winds gusting to category one hurricane strength just north of where we were and heading our way!
They were saying to take cover, stay away from windows, look for a strong building to take cover in, roofs and tree limbs may become projectiles and cause damage due to the high winds!
And me in a car surrounded by windows and unable to get out, basically a sitting duck!
So I called Hubby in the store and got his voice mail!
He called me back immediately, and said you know them Chicken Little the sky is falling the sky is falling!
I was not convinced this time and I wanted to get home now!
He said he was at check out and he would be right there/here.
I waited frantically!
When he did show up I had the side door open automatically for him, and he went to grab the shopping cart, but the wind took it away!
Fortunately, he had emptied all our food into the car already!
Pulling out we were both mystified where it had gone... we found it two lanes over between two other cars unscathed i.e. the cars too!

Hubby did some maneuverability moves through the several parking lots to the light for us to go south on the Tamiami Trail Route 41 to our home about four miles from where we were.
The roads were splashy, but not per se flooded, even though the rains were a constantly teaming.
No outages either with street or traffic lights, although it was as dark as night and it was around twelve thirty in the afternoon!
People were being courteous and that was very good for safety is a must when you can barely see.
Miraculously we made it home!
And Hubby did a two parter for delivering me safely inside.
Usually it is pretty straight forward he gets my ride from the back inside down the ramp and raises her up so I can slide from my seat onto her, and then once on I lower her and ride up the front ramp and he puts the car into the garage and closes it and lets Gus in there so he doesn't run out the front door with me going in and also so I do not run over him!
But today, he left the car out when I put on my poncho and the baggie was placed over my computer arm we went into the garage and waited since the lightning and rain was severe.
See, the laundry room has steps up to it and when the car is in even with those steps it is tight, and even then there is no room for me and BIG Blue to maneuver in there, maybe someday we will figure that out meanwhile I use the front door in and out.
Even in the rain.
But this time for the first time this season it was really rough.
Why waiting in the garage this time...So I did not have to wait as long for him to put the ramp away and wait outside by the front door, I was safer in the garage I guess.
Any-who, all was well!
We made our own lunch that I could not finish either and ended up tossing it out, for shame!
I know, I know people are starving some where... but still what I did not finish was pennies in comparison to what I might not have not finished if we had bought it out.
Sure it doesn't make it right, but it was not worth saving either and with my quirky spicy additives Hubby would not eat it either!

A horrid thought of mine...
Although, for about ten or fifteen minutes, maybe less I did not and could not figure out a survival plan in that car, I was frozen and panicked and that makes me wonder, what if? Not good.
But I did survive, again!
What does that mean.
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