Quieter; Spin City live!

Rain wise.
Not too much today.
Less is better.
But enough is just right.
Sun did shine too.

Moving on...

James Comey former head of the FBI, now a private citizen, was interviewed today on all that transpired during his investigation pertaining to Russia's involvement in our 2016 election .
So the former guy in charge of the FBI who had been fired on May 9, 2017 by our retiring subtle shy shrinking violet.........NOT of a Pres. DJ called James Comey a grand stander, that the office was in disarray and not being led properly, ...what????
I did not hear the whole accusatory reasoning for the dismissal of someone doing his job correctly!
Sort of...
Comey knew that he was being lied to by our Mister T, so he kept all memos pertaining to their conversations and  meetings, prudent.
He legitimized all that he had collected and said his answers with conviction of what actually did transpire. He also admitted certain items were not open for discussion, due to them being classified. Geez why couldn't the idiot in chief know how to do that? James Comey's demeanor and discretion were admirable.
And I believed him.
After the nearly three hours of interviewing by both sides of the political spectrum, Comey looked none the worse for wear.

Orange Frothy Haired Guy AKA our Temp Pres., if only, personal legal counsel put an interesting spin on what was said by Comey. Mister T was NOT being investigated, establish prior to today, and he hadn't had anything to do with Russia's alleged involvement in our 2016 election, don't believe that totally, was what they came away with, and no Q & A was allowed after the attorney gave his statement. All true... sort of...! But all those gray areas that were discussed were lost on them who could not care much or at all to know!
So no truthful questioning or answers were allowed to be asked or heard? Par for this administration's attitude with handling his constituents, all of US! Interesting the US/WE is the same as US, United States... hmmm, coincidental I think not!

This whole administration reminds me of too strict dumb parents who discipline their children for no good reason and never ever hear what the kids have to say! Or elderly ones with dementia who are not really all there anymore.
One way justice?
No justice!
Just plain sad... very, very sad!

The whole administrations' appointees might quit.
No loss there!
Their boss is losing it, or that should read, has lost it!

Good night folks!

Next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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