Full strawberry moon tonight and so our local pizzeria, Bocca Lupo, have their half price sale!
And I bet you guessed it, one large plain thin crust and one small Greek salad!
This guy is from NJ so you know he knows what he is doing when it comes to pizza!
As you might have also guessed since we eat rather early we have already eaten!
I had one slice and a little bit of salad!
I have a habit of adding my special accoutrement of Romano parmesan sprinkle cheese, hot pepper flakes and garlic.
Tomorrow I might add shrimp, mushrooms and jalape├▒os on my luncheon slice!
Thus my reasoning for getting one pound of shrimp when on sale at Publix, our grocery, $7.99 a pound this time for jumbo shrimp, they steam them and we freeze them to use whenever, yep that oxymoron, jumbo shrimp, ha!
So far I made a yummy tri-colored veggie pasta with frozen peas and shrimp with a low fat mayo, apple cider vinegar and Stevia.
Tomorrow that slice!
Usually salads I add in the shrimp as toppers.
Or when I make that paella like I did the other night, with leftover chicken breast, and believe it or not frozen turkey breakfast sausage, brown rice, stewed tomatoes and Cajun spice, and of course that shrimp.
I get a lot of mileage out of the shrimp.
But also the meat loaf I made last night, Hubby had a sandwich of that today, and there is still enough for me to use for chili and bolognaise sauce!
See, with just two of us creativity has abounded, although with our sons I did those sort of things too.

Oh our other plan is since there is no rain expected tonight and smooth waters we will be going out for another sunset cruise!
Being into boating for nearly five decades you realize how important the weather plays in your safe boating trips.
Filing a float plan too.
In the old days we told a neighbor, friend or relative our destination; these days I tell you!
Neighbors though seem to notice, as we float down our canal on our way out.

Another thing is with all this rain we unfortunately have an enormous quantity of mosquitoes swarming in the grasses, so Hubby mowed the lawn which is filling in nicely again.
These are not the Zika mosquitoes, ours are called salt marsh ones.
Hubby called our mosquito management division, yeah we have one in each county here in Florida, they spray the neighborhood grounds by trucks from dusk till dawn, and by air too with helicopters and planes. Thus the problem being taken care of by our taxes. So Hubby called after he mowed and the issues of the mosquitos seemed pretty darn bad, and for him to say that after living here nearly thirty-one years is really something!
He left a message on their phone and within four hours a enthusiastic young women called back and said it just so happens that they will be spraying our area tonight at seven thirty!
Next moment we see on the TV news that our particular local management of the mosquitoes received one thousand calls just today alone!
Geez, I wish I remembered her name, so unlike me, anyway thanks lady from mosquito management control!  

Hubby just announced our cruise has been pushed back a half an hour due to it still being so very hot right now!

That is fine, I usually finish this by six thirty on a good night.

I suppose that is my cue since right now it is 6:26 P.M. EST!

Happy night to all and to all share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

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