Every month there is some non-profit or organization celebrating their month...

...and usually they have chosen a color to represent their organization.
Pink for breast cancer.
Red for heart disease.
Orange for Multiple sclerosis.
Blue for arthritis.
Purple for Alzheimer's and epilepsy.
Rainbow for LBGT.
And I just found out that children that are born after a mother has had a miscarriage, still born or other premature fatality with their infant and then has a healthy birth that child is called a rainbow child, and we have one our younger son!
Color is so expressive for so many reasons.
Forgive if I had forgotten your organization, but this was just an example for some, I do realize that they are so many more.
We should all associate our caring for others with the brightness these colors represent!
Finding one's that are near and dear to us is so very important.
Whether personal or just because... it means so much to have something you truly believe in whole heartedly.
Enough said.
One of my Facebook friends was wearing on her face-page the rainbow to represent pride month and I agreed.
We all should be proud of whomever we are, LBGT or heterosexual or any religious beliefs, races etc.!
Pride month though is specifically for LBGT, and as always I believe it should be every month not just one!
Respect and understanding of all peoples is paramount!
Except for our Pres. DJ!
Sometimes it gets truly difficult to accept some people who hate all people, and lie, and won't listen to reason even when he asks people for help...he is definitely mashugana!
The song from the Sound of Music keeps playing over and over in my head, "What are we going to do about Maria?"
But her misbehaviors were so adorable compared to our lunatic Orange Frothy Haired Guy!
Although, I wish we had a pat answer with what we are going to do about him!
Everyone has ideas.
But what and where and how and most of all when??????????????????
Can't we Nike this?
What color is that?
I would say angry red, but it is taken for heart disease!
He is breaking all of our hearts though how he is running our country into the ground... Soooooooooooooo RED it is!
Impeachment RED!
Whose with me?

Moving on...

Today, again, it rained, so we stayed home.
The end.
 I was continuing to stream those BBC mysteries, most recently, though nearly done with Death in Paradise, five series/seasons, and I am halfway done with series five already!

Hubby, put the boot on the Bimini and mooring covering on just before the rain came, and then he spent much of the day going through our abundant fishing gear!
Tackle needed untangling, rods and lures were good, but we usually use live bait caught with a net off of our dock, everything else was fine as well as most all other items like hooks leaders, swivels, weights.
In the old days we caught so many fish and blue claw crabs we would have neighborhood fish fries, and that was for the few years that we lived on the Peace River in Punta Gorda.
That was wonderful those days.

Since we have been in our home in Port Charlotte Hubby used to put out his crab traps that we have many, and we're allowed a few for each of us and we would catch bushels of crabs, and all kinds of fish while out on the boat.
When I was well we would take the boat down to Sanibel and go shelling, and swimming, and then over to the other islands and eat lunch and fish along the way and we did that often, several times a week! My idea of the best day ever!
Gosh I miss that, except for the swimming due to sharks too close for comfort.
Shortly after that we had decided to put the pool in this house too.
We had put in a  pool on the other coast in our first home there although the beach was across the street!
And the boys surfed, in fact our rainbow child had gotten bitten by a shark and needed stitches over there when he was surfing at age fifteen in Ormond Beach.
Both boys also water skied on the Halifax River that was on the other side where we lived on that island when we had our other new boat there, a Bayliner cuddy cabin one.

Oh what joy the water has been for us, and how I did miss that priceless commodity of utilizing its many attributes for the purest of enjoyment!
Well, we're back... now only if the weather will cooperate!

On that note of chomping at the bit for more watery fun, allow me to be the first to wish all of you a very happy good night and share those blessings please and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

PS: Just last night!

Me waving happy good night!
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