Another day another binge watch!

The weather was iffy once again and so we planned our day accordingly.
Lunch at Olympia and groceries at Winn Dixie?
I know.
Not Publix.
We spread the consumerism around.
And sometimes you go where you are closer to, true?

At Olympia Hubby had the hot roast beef dinner with split pea soup, string beans and mashed potatoes and extra gravy.
I had the broiled flounder with tomato cabbage soup, broccoli and rice pilaf, and took half of it all home and just had it for dinner, except the soup! We both had iced water with lemons.

At Winn Dixie Hubby added on to the shopping list from their prepared food department a chicken pot pie, and all flavored wings already cooked for another meal.
In their fish department they too had jumbo shrimp on sale for $9.99 a pound, but with your Winn Dixie card only $4.99 a pound! We bought two pounds steamed to be frozen!
Strawberries were on sale too, twofer, but since fresh we took one only.
I do wash them and freeze then these days, but we already have some in the freezer as well as blueberries!
It kills me buying, blueberries that is, since when we lived in NJ they grew wild around our home in fact I would ask our sons to pick them regularly for things like blueberry pancakes and pies!
Any-who, they are loaded with anti-oxidants and I use them with my Greek yogurt and protein shakes!
And oh yes, the occasional berry pancake.
Cherry tomatoes also were twofers.
I prefer them lately to plum tomatoes or even vine ripened, due to they are so proportionately right for all things. We used to grow our own and other veggies in raised beds, but the feral cats started to use them for litter boxes so we had to stop, thus us only having fruit trees. 

I even use the cherry tomatoes in place of canned stewed ones adding them in with low sodium V8 for my chili, soups or for sauces too!
Garlic cloves, and scallions, radishes were also picked up, but no lettuce for months now; it sadly goes bad before we eat it all so we just stopped buying it, and instead use the salad take out ones sometimes in sandwiches even!
This way waste not want not!
We did buy three cans of stewed tomatoes though, they were ten cans for seven bucks!
Our room availability is the only reason we did not take any more.
I was able to get my no sodium chicken bouillon packets though; and I had forgotten how high in sodium regular was at 38% sodium! I had looked on the regular beef bouillon and left it there, oh well. I really did need both.
I will improvise.
Or wait till I get the beef one without sodium.

The reason we ate lunch before going grocery shopping, it is recommended so you won't buy things on impulse or due to hunger pangs!
We do go in with a list, but even so seem to remember things we needed that we forgot to add to that list!

After we got home and put the groceries away we chilled... by watching Netflix, since I had finished the Death in Paradise series, Hubby was kind enough to try and find me another BBC mystery that I might like and he found Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries situated in Melbourne Australia and set in the era of the Roaring Twenties! Just watched the first one and so far it is just up my alley with the genre I so do enjoy! It has just three series/seasons, but that should keep me busy for a while.
And who knows a few that I watched previously have more coming up and they might be ready soon for viewing once again! 

Hubby had detangle the fishing lines and found a few rods in need of repair, but he did fix them.
So as far as being ready for the next fishing expedition, we could be!

On that note I will wish you a very happy good night and ask you to kindly share all those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

And a Very Happy Good Night to All! 
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