Insidious: as an adjective
1. intended to entrap or beguile: 
    /an insidious plan
2. stealthily treacherous or deceitful:
    / an insidious enemy
3.operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but with grave effect:
   / an insidious disease.
adverb: insidiously
noun: insidiousness


1.corrupting 2. artful, cunning, wily, subtle, crafty. Machiavellian, astute, corrupt, crooked, dangerous, duplicitous, designing, dishonest, disingenuous, ensnaring, false, foxy, guileful, intriguing, like a snake in the grass, perfidious, perilous, secret, slick, sly, smooth, snaky, sneaking, surreptitious, and wormlike!

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Thy name is Donald J. Trump, insidious.

Moving on...

This started out being a remembrance, and thoughtful composition on the deviousness of the shootings that occurred one year ago today at the Pulse Night Club here in Orlando Florida.
Forty-nine human beings were mercilessly killed for no apparent reason at all that night while enjoying themselves at the club.
The only thing that made them a target for disturbed minds was that the club catered to the LBGT community, that was it, they weren't mean or undermining evil beings they were basically happy decent folks who were out at a club much like many go to to listen to live music and dance and have fun, that is all.
Why then did anyone think that was not a good idea????????????????
People having a GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!
What makes some believe that their way in life is the only right way???????????????????
Love is love, like is like, friends are friends, no matter what your definition is everyone is entitled to their own ideas, get it??????????????????
No one should be killed because of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that is why I chose the word "insidious" as the description of  the doers of the deed of hateful murderous insidious behavior upon taking the forty-nine human beings' lives who were doing nothing more than being in a club have a great time!
Sure "insidious" applies to what they did, but gosh almighty if while reading the definitions and synonyms didn't that definition also apply and hit me like lightning, since it being exactly on the spot of the description of our current PRES. DJ????????????
I know, I know I too was shocked on the definitions being so much on target, it was uncanny and a bit frightening!

And no, it is by no means a joke or me being funny I truly believe it is a PERFECT DISCRIPTION OF THE ORANGE FROTHY HAIRED GUY!
I even reread it a few times and rubbed my eyes nearly in disbelief, but there it was spelled out literally!
It was reassuring in the respect that now knew there was a definition for this person, and I use the term loosely, of one word to describe him, "INSIDIOUS"!

Maybe those red impeachment T shirts should read "IMPEACH THE INSIDIOUS"... that is all!

Something to think about, hmm?

Happy good night to all.

Share those blessings.

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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