Plugging on...

No matter what I must be resilient!
Things cause me to get down.
Like everyone else, I suppose.
From time to time.
Disappointments have been known to traumatize me, but only for a short time... I do prevail in spite of my at times of right on reading of a situation or when over thinking of one.
Abilities lost as well as inabilities profound.
Jealousy: the threat of losing something (usually someone), as well as envy: the reaction of lacking something.
But gosh, I don't have to tell you anything, you all know too!
And I shouldn't tell anyone anything anyway.

Moving on...

What is the true meaning of a curmudgeon: a bad tempered or surly person, hmmm!
Lately Hubby has even called himself a "grump", and he has met the criteria of a curmudgeon, a little too often!
But I rack it up to his finally quitting smoking over these last five months! Congrats and soldier on Hubby great job!
Mister thin man who was always like 155 at five foot eleven, lost weight there for a while and scared me and even the doctor put him through a myriad of tests, all thankfully coming back negative. He had gone down about ten pounds, in the 144-145 range!
This morning he weighed himself on the big scale at the grocery store and he now weighed in at 162!
So he is just right according to most all weight charts.
See men even gain less weight from quitting smoking than women!

The first six months that I quit nearly eleven years ago on July 11, 2006. I had gained fifty pounds, but that was just after my MS diagnosis that April and my ability to exercise as I once did diminished severely.
Hubby always has physical projects, even these days.
The new bunks on the boat lift are his next big thing!
Our neighbor across the street in the rental on the corner who shared his boat mechanic with us, helped Hubby get the sixteen feet 2X10 and 2X4 also 16 feet, two of each off of the top of the van's luggage/roof rack They were very heavy; the people at Home Depot strapped them up and on.
Hubby drove home very slowly.
Now that the snowbirds have flown home the roads, especially on Sunday, are very quiet.

Oh and that Range Rover is theirs, the rental neighbor on the corner with the pool, as well as a new truck and a bigger than ours boat too!
Classier rental neighbors than we have had in any of the homes in quite some time.
The house directly across has a group of twenty-somethings with a few cars, newer models and a motorcycle without a muffler, it sounds like anyway! And they are in and out at all hours of the day and night, which causes Gus to bark, even in the middle of the night! And have left a delivered phone book in its bag on their lawn for months without taking it in or throwing it away, bugging Hubby tremendously, LOL!
On our left side of our home where they were long term renters they had moved out a few months ago and it was rented right away, but no one fixed the outside up, needs painting and yard work, we do know that the inside was taken care of, we saw all the workers going in and out!
But the outside needs some TLC, and those new rental neighbors are very quiet with two quiet vehicles, no complaints. Only wish they would pretty it up!
Our empty lot next door I have been known to see if anything sales wise was going on with checking with those real-estate sites, and yesterday it said that a sale was pending!
More neighbors that will have to build and hopefully a new home. The previous ones bought to build when they retired. I guess they changed their minds, they were from Germany, who knows.
I suppose after all the ups and downs this neighborhood has been through, finally things are looking up! I really do hope so.
After us living here in this home nearly nineteen years that is a good thing, although with improvements... taxes go up...
They have been going up anyway!
Death and taxes two sure things.

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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