2017 Hurricane & Business EXPO at Charlotte Events and Conference Center

Hubby and I left the manse a little after ten A.M. for my haircut appointment at Fantastic Sam's for ten thirty with Bonny, Hubby was to drop me off and then go over to his barber around the corner. His barber wasn't in today, and so he decided to try Fantastic Sam's today of all days, not a senior discount day, oh well you only live once! We left there both happy with our cuts.
After our mini beautifications treatments we went over to Ingman's Marine  to get measurements for the lift for the new pontoon boat's lift's bunk requirements. It is a Bennington 20SF fishing model. Then since we are getting it within the next week or two, we picked up cheap lunch at Mickey Ds, kidding, maybe not, we had our brought with drinks so we ordered just two Big Macs and small fries to share, as we sat starring at the water and chatting at the beach complex while we ate. From there on to Walgreens for my Calcium with D3, but their generic brand was considerably less at $17 for two than the name brand for $21 bucks for only one! Then down to the events center for another freebie event, stated above in the title!
Lauren Sweeney in an emerald green dress is an investigative reporter with Wink CBS news out of
Ft. Myers Florida. She is from the Pittsburgh area and moved to Ft. Myers after college at age 23 from 2006-2010 she came to work in Ft. Myers, as the eventual executive producer for the investigations team then she moved on to work in Houston and Orlando. Her return to Florida, her husband's home state, was due to her missing our much milder weather, and her husband's professional component having to do with the grounds of golf courses!
A lovely person, and is very interested in my concerns about where our Charlotte County is spending the most recent 17M they are getting from Lee County for the water that we are sending to Cape Coral, and other items that I mentioned. She gave me her card and email; a nice touch.

Another anchor of the news I missed by minutes is Lois Tome who has been with WINK news for a few decades now, great at her job too, lovely person, and she also took a PIC with me awhile back.
It was a meteorologist day though teaching all the newbies the ropes in the audience. Matt Devitt and Zack Maloch, Mary Mays are the newer meteorologists, but all great in what they do, helping us understand the weather!
Jim Farrell below with me is a seasoned veteran of meteorology for decades and has helped many people, ourselves included keep out of harms way during the worse of our hurricanes, and many other types of inclement weather systems, from lightning to tornadoes to anything one might imagine or even not want to.
Below another, no longer newbie after fourteen years now, gosh how time flies. I remember Scott Zedeker when he just started out! Meteorology is his profession, but smiling is his best asset these days, just because he and his wife  had a beautiful baby boy seven weeks ago! Although, sleep deprived as all new parents usually are, he couldn't be nicer He is around our sons ages.
This is the section entitled which way is up, and your assignment is, if you wish to try real hard is to read all of the below pictorials any which way you can! Enjoy and enter at your own risk!
The above is the cover.

 The above is the cover.
The above is the cover. And below is the list for preparation for an emergency for pets. Tapping might enlarge it, if not call you local Animal Welfare League or go to their site. 

 Below is the list of names of this seasons storms.
 Red means get out of town! We live in the red zone! Oh only if emergency management says so!
Or if you think you should, whichever comes first, your call, or theirs.

Most days...yes, we are blessed.
See, I am easy!
Watch that!
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