How many of us Americans actually knew just where Manchester England is?

That is before yesterday?
My maternal grandmother was from the next village over where a famous band was from too, The Beatles in Liverpool, another seaside village. But she left England at the age of two, in 1895. The only reason I mentioned this at this horrific of all times for that area is because when CNN posted the map last night and I noticed Manchester's proximity to Liverpool. So heritage wise, now this might sound a bit ridiculous to some, but I feel a bit closer to the those and saddened more as if they were friends or maybe even some of my relatives from there? Weird, but who knows, I have no idea if I still have any relatives there. The point is that we are a worldwide family anyway and each horrid death by the hands of these inhuman hateful terrorists is a black eye on all civilization! And each time they rip our hearts out! It seems that only decent people seem to have the ability to feel the loss putting themselves in the parents place of all those children that were murdered, twenty-two killed on the twenty-second day of the month, does it have any significances to these horrendous perpetrators of destruction of lives?
Did the date 9/11? How soon we forget if it was told. And if that is the case, perhaps the brilliant minds of the world can determine by that illogical logic if it is a key to figure it all out, before it happens again?    
Plus with my recent binge watching of BBC programming on Netflix it does give you a good reason to understand our Mother Country that we fought to gain independence from, but have maintained a wonderful relationship with in modern times. If our new pres. doesn't screw that up too!
Tap on the map to enlarge.
Oh I don't know, another horrendous murderous happening for no good reason at all is so definitely upsetting and WRONG, and should have never happened! But no matter what we seem to do to prevent these things these people get through to do their commit their evil... our hearts and prayers go out to all of the UK since like with us with 9/11, Boston, Orlando, and on, and on, and on... we are one country when we are attacked we feel we all are attacked and so must they feel that too, and yes we are one world!
So we all cry together.
Moving on....
This seems so silly now, but Hubby has been working very hard, and that is not silly at all!
Those bunks as you can see in the first PIC, and Hubby took all four pictures, by the way, the old bunks are bowed due to age. According to Hubby even if we were not getting the new pontoon boat they would have had to be replaced. He took the pictures in order of his work, although, even though he removed the old bunks he did not take a picture with none showing.
The little float below is sturdy enough for a jet ski, or motored smaller boat. It had been on loan to our across the canal new neighbor, but he went back up north for the summer about a month ago and returned it. Good thing since Hubby uses it for just these sort of projects. 
(1) is a side view of the old bunks, (2) is a front view of the old bunks, (3) side view of new bunks, (4) is a front view of the new bunks, Ta DA!
He also bought two bags of cement to make a solid ramp from the pool area to the lawn. Oddly enough I have not been out in the back yard for over a year, would you believe? The last will be building a ramp to go into the boat from the bow, since that is where it's gate opening is nearly thirty inches wide!    

Great work to accomplished in just two days Hubby!
Moving on again...
Please send all our condolences to all of Manchester for their losses, all our losses.
Who knows a great future leader, brilliant scientist, or medical doctor to cure so many ills may have been murdered by those heartless souls!
Too terrible to think about of what might have been from those children who are no longer here, but they will remain in our heads and hearts forever, and so we shall never forget, again...

PS Oh I almost forgot, while a college student I had been to London England, Edinburgh and St. Andrews in Scotland, Dublin and Shannon in Ireland, not to mention other countries way back then.
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