An Ode to the Rain AKA That WET STUFF!

Rain, rain, please stay for awhile do not leave us high and dry, flood not us or anyone!
For we all need water to survive, but not too much we will not thrive, but of course it is also needed to have some fun, and to give us all a break from too much sun!

It has been too long and we did miss you so, please do not go.
But we do not want you to wear out your welcome either, be here for a time to bring up the waterline and then move on until next time!

Daily we will say hello when you are here for we will become a bit mellow!
You see, that you are a cure for our drought woes, and we may even dip our toes into the coolness that from you flows.


So glad that you had not forgotten us and now we hope to always remember not to make any fuss!
For when you are part of our lives we know things grow and that does brighten the skies!
And then too we must easily surmise that for you are always creating colorful
prizes for our eyes!

Moving on...

Hubby got the mini cement ramp done today, when you see it you too may be surprised to see that it took an entire sixty pound bag of  high strength concrete mix to make it! Below there it is and that will turn into a more white color once completely dry; and what you are seeing is our white painted cedar cottage styled gate from the pool, and that squished cement ramp is onto our lawn just a smidge to smoothen the bump there.
Yes, the grass is rebounding! Oh did you notice one of our pineapples sticking out from the plant in the forefront there that is in the garden under the sunroom windows.
PIC was taken through the screened window.
Yup that's it, amazing, a whole sixty pounds of concrete there in that one little spot of high strength concrete mix to accept BIG Blue, my Permobil motorized wheelchair that weighs in at 300lbs. plus me! And no, I will not go there, yet!

Happy night to all and to all please share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!
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