Interesting last two days, not exciting, but...

Ordinarily just plain interesting, nothing to really to write about,( since I am already home so I cannot say write home about) but you know me I will anyway, just because that is what I do.
Gosh, I could've written for Seinfeld, truly... I am so great at saying nothing about nothing, hmm?
Oh, why interesting?
I can't hear you, but I will take it that you all are so polite that you would be nice and ask, even if you don't really want to listen/read it here, am I right or not?
Sure I am, I know what nice people you all are.

Any-who, I received  call backs from a couple of phone calls I put in.
The nurse at my Sarasota neuro's office, Holly, very good listener and succinct in explaining the answer to my question about the paresthesia that I have been experiencing from whence what where or why it has come from?
I told her that when I had not heard from the doctor after my MRI's in April I thought that perhaps my newer issues of the newer locations of the numbness could be attributed to my cervical, thoracic and lumbar herniations and stenosis in those places of mine, and so I went to see my orthopedics' PA, and in a way I was hoping that those were the culprits causing it all. Why, would anyone want that?
Well, those areas could be surgically repaired, therefore fixed, and that is why.
But no such luck.
Mine are all part of my Multiple sclerosis progression, and the fact that they have not been transient or fleeting, but permanent was extremely, forgive the pun, unnerving!
And so it is.
The call then by the FDA sending me forms to fill out considering that the Ampyra, ironically medication to help people with MS walk better, was the cause of my initial paresthesia effecting me  bi-laterally in my thighs was purely now thought to be coincidental, after two months of use back in 2015!
So now Ampyra does have a reprieve, at least from that awful side effect.
Each and every patient's reaction may be different with every new medication they try.
I suppose now I will be ripping up the forms from the FDA that they suggested I fill out when they do arrive.

My fourth "new" chronic care nurse, this one from NJ, our home state, is now living in Lee County  is exactly five years younger than I, since she mentioned we share identical birthdays except for the year of course, day and month are the same.
Although, I have a cousin twice removed, as she says, should that insult me, nah... that she and I share the same exact month, day and year for our birthday!
My questions to Debbie this NJ RN gal I felt the need to also get her input since the last time that she called was during our dinner and so we cut the conversation short.
She had not given me her direct number so for two days I had waited to hear back.
My Dr. Nord's office apparently only had the toll free number that I did call and left her a message and some how it finally caught up with her, two days later. I now have her direct number.
Touching base with people that have your care in their hands and are paid via my/your insurance to do so, is extremely important to get to know them I feel.
For the last two years, beyond my ken these nurses have been changed quite frequently.
Every time, I kid about it being me?
They laugh and assure me it is not, they seem to move out of the area so I have been informed each and every time by the three previous nurses that I have had by their successors had been reported anyway.

We are full speed ahead on the new pontoon boat delivery this weekend and Hubby has come to the conclusion that once BIG Blue takes me to the dock that I can use my manual transformer in house walker to board still that is due to fear of getting my highly expensive computerized Permobil wet by being splashed or perhaps getting caught in a rain storm.  I do have a manual wheelchair too, as well as this walker that turns into a transporter. The computer that I use in the arm alone is 6K to replace if ruined, but insured for four more years, but still.... avoidance is prudent,  for short spurts of drizzle we use plastic bags like going into and out of therapy and independent exercise building. But he is right, once onboard I will be sitting anyway on any of the very nice and abundant salon seats with table, it is the fishing model so additional seats  up in the bow for that has two more, the live well is in the aft as well as the dressing room/potti room,  it is a Bennington 20SF 2017 pontoon, with an extra long Bimini top, ten feet long. Captain's seat is starboard. All in all it is more than just right for us, and a few chums and family too, of course!
The trouble is Number One Son is a sailor, has his own sail boat 25' when he moved onto shore again in a home he traded in his live aboard, and our younger one has his motor yacht, a forty-two footer, with a large home too. So boating with us, and us being far away doesn't seem probable.   
We had them boating from babyhood.
As well as all water sports from swimming to SCUBA, surfing, to snorkeling, to water skiing.

Living on the water for these last nearly nineteen years especially, having a boat on a saltwater canal is practically mandatory!
We are on our third larger ones here all not very big at mostly 20 feet, a deck boat first, named by us Miss T, then the center console fishing boat we are now trading in named by us Seas the Day, sadly for the last several we have not. But even so we have our row boat, aluminum too 12 footer, and a fiberglass canoe that is fifteen feet also still!
Over the years our largest was just a twenty-five footer cabin cruiser with head and galley and sleeping for four, that our younger son amazingly at age eight was able to maneuver into its slip in Forked River NJ  our marina there that we kept it, it name was BLISS, actually stood for our business name at the time that we had sold when we moved to Florida the boat too, Bamber Lake Irrigation Sales and Service, one fine acronym! We did commercial and private sprinkler systems, from retirement villages to sports fields, our sons soccer fields, and of course private homes all over Ocean County NJ, we were the second largest there then!
We had other boats too, runabouts, and another canoe if I recall, when the boys were very small I tied them with ropes around their waists with life jackets on in the boats. They also took water baby classes from seven months for the younger one and Number One was a toddler then, before his brother though also at two and three and onward more water classes, tadpoles I think they called them at the Y, indoors in NJ in winter. More than forty years ago!

Ah memories!
See nothing exciting, but to me, my stuff.
And you have yours too.

Happy night to all and share those blessings and we will too!

And next time please be here or be square, ya hear!

Aint this better than digesting our idiot in chief's latest shameful misspeaks and computerized foot in mouth blurbs?
Okay, I get it.
Never mind.

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